BLOGATHON ( BLOGATHON FROM ANOTHER WORLD )Blog of the Darned plays host to this weekend’s blogathon: BLOGATHON FROM ANOTHER WORLD where bloggers explore their favorite science fiction films. You’ll see some loftier choices by clicking onto the banner on the left. My choice? Oh I’m going the Schlock route. This is NOT a put-down. I LOVE Schlock! I find these B films loads of fun. Theyre like eating a bag of potato chips or Twizzlers. It may not be nutritious, but it fills you up. My contribution to the blogathon is a triple header starring 1950s beauty Mara Corday. No, her film career was not very distinguished, but she was a gorgeous gal, married to actor Richard Long from 1957 until his death in 1974 ( having three children with him ) and acquits herself very nicely in the movies and television she did do. She’s believable. This is Mara Corday. And she looks a darned sight better than the monsters in these sci-fi films I’ll talk about.

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