I had the honor of being selected as a guest fan programmer for TCM…

I entered a video contest TCM had a few years ago where the winner would introduce four films with host Robert Osborne. My little 3-minute video made it through the first round of hundreds of entries, but voted out in the final cut. ( Bummer!! )  About a year later I got a call from TCM’s VP of Talent that I was selected to be one of fifteen guest fan programmers to help TCM celebrate its 15th anniversary on the air. Tag, I was it. You could have blown me over with a thought.

My guest and I were flown to Atlanta, put up in a fancy hotel for the weekend, met a great bunch of fellow programmers from all over the country, and was wined and dined and treated royally by TCM staff. I’m a filmmaker so I was thoroughly fascinated by being on set and seeing how it’s REALLY done. ( If I find the video I took of that weekend…my own, home-grown “behind-the-scenes” look, I’ll share it with you. )

The movie I introduced was “The Letter.” I was sitting in that red chair, looking into Robert Osborne’s blue eyes, and talking about ‘old movies.’ He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. What a gentleman and sincere. In fact, from stem-to stern not one person at TCM treated us like rubes they had to be nice to. They are fans of classic films just like us. It was a dream of a week-end.

ROBERT OSBORNE & ME  Robert Osborne - TB_72ppi

( Click on photos below for more details… )




Waxing on about classic films. << Sigh! >> My favorite subject.




All aboard! Getting on the inaugural ride of TCM’s NYC Bus Tour.


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    • Hiya Nitrate!! Thanks so much for making your way over to this here page. Any time I’m feeling a little down, I think of that weekend that TCM gave me and I perk up. I was so lucky to get to be around the thing I love with people who love the same thing. Thanxx so much for watching and commenting.

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