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Let me introduce you to my friend, Fernando Silva. He’s a classic film fan like the rest of us. I’ve tucked him into a cozy little corner on my blog because I love his pithy insightful film reviews and I’m hoping his reviews will persuade you to check out these movies.



Born in 1967 in Santiago de Chile, Fernando has been a classic film buff since earliest childhood. As a very little kid, the first films he saw on TV were “Mary of Scotland” and “Anna Karenina” ( both versions ) which left an everlasting impression on him. He used to ask a lot of questions of his parents ( who went to movies in the early 50’s ) and his maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, who knew about films and stars of the 1930s and 1940s. Married twenty-one years, Fernando studied Law, and works for the same company for twenty-plus years. His passions: Classic Cinema, music, books, history…


                                FERNANDO’s REVIEWS

             (  2015  )                                    (  2016  )

         ( 2017 )                                          ( 2018 )

♥  BOOKS                                      PARAMOUNT:                                    
 “Break of Hearts”                         “Enter Madame
♥  Condemned”                              “Ladies Should Listen 
 East Lynne”                                “Miss Bluebeard
 Life of Vergie Winters, The”         “Murders In the Zoo
 “Gallant Lady”                              “Pick Up
  “Gone To Earth”                           “White Woman
♥  History Is Made At Night”           “Wings In The Dark
 “Paris Bound”                              “Woman Accused, The

 Peter Ibbetson
 “Westward Passage
 “When Ladies Meet




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