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I am a Capricorn and a native New Yorker who has loved classic films for as long as I can remember. My favorite film? Alfred Hitchcock's “VERTIGO.”



Today is the seventh anniversary of my blog. Thank you! Thank you! Maven takes a bow!! And thank you for keeping me on your e-mail radar. Ive been on and off the couch sporadically, Im afraid. Life got in the way of, well…Life. I hope to get myself in gear for more writing this year. But you’re here, now. I still love and watch classic films. For my first real foray back on the couch, Im going to celebrate it by presenting other bloggers’ works.

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Today is NATIONAL CLASSIC MOVIE DAY. What we are tasked to do by Classic Film & TV Café is to list one favorite film from each decade from the 1920s – 1970s or from the 1930s -1980s.

I love the sweet torture of making lists. On the one hand, if some films don’t make the cut, I’m like… “Oh well.” Then on the other hand, if some films don’t make the cut I feel: “Am I really living withOUT this film?”

But the blood…and the sweat…and the tears…are all for a good cause…sharing my favorites with you and wholeheartedly recommending some pretty good films.

So, let me begin.

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Monday ~ January 18th, 2021



No, it’s me who’s been away. 2020 has been one for the record-books! We live in interesting times. The pandemic and poor leadership has turned our world topsy turvy. And to make matters worse, some of our favorite legends like Diana Rigg, Sean Connery, Olivia de Havilland have passed on.

I’m still watching movies and I’m still writing. But I had two opportunities to be paid for my wild ‘n crazy thoughts on classic films. So I jumped on them.

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I had just come back home from a motorcycle ride. I checked my Social Media and saw this text from a friend.
My heart quickened and sunk… my eyes welled up…my throat tightened and swallowed hot tears.
Mere longevity doesn’t give you respect. It’s what she did with it. She lived a life of quiet dignity…raised two children. She was a successful working actress. Her peers awarded her with their highest honors. I feel she always held her destiny in her own hands.

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Six months ago TCM had a milestone with their TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the TCM Classic Film Festival.

It’s such a great event for seeing classic films as they were intended…on the big screen and, in some cases, in theatres they might have originally been shown in. I’ve been attending the TCMFF since 2011 ~ Click this photo to read about my experience ~ and I’ve made a slew of friends as a result.

I’ve asked a couple of them to tell me about their experiences at TCMFF’19. I basically asked what their three favorite films of the festival and what’s one memory that stood out for them. They were gracious enough to share their memories with me. I, in turn, very much welcome you to check out their stories. Click on these photos. I found them a fun read and I’m hoping you will too.

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It has happened.

I know it had to. And it has. I’m not quite understanding how sunshine will happen without day. Doris Day passed away Monday, May 13th at the age of 97.

I needed a few days to process this news and I’m still shaking my head. You might think this crazy but 90’s is not so very old, for classic film fans. Social Media blew up like a volcano with this devastating news. It was sad but wonderful to read the great outpouring of love and admiration for a woman who was top box office for a decade, had a great career as a singer, was a big animal activist and seemed to be regarded by all as a genuinely nice person.

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posted ~ Monday, April 1st, 2019

It’s a time-honored tradition for bloggers ~ and anyone, really ~ to let folks know their choice of films they’ll see at the 2019 TCM Classic Film Festival. Well who am I to buck tradition.

So, for better or for worse…in sickness and in camaraderie and quixotic drunkenness, this is my “Master Plan” for how I’ll spend the 2019 TCM Classic Film Festival.

…Unless I change my mind.

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