I have friends who I can talk about old movies with. Now “MovieCHAT” is the formal name of the web-series my friend Lindsey Wilson and I created where we’re on camera discussing movies with our friends. But a movie chat can take place anywhere…on the phone, in person, via text messaging, or private messages on FaceBook. Where ever I can catch a friend is where we chat. If I have any running commentary with a friend, and they don’t mind me sharing it with you, you can find the conversation here. So please do check on this section from time to time.  First up, Wendy and I talk plaid, murder and the beautiful Gene Tierney:


“MovieCHAT” is the web-series I’m working on where I chat with some friends about an old classic we enjoy. In this episode you’ll see the opinions fly fast and furiously about a misunderstood masterpiece of Hitchcock’s: “VERTIGO.” Where I might think the movie’s the bees’ knees, someone else might find some issues troubling in the movie. Make some time and sit down with us as we discuss “Vertigo.” Hey maybe you’d like to comment with thoughts of your own:


( H O M E )