Monday ~ January 18th, 2021



No, it’s me who’s been away. 2020 has been one for the record-books! We live in interesting times. The pandemic and poor leadership has turned our world topsy turvy. And to make matters worse, some of our favorite legends like Diana Rigg, Sean Connery, Olivia de Havilland have passed on.

I’m still watching movies and I’m still writing. But I had two opportunities to be paid for my wild ‘n crazy thoughts on classic films. So I jumped on them.

I was invited by TCM’s Tumblr site and the Classic Movie Hub to join their roster of writers. My first love, of course, is tha’ Couch. My Couch. But a writer can’t get too comfortable. It’s been a pleasure being allowed to stretch myself on these two sites, talking about my true love classic film. If you’re at all curious about the movies I’ve been writing about, just click on either photo below:


THANK YOU, TCM and Classic Movie Hub for the chance! I hope I’ll be invited to continue working with you both. It’s been a blast.


                                                 [  H O M E  ]

6 thoughts on “FREELANCING from the COUCH

    • Hi Vienna. Yes, my next director to cover will be the great William Wyler. I was hoping to have him underway for this year… but realistically, I think I’ll be ready in 2022. ACK!! But life’s dealing me these cards. Thank you for your time. 😉


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