Has it been just shy a year since the 2018 Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival? The calendar says it has. I’m just not so sure my heart measures time the same way. It feels like only yesterday.

As I lay in bed, or sprawled across my couch, or sit on a bench, or recline in my airplane seat all the way back to JFK ( finally watching “The Notebook” from beginning~to~end ), I let the TCMFF’18 waft over my brain pans. I didn’t hold back or censor my emotions as I thought about the festival. Events and memories wash over me as I look at my photos…remembering. I remember big things and little things, and big little things, and the little big things. 



Somewhere in here I do my best James Dean imitation…

There was my grand ol’ time talking to two of my favorite married couples at the festival after their Vanity Fair Spotlight Party until around 2 or so in the morning in the Roose lobby. One is my Jersey couple and the other is my Brooklyn couple who I call MY “Nick and Nora of TCMFF.”

( The husband of one of the couples had never seen Leave Her to Heaven so I talked his ear off on that score ). If you’ve met them, you’d know what I mean by Nick and Nora. You try and keep up with their witty repartee. I heard their stories of escaping security with stolen pillows. My Jersey couple heard a treasure trove of memories from an old entertainer who remembers more things than we’ve forgotten. I also put the four of ‘em on the spot with just one little ol’ movie question. But WHO can think straight at 3:00 in the morning? I was greeted with overwhelming generosity at a point or two during the fest that I hoped I received graciously but in my heart wondered “what the heck did I do to deserve THIS?!” Click on the above photo of my brand new Spotlight bag and I’ll share with you highlights of some TCMFF movie couples I know.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

Because of my crazy brainchild ~ my Classic Pass Journey ~ many people came up to me during the festival to say “Hi” simply because they saw my FaceBook posts of my Classic Pass’ journey here in NYC. My off~hand complaint on our TCMFF FB page about the Hollywood Boulevard orange juice situation or will I find limes in California, garnered me a bag full of limes from a gentleman while I stood at the Roosevelt Bar. He remembered my post and had been carrying limes around with him hoping to run into me. Well he did, and I got ‘em. AND I thank you, STAN!!!

I had a blast of an all~night gab session with a friend ‘til 7:30 in the morning. ( Where’d the time go, Slim? ) I squealed with glee when the Kansas contingency finally landed at our hotel suite to round out our Roomie Triumvirate. Me and 


the Ladies spent two days sight~seeing and saw the Griffith Observatory, Zuma Beach and Amelia Earhart’s house. We also checked out this Cuban restaurant with some great cuisine.  ( Hey Aurora, I think we’ve got three more converts to Latin food ). Folks if you’re curious about my pre~festival travel adventures, please click on our photos above to get more details. To the Bat Cave!!

Being invited to stay with friends was a godsend, and a real good relaxing time.


A panoply of images/memories of TCMFF’18 careen through my mind like a pinball machine. Dating myself with the image of a pinball machine doesn’t matter because it’s all about all things classic anyway, right? Names I have only seen on FB became real people. Real people became friends and sometimes friends reverted to just names again. There was an 8:30am call for a breakfast gathering of our Twitter group #TCMPARTY. Who needs Breakfast at Tiffany’s when you can come to Mel’s? Anybody who was up and willing, met at Mel’s Diner Thursday morning, that first day of the festival. There’s Jimmy, a festival staffer who struck up a conversation with me before giving out the Queue numbers He also liked classic films and didn’t run away. You can click on his photo above and see what I saw out and about during the festival. 

~ ( Write me Jimmy! ) ~ and no, he didn’t run away after handing me my Queue number to get away from the crazy lady standing in the sun. Click on Jimmy…see what I saw around the festival.

There was also lunch with a bunch of us at my home away from home~cooked meals at the California Pizza Kitchen.


♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

Now this stretches as far as the eye can see over many a hill and dale and homeless person laying in the middle of the street: The Hollywood Walk of Fame:

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

                               SHE’S GOT A TICKET TO NOIR…

Starting off my stay in Hollywood with
Noir City was a good way to start off my stay in Hollywood. ( “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” was poignant AF! )  My hair was singled out by two movie stars and a very tall man in a Hawaiian shirt (thank you Joel) …and I loved each compliment it garnered. A native Californian introduced me to The Frolic Room. I walked down some winding hills ‘til I got to Hollywood Boulevard on…my…own ~ ( and I learned walking down those hills was no darned picnic either ) ~ trying to treat my friends’ neighborhood like my own. I befriended a cute bartender AND a festival theatre staffer seemed truly interested in what I had to say about classic film.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦



A new tradition I’m incorporating into my festival activities is attending fashion maven Kimberly Truhler’s “FASHION IN FILMS OF TCMFF.” I attended her presentation in 2017 and again this year ( 2018 ) held at the Woman’s Club of Hollywood ( click photo above ) and have been blown away by what I’ve learned…There’s more to life than jeans and sneakers.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

The unofficial kick~off of the TCMFF for many of us IS the pre~festival pool party our FaceBook group: Going to TCM Classic Film Festival ~ hosted by our fearless leader, Kelly J. Kitchens Wickersham. We all meet up near the Hotel Roosevelt’s poolside for drinks, catching up and listening to guest speakers recount their experiences in old Hollywood.


I was invited to Marya E. Gates’ Influencers party at the Roosevelt and made several trips to Boardner’s to drink and unwind. Also, TCM introduced a new Social Medium into the mix that I called: “The Big Board.” Click on the photo above of Aurora with actor Ted Donaldson. Yo! I even saw MY name ( well…tweets ) up in lights.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

There was the hard as nails trivia contest: “So You Think You Know Movies” hosted by Bruce Goldstein, NYC’s indie movie theatre, the Film Forum. I wasn’t on any one’s team this year ( 😦  ) so I played the game on my own, failing miserably at naming the movie where Molly Picon played Roger Moore’s mother, the name of Judy Holliday’s first movie, Marni Nixon’s voice dubbing Rita Hayworth and which “Dr. Strangelove…” actor had a ‘thing’ for teddy bears.

  Here’s the crowd.

Trivia Host: Bruce Goldstein, programmer of films at NYC’s Film Forum. Pictured: Teresa Wright in “Shadow of a Doubt.” This is a popular segment of the TCM film festival.

I popped my head into Club TCM to see a smidgen of the kibbitzing of the TCM staff discuss behind~the~scenes at TCM.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

Click the photo below to see Inside Club TCM.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

Now this…THIS!!! It must’ve taken a lot to wrangle this crew of TCMPARTYers in one spot for our Twitter group’s photo. ( Whew!! ) But here we are:

F E S T I V A L G O E R S ~ I see Andrea, two people behind me. Muah!

Look, I couldn’t corral a woolly mammoth like the photo above. But I took individual shots of many friends I haven’t seen in a year, and/or snuck some candid shots of them. Click on the group shot above to see some festival goers.

Listen, the photos and events I share here aren’t official journalistic re~caps. I wasn’t a Media-credentialed pass~holder. I’m just a fan. And this is all personal; me hanging with friends new and old who adore classic films.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

At the festival, there were so many movies I wanted to see, but like we all did, I had to make some hard choices… Ruta Lee is one of the TCM Guests I saw introduce a movie. Click on Ruta see other very brief excerpts of guests.

The people and friendships we cultivate here are priceless. BUT, mainly we’re all here for the movies too. 35mm, DCP, Nitrate, panel discussions…pre~code, semi~modern… true classics. It’s all about seeing those classic films on the big screen and discovering moments in film you never noticed in a movie you’ve seen a hundred times.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END ~ This weekend flies by so quickly. I took photos from the closing night party. The bittersweet ending is here. 

‘Til we meet again…in 2019. Thanks for reading.

♦    ♦        ♦    ♦

[ BLAST FROM THE PAST FESTIVAL EXPERIENCES: 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 ] You’ll see some celebrities who sadly, are no longer with us.


[     H  O  M  E    ]



4 thoughts on “TCM 2018 CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL

  1. Thank you Theresa!

    I’m getting SO excited for the 2019 version of the TCM festival. Kind of silly, but one of my concerns right now is finding enough decent clothes that I still fit into. 🙂 I’ve had a year to prepare and yet I’m still so unprepared.

    I’ll be staying at the Orchid again this year, although in a 2nd floor room instead of my 3rd floor room of the past 2 years.

    See you there! ( … and thank you again. Nobody can pump a person up for the festival as much as you can!) 🙂

    Bob K.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya Bob…Thanks for writing. I am also getting excited. But the true excitement will come when I start picking out my clothes and doing my laundry. I know exactly what you mean about fitting into clothes. But you’re a big tall guy. Try being a woman. A short woman. Ha! You’ve got nuthin’ to worry about. Me, on the other hand…

      See you next month. And thanks again for commenting. 🙂


  2. Oh Theresa!! Jim and I cannot wait for TCM 2019! Not only for the movies and guests but most of all for the friends we’ve made through the years at TCMFF! We’re jumping up and down with excitement after reading this and realize that we still have a month to go before the festival …… I think we’ll have to stop jumping soon….🤦🏻‍♀️
    So looking forward to our family reunion at the festival!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve expressed my sentiments exactly, Irma. My excitment is a bit more restrained from jumping up and down. I live in an apartment building and can’t disturb my downstairs neighbor with the jumping. But once I pull out my suitcase and start doing my laundry, all bets are off.

      Again, I’m happy you both contributed your write~up about your TCMFF experience here and I look forward to seeing you, having a drink and talking movies…movies…movies. 🙂


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