1. HELLO DOLLY ( 1969 )

You talk about excitement, there was so much excitement to attend this 9 am movie with my two TCM BFF’s, Janet & Donna, and here are 2 reasons why:

First, I saw this movie with my Mom when it was released so seeing it again on the big screen would be special treat, plus she was a big influence on my TCM obsession. Mom attended the Julliard School of Music in NYC in the 40’s so all we watched were musicals.

Second, Janet saw this movie when it premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on her 16th birthday and decided to bring the program she purchased that glorious day. Just to see her excitement to show us her program made my experience over the top and Janet also got a picture with the guest, Christopher Rado. Happiness was in overload this morning as we sang “Hello Dolly” as loud as we could without getting kicked out!

Favorite Line:
Dolly Levi – “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.”

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

2. MY FAVORITE WIFE  ( 1940 )

Before the movie, we wanted to hear an in-depth conversation with Jennifer Grant, Cary Grant’s daughter, at Club TCM in the Roosevelt. Her time with her Dad was precious as he retired when she was born. Jennifer is already a beautiful woman but seeing her with Cary’s glasses from North by Northwest”, his Cartier watch and wearing her stylist red boots, she was stunning! Since the movie was next, we hustled to the Egyptian Theatre and arrived quite late and was now lined up out back of the theatre. Now you are thinking, geez we are really late, what kind of seat will we get, until all of the sudden, guess who pulls up in her car . . . Jennifer Grant with her son, who we found out his middle name is Cary. A gal next to me yelled out “I love your red boots”, that is when I got the picture of her turning to say “thank you”! You never know where the action will be at the festival. As for the movie, well, Cary Grant and Irene Dunne are two of my favorites and their comedic chemistry is electrifying on the screen. Gail Patrick and Randolph Scott played wonderful roles but the Judge seemed to put them all in their place while Cary and Irene get back together.

Favorite Line:
Nick Arden – “The moment I saw you I knew . . .”
Ellen Wagstaff Arden aka Eve – “I bet you say that to all your wives.”

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

3. Double Wedding ( 1937 )

If I even say William Powell’s name, I start smiling!! That is the effect that man has on me!!

I started to adore watching the Thin Man… series these past few years and knew this film was another one I had to see on the big screen as I saw it many times at home. He just cracks me up with his suave and brilliant humor. I will not miss one of his movies at any of the TCM Film Festivals so please, add one next year…anyone will do. The quick wit of Powell and Loy keeps the picture going and me laughing . . . as well as the entire audience in the final wedding scene in the trailer . . . we were all laughing hysterically. Good way to start the morning …with lots of big laughs!

Favorite Line:
Charlie Lodge –     “Oh well, don’t you . . . don’t you wanna talk about something?”
Margaret Agnew – “Yes. Do you take dope?”

◊   ◊   ◊     ◊   ◊   ◊


Favorite moments in the festival, film-wise or personal-wise. I had more than one, hehe!

1)   Jeremy Arnold  The minute I arrived, I purchased (2) Jeremy Arnold’s book:Christmas in the Movies” at Sweet! Hollywood and then went to the Roosevelt for our Going to TCM Film Festival Facebook Group party. And who do I see in the lobby of the Roosevelt? It was Jeremy and I asked him to sign my books. He was happy to sign and even took a picture with me. What a great guy!

2)   Ted Donaldson & Cora Sue Collins at our Going to TCMFF Facebook Party, Ted

Donaldson and Cora Sue Collins signed a picture for me and I had my picture taken with them. It is so wonderful to see these child stars being appreciated by their fans.

3)   Ben Model –  picture taken with Ben, Colleen (big Cary Grant fan) and myself. I saw
him at the Legion Theater at Post 43 for the Tom Mix Double Feature silent films: ( “The Great K & A Train Robbery” 1926 and “Outlaws of Red River” 1927 ), he was wonderful.

4)   Leonard Maltin picture taken with Leonard Maltin, his wife, our friend Chris and myself at the Roosevelt:

5)   Musso & Frank – Chris surprised me and we celebrated my 60th birthday in style just like Hollywood stars. Since this is Musso’s & Frank’s 100th Anniversary, I made sure Chris had the 100th year pin. Thanks for the memories Chris!

6)   Malibu on Thursday morning, Chris drove Jeff and me to Malibu, what a beautiful beach and we stopped for lunch. The down time before all the movie action.

7)  Sara Karloff  after “Night World”, our opener on Thursday, we saw the guest speaker, Sara Karloff, in the lobby and she posed for a picture! Her Dad, Boris Karloff, was great in the film and I saw another side of his acting. First time seeing this film so that is always fun.

8)  Angie Dickinson our friend, Chris, went to see Ocean’s Eleven by the pool as his opening movie and Ben Mankiewicz took a picture of Angie Dickinson and himself, can you believe that, what an opening night!

9)   Marilyn Monroe for the past six film festivals I have attended, I have six pictures of myself putting my hands on Marilyn Monroe’s hands, it is a tradition.

10)   Mark Vieira The afternoon book signing by Mark Vieira of “Forbidden Hollywood” and “Majestic Hollywood – The Greatest Films from 1939” was amazing. Every chance I get, I get a book signed.

11)   Dave Karger at the closing party, I got to meet Dave Karger and he held my camera to take a selfie of us. I really like him as a host and hope to see him for many more years.

12)   FRIENDS  what makes TCM the Best Film Festival in the country . . . making Forever TCM Friends. It is always exciting to plan the trip together and to finally see them the “Same Time, Next Year” (of course that is a movie title) at poolside on Wednesday, throughout the festival and at the Closing Night party.

The closing party was real special this year with the 25th TCM Anniversary and the 10th TCM Film Festival. Until we meet again next year for more memorable memories . . .

“The stuff that dreams are made of” . . .


[  TCMFF’19 ~ H O M E  ]

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