My blog’s third birthday is today…I thought I’d show you some Classic Film Reminders I ran into on my travels in 2016.

If you go  —–> here <—– you’ll see the classic film reminders I saw in 2015; you know…things you pass along your travels that remind you of classic films. Well below are reminders I had in 2016. Hope you’ll follow along with my blog in its third year and hope it continues to be entertaining for you:

classic-film-reminder-alex-trebek-i           classic-film-reminder-vertigo
Who’s picture is that in the corner?   What movie does this remind me of?


classic-film-reminder-coney-island          classic-film-reminder-graduate
I walked in and saw this on screen?                 Someone dropped this book…


classic-film-reminder-videomaker-i  classic-film-reminder-videomaker-ii
   I was in shock when I opened up my new issue of Videomaker.
Here’s why.

classic-film-reminder-vivien-leigh    classic-film-reminder-theresa-at-tiffany-iii
Hark, who is she in that photo?           No breakfast here…


classic-film-reminders-carmen-miranda  classic-film-reminder-coffee-gable
I can see who this is. Can you?                  Who?


I have passed this NYU building in the Village a million times and never
noticed the plaque on the bottom left. Go on…zoom in.



Imagine my unexpected

surprise to see a black & 
white movie playing in the




classic-film-reminder-hedy-i classic-reminder-drink-menu-hedy

Read about this Austrian restaurant in      What sparked my attention? Click on menu
the neighborhood


Click on each photo above to see a close~up of what Classic Films I was reminded of. If YOU have a classic film reminder that you’ve run into on your travels, why don’t you send them to me. I’d love to share them. Send them to Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “CLASSIC FILM REMINDERS ~ 2016

  1. Firstly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea for this post. I never would have thought of it. Very clever and so much fun.

    Secondly, you found a copy of The Graduate on the ground? How utterly cool.

    Thirdly, I love that a coffee shop would quote Clark Gable.

    Fourthly, that is a great photo of you outside Tiffany’s. If I’m ever back in NYC, I’m definitely going there with a coffee and danish and dark sunglasses à la Audrey Hepburn…and I’ll invite you to join me. 😉

    Oh – and Happy 3rd Blogaversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haaaaaa…Hi there Ruthaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

      Firstly ~ I recommend you look around on your travels, and create a space like this for your blog.

      Secondly ~ I couldn’t believe I was looking at “The Graduate.” I wanted to pick it up, but it was too scuzzy.

      Thirdly ~ Gable was the LAST person’s name I thought I’d see. Give me hope for these Millennials yet.

      Fourthly ~ I’ll take that invite to go with you to Tiffany’s. But I’d better warn you, the area is not the same, what with Tiffany right next door to tRump tOwer. It is cordoned off and barricaded by the NYPD making it very difficult to go into the store to buy diamonds emeralds and pearls. Tiffany has got to be seething of the mess that’s there now. ( Whew! Luckily I went there last April to buy a friend a gift. )

      Oh ~ and my Blog thanks you for your birthday greeting. Much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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