Another opportunity I got from TCM was being selected to do a Fan Retrospective, a seg-ment apart from my introducing one of my favorite films ( The Letter )  with Robert Osborne. Did I jump at the chance, yes please! I filmed this in Atlanta’s MacArthur Park. My guest and I were taken out there in the dead of morning ( dark…cold. ) I was in a Make-Up trailer like the ones I’ve seen dot NYC streets for film and television. And me, I was actually INSIDE one. I was on the INSIDE in this whole experience with TCM. In the trailer where the make-up guru was in total charge of pampering me and making me look ready-for-prime-time, I had more make up applied to me than I did for my high school prom. A guy with a walkie talkie is told “The Talent is ready.” ( Who me??  ) and I was guided to the set in the middle of MacArthur Park.  No…no one left the cake out in the rain. ( Oy! )

There were cables and wires and lights and cameras and a crew and a bunch of people standing BEHND the camera and a bunch of people standing behind THOSE people, all looking at me. I’m an indie filmmaker…which means I’m a one-gal band with no budget and friends helping me out with my projects. But stepping onto this was the real deal. So professional, so efficient and everyone so kind to me. The interview proceeded and I was asked questions by Tim Reilly my go-to guy and producer of my segment. What you hear me saying, is in answer to questions I was asked. What you see in the final produced segment is the magic of TCM.

As all this is going on, lights adjusted, make-up reapplied, hands warmed, waaaaay in the back behind all of this I could see my friend, Lynn, who was the one guest I was allowed to bring along on the TCM trip to Atlanta. She was giving me a big thumbs up and I could see her smile. Later on when it was all over, she said: “T, you sounded natural, you didn’t look nervous.” “Nope, I wasn’t,” I told her.

“I was home.”



( H O M E )


  1. I seem to remember you introducing “The Letter” with Robert Osborne (RIP). I am always up for a Bette Davis movie! I remember thinking how lucky you were to be talking to Robert Osborne (and yes, you looked very natural!!) Good luck to you!

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    • Hi there Lolly. Thank you so much on commenting on that. It was one of the highlights of my life appearing opposite Robert Osborne and talking movies. I WAS lucky. And I miss Robert Osborne’s presence on TCM very much. Thank you again for your kind comment. 🙂


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