Heck yeah I’m jumping out before the rest of the gang. When you see the entries for my blogathon this upcoming Saturday, you won’t want to read what little ol’ me has to say about “THE SHANGHAI GESTURE.” But you’re here with me now. I’ve got you! And I have a lot to say. It’s von Sternberg…so sit back, relax and pay attention, kids! I’m going to take you on a wild ride. I promise NOT to give away plot spoilers. Read on MacDuff –

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DODSWORTH ( 1936 )

I know “Dodsworth.” You know “Dodsworth.” I know you know “Dodsworth.” You know I know “Dodsworth” and I know you know I know “Dodsworth.” So let me quit beating around the bush and tell you briefly my thoughts on “Dodsworth.”

What an excellent motion picture.

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