In SILVER SCREEN CLASSICS blogathon, participants are asked:

“In 150 – 200 words, what was the first classic horror film that you can remember seeing?”

“It could be that first horror film that left a lasting impression, rather than the very first one you remember seeing. The good news is that there are no limitations to write about as there are so many to choose from. Keeping a short word limit should hopefully make it an easier task as well.”

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With MY journey in classic films starting 60 years ago, I can barely remember my first time for ANYthing. What I can say is that in my recent sojourns with horror movies, my sympathy has come to lie with The Monster. Lord knows in these troubling times, I wouldn’t give a hill of beans or a plug nickel for human beings.


If you have any doubt, this is Bette Davis’ movie ~


Hearing the news of Paddy’s passing unexpectedly knocked me for a loop. And I’m not alone in that, I know. This idea for a blogathon is a way to commiserate and commemorate a great writer, a good and genuine person, and an avid classic movie and TV fan. Patricia Nolan-Hall had a blog known as CAFTAN WOMAN, and she told us we could call her Paddy. She always had a kind word about someone else’s work. ( Where she got the time to read all of us I’ll NEVER know! ) And I’ve been one of the very lucky recipients of her praise.

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HI! CINEMAVEN here, coming to you from HOLLYWOOD!!!

I’m here to attend the 2011 TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES FILM FESTIVAL. Admittedly, I blew it last year. I didn’t go; didn’t want to go. But reading everyone’s accounts of their experience last year showed me that I made a BIIIIIIG mistake. HUGE. So I’m here to make it up to myself. And I’d like to share my experience with you.

I’ll break it down into three parts . . .

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For the first time in 58-years . . . I simply don’t care. And this saddens me.

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BETTY WHITE’s passing on New Year’s Eve 2021 was a kick in the pants to all of us and sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and American culture ( and those around the world familiar with ours ). I think it’s safe to say that Betty ( if I may ) ~ who was such a vibrant personality on television ~ had a terrific ‘second act.’ She made an impact on television with talk shows, game shows and a tv series. Three, in fact! You’d be hard pressed to find an actress as successful as Betty with three prime-time tv series under her belt: The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “The Golden GirlsandHot In Cleveland.”


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How is it possible that the passing of someone I’ve never met . . . hurts like the dickens.

Reading the Widow Tillane’s tweet this afternoon really broke me down. I was at my favorite diner where my happy mood dropped like a stone as I sat there grappling with what I read and the emotions that came up on me unexpectedly…and publicly. This hurt.

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Two of my favorite movie detectives are men who pass over a good woman for a woman who is…“complicated.”

. . . And in effect, they threw their lives away.


For the “We Love Detectives” blogathon, let me not make it a personal psychotherapy session with twisted detectives, and just go the traditional route: a detective who solves murders ~ ( and not becomes a crime to himself ) ~ with the help of his very capable assistant.

That detective is ELLERY QUEEN.

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SUZANNE PLESHETTE: Sultry, Ravishing & Seriously Funny

January 31, 1937 ~ January 19, 2008

“I’m an actress, and that’s why I’m still here. Anybody
who has the illusion that you can have a career as long
as I have and be a star is kidding themselves. (From a
1999 interview)” —
Suzanne Pleshette

If I had to pick a ride or die partner from the movies, it would HAVE to be today’s birthday girl SUZANNE PLESHETTE. Looking over her filmography, there ~ in black-and-white ~ shows what a successful film and television career Pleshette had.

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