Submissions should be flooding in today and I can’t wait to share them with you all on Monday ~ July 24th. With my ‘Till Death Us Do Part Blogathon, bloggers will explore films where spouses attempt to murder each other. Some succeed, some fail, some get off Scott~free, some are caught. Since I’m hosting this shebang, I guess I’ll go first with a film that precedes Julia Roberts’ “Sleeping With The Enemy” by 54 years.

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CITY LIGHTS ( 1931 )


CITY LIGHTS reeled me in. It pulled me by the string and led me where it wanted me to go. And I was a willing participant. Why did I misjudge NYC’s Film Forum audience. Showtime was 11:00am this past Sunday. When I walked in at 11:05am expecting to see trailers and slide in to my favorite front row seat, I walked into a packed house and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi was onstage introducing the movie!!!

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