My creative partner and friend Lindsey Wilson and I came up with the idea of a web-series about a woman who up and quits her job in Corporate America to become a singer-song-writer: “MEG RAMSEY”. With no plan, no rhyme nor reason…that, sometimes, is how the creative urge lovingly blindsides us.  Musician Lindsey Wilson plays the title lead, Meg Ramsey, who leads with her heart (and her guitar). All the music in our web-series is original and composed by Lindsey.

%22MEG RAMSEY%22 PRODUCTION TEAM     %22MEG RAMSEY%22 TEAM LAUGHS IT UP               Paula Nance, Theresa Brown and Lindsey Wilson

Soon after we formulated the idea, we got another friend on board, actress Paula Nance. With her experience on stage and movies…it was easy for me to write a character specifically for her. She plays Meg’s best friend, Babs. The three of us would brainstorm scrapes for Meg to fall into, and I would flesh out the scenarios…all the while in my head were comedies like “The Awful Truth” any number of Doris Day-Rock Hudson ventures.

Although we didn’t have the big “A”-budget, we still approached the project as though we did. We got some sweet locations from business owners, and filmed guerilla style with others. I tried to make New York City as much a part of the landscape as I could. We had a lot of fun doing this. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to sit with Meg Ramsey, Babs and the rest of the gang on Meg’s search for her creative voice.


MEG RAMSEY - Season 1, Ep. 1


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