January 18th, 2015

Hi there and WELCOME! I’m Theresa, the CineMaven. And yep, that’s me in the second grade; I liked movies even then. I am a Capricorn. And what better day to launch my blog but today. Hey, if this day was good enough for my mother to give birth to me, it ought to be a good enough day for me to bring my blog to life. So, this boomin’ Baby Boomer is throwing my hat into the ring, putting another shrimp on the barbee, jumping in ‘cuz the water’s fine and…well, you get the idea.

Just like you, I like… love classic films. They make me feel good. I like how they transport my emotions to fun, scary, adventurous, dark, romantic places. I like a good story and willingly suspend my disbelief for the journey. I know I know, you’re all classic film aficionadoes and can tell the difference between Jack Cardiff and John Alton at a hundred paces…with one eye tied behind your back.  My blog probably won’t tell you anything you don’t already know, and that’s okay. Here you’ll get my own personal take on the classics. I also hope I can speak to the casual ‘old movie’ fan if they come across my blog in this internet universe of blogs. It’s important that the love of classic films gets passed on either by one of us or all fifty billion of us. ( Billion? )  Perhaps my blog can give the novice an introductory look into this golden age we all love so much. But this doesn’t have to be a place where you just get to “listen” to me. You have any thoughts or opinion? If you want to weigh in and talk about a film, please post a comment or send me an e-mail at cinemavenessays@gmail.com, where we can have a conversation.

Thank you for visiting ESSAYS FROM THE COUCH. I know there are so many places and choices on-line for you to get your classic film fix. I’m happy you stopped by. I’ll be here once a week.



All throughout my blog, I might have names hot-linked so that if you click on them, it will open up to a tab that will tell you what a movie is about or who an actor is. Just guide your cursor over the names. Also, click on these features on my sidebar from time to time to see what other friends of mine have to offer by way of their thoughts on classic films. I might not post there every single week, but hey…how much time will a click cost you to just check?