Yep, I actually met Kirk Douglas. My friend Chip Duckett was getting memorabilia autographed for a giant AIDS ball being held in Vienna he helps brings talent to. He invited me along to Barnes & Noble with him for a Kirk Douglas book signing. ( “Let’s Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning.” ) Chip was going to get some Kirk memorabilia autographed. I wasn’t going to buy the book just go along for the ride. The seriousness of WHO I was actually going to meet struck me when we were taken to the bookstore’s “green room” ~ a storage room of books ~ to actually meet him, thanks to one of Chip’s connections at the store. We were going to meet him before the formal book signing began. Just before the B&N guy knocked on the door, Chip gave me one of his Kirk memorabilia items to have something in my hand. Wha’? The door opened and  there was Kirk Douglas sitting at a table. I knew I was going to see him, but I didnt know I was actually going to MEET him.

He looked old and small. I hung back while Chip introduced himself and chatted with him briefly while he got his memorabilia signed. After Chip was done, he introduced me to Kirk Douglas. Yo, you can be all nonchalant meeting a legend if you want, but I’m telling you straight up…I am a fangirl.

Mr. Douglas started to stand to greet me. The full import of who he was was hitting me dead in the face as he rose up. What the hell happened to that old and small man, because all of a sudden, in those few moments he didn’t seem as old and small as I initially thought. As he was standing up I said “Sir, please sit. You don’t have to stand for me.” And he said “Of course I do. I always stand for ladies.” ( Thats me guys…a lady!! L0L! ) We shook hands and I gave him Chip’s memorabilia, stammered innocuously and then stepped back.

I attended the book~signing ~ ( yeah, I bought the book a little later ) ~ met him again in that book signing factory line sort of way that handlers handle it. He smiled at me with recognition. Don’t worry, I didnt linger. I kept it moving.

* * * * * * *

He was a major star my entire lifetime. When I met him, of course I had seen so many of his films already. When I saw SHADOWS and SATIN was throwing a birthday blogathon for Kirk’s 100th, well, how could I not…

You’re going to see a lot of great films covered in this blogathon. I’m going to look at an early-in-his-career-Kirk Douglas-film, before his teeth were clenched in stone. So far he’d done The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Out of the Past” “Mourning Becomes Electra.” I will cover his fourth film, 1948s I WALK ALONE.”

i-walk-alone-movie-poster i-walk-alone-title

With  “I Walk Alone” comes Kirk Douglas’ first of seven screen pairings with fellow newcomer BURT LANCASTER ( this being his fifth movie ). RIght from the beginning, their chemistry was dynamite; I find them to be as evenly matched as any two stars were. ( Well maybe with the exception of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn ). They’re 


more closely associated with each other ( their pairings also include: “The List of Adrian Messenger” [ 1963 ] and “Victory at Entebbe” [ 1976 ] ) than they are with their leading ladies ( though who can argue Burt with Ava and Deborah Kerr or Kirk with Lana and Kim and Jean Simmons ). If they ever were to really get into a fist fight, I don’t know who’d win…but I do know they’d each give as good as they got.

“I Walk Alone” is the story of a man released from prison after fourteen years, expecting to become half owner of a successful night club he invested in ( before going to the slammer ) with his old rum-running buddy.

He is in for a rude awakening.

i-walk-alone-kirkKIRK DOUGLAS is the old pal, Noll ( nicknamed ‘Dink’ ) and Douglas plays him as far from scared little Walter O’Neill as you or Martha Ivers could get. Noll is mucho suave-aaaay. He can talk his way out of, or smooth over anything. He’ll use the night club’s chanteuse to pump Frankie for info, while continuing to string her along in their romance. He’ll hook up with an ice queen socialite to further his business and social standing. He’s not above blackmailing an old friend. Noll will do or say whatever it takes. He is ambitious. He is a smooth operator.

i-walk-alone-burtQuite the opposite personality is BURT LANCASTER as Frankie Madison. He’s been cooped up for fourteen years. ( “FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!” he says tightly…and with reason ). Oh, he doesn’t look any worse for the wear having been in prison. He’s tall, fills a suit nicely…a big strapping fella. ( I think it should be de rigueuer for Burt Lancaster to wear a t-shirt in every movie from 1946 – 1952! But I digress ). Lancaster’s Frankie, is a man of few words…very defensive, sensitive and coiled as tightly as a snake. Where Noll is cool as a cucumber, Frankie is a hothead. He’s a bit awkward socially, being out of practice for so long. Noll’s Socialite Gal Pal, Alexis Richardson. speaks to him:


SOCIALITE: “You know, you’re quite an attractive man.”
FRANKIE:    “Keep going.”
SOCIALITE: “How far do you want me to go?”
FRANKIE:    “I’m at the plate. You’re doing the pitching.”

The socialite is played to an Alexis Smith-ish fare-thee-well by actress KRISTINE MILLER. But that interaction ends poorly with her wanting Frankie thrown out of the club:


“You looked like a man who might have three or four interesting sentences to say. You’ve said them. Goodbye!!”


Well…he was out of practice.

Frankie’s wined and dined by club chanteuse: Kay Lawrence played by LIZABETH SCOTT, whose been sent by Noll to wine and dine Frankie. Noll tells her:


“That’s why men take women to dinner. So they’ll have someone to talk about themselves to.”

Kay goes along with it, but gets mangled in Noll’s machinations because of her love for him. And there’s the usual requisite tension between two women competing for the same man. Alexis wants to marry Noll:

“You’re so utterly no good I should marry you.”

…If you call that love.

( ASIDE: Kristine Miller shared screen~time with Lizabeth Scott in “Desert Fury” and “Too Late For Tears” ).

i-walk-alone-kirk-lizabethFrankie realizes the ruse to pump him for information and unjustly lambasts Kay. He trusts no one except the book~ keeper Dave. He lumps Kay in with all the snakes. She finally sees what a user Noll really is when he tells her he’s marrying the Socialite:

“You love me but you’re marrying her?”


The jig is up for Noll and Kay when Frankie realizes hes been played like a cheap fiddle.

i-walk-alone-burt-discoveryii i-walk-alone-kirk-lizabethi

“The oldest trick in the world. You want to pump a guy, use a woman. And I grabbed.”

I love Lizabeth’s display of pouty anger when she tells off Douglas’ slimy caddish character since she was not in on his scheme.

NOLL:   “You’re in Frankie’s league now.”
KAY:      “I couldn’t ask for better company.”


She sides with Frankie ( when she finally gets him to trust her again ). Look, I know this romantic coupling is pretty quick and just a plot contrivance. But I say, in the scheme of 40’s films, relationships happen at the speed of a writer’s Underwood.


I know things like this can make or break one’s enjoyment of a classic film. But I don’t mind the shorthand in these old movies. I know it doesn’t make psychological sense for the script, but it sure gets things moving a lot quicker. I like Lizabeth Scott in this film. Yes, she’s stiff and wooden, down to her walk and her hairstyle. I know the voice they dubbed was wrong for her and her singing stance was all stiff. But a better pal a guy couldn’t have in the 40’s ( depending on the film’s budget ) than Lizabeth Scott. ( Ella Raines is a different vibe…she’s not really The Victim ). So Scott is part of the triumvirate and Im fine with that. Kay and Frankie are now an “item.” She falls for the right wronged man.


Poor Frankie. It’s like he is stuck in a time warp… when  handshakes were as bonding and binding as a contract. A Promise meant something before he went to prison. Well he’s going to make Noll live up to his promise of fourteen years ago, ( “FOURTEEN YEARS!” ) by using some muscle. He’s going to take what’s his. He speaks to his old pal Nick Palestro to help round up the gang. I thought it was a great casting choice to have MARC LAWRENCE play the gangster Nick Palestro. He was such a staple in 30’s movies when he played “The Gangster.” ( When I see Lawrence in “The Man With the Golden Gun” or Diamonds Are Forever ~ I smile at the nod ).

It’s with Palestro we see that times, they are a-changing; that the old gang just ain’t what it used to be. Nick is a businessman now who owns a car lot. He’ll assemble some new boys, but things are not the same he tells Frankie. When Frankie and the boys meet Noll, Dave is asked to show Frankie “the books.” This was a sad scene to me on a couple of levels…time passing Frankie by, Noll’s lies, the book~keeper’s betrayal. That cut Frankie to the quick. The shame and humiliation Frankie suffers in front of EVERYone was tough to watch. I felt embarassed for him. He’s like a caged animal. The day of the old-time gangster in spats and Tommy gun is gone. The books are cooked and Frankie’s fight is with an amorphous enemy. He rails against The Corporation. Noll leaves him no dignity. It was sad to watch his powerless rage.

mazurski-chokes-walk-aloneCheck out the men who watch him ( especially that wiseass guy ). Think of those soldiers who came back from the war, having difficulty adjusting to Society. Cagney’s film The Roaring Twenties comes to mind. Frankie now wants to settle the score…but it seems he’s the only one living in the past. A relic. And now the ultimate indignity…getting a beatdown, by the one and only: Mike Mazurki.


Who is this Dave, the book~keeper?  Well its WENDELL COREY. And this is his second movie ~ ( the first being “Desert Fury ). I was never really a big fan of his; his skeletal features and pale blue eyes kind of pushed me away. But…he did have a great speaking voice…and he really could handle Stanwyck in “The Furies.” Hmmm…let me think about this.

Okay!! I’ve settled it in my mind.

I am now totally coming around to Wendell Corey. ( Welcome to CineMaven’s Van Heflin Club, Mr. Corey. Step right up .) Now, maybe not with lust in my heart, ( I’ve got to see him in a t-shirt ) but with some hard core respect for this fine Actor, I’m coming around. With “I Walk Alone” I do think he was the heart and soul of the movie. My heart goes out to him, Corey’s Dave, the bookkeeper…and he’s really caught in the thick of things between these two old friends. Dave was torn between his heartfelt loyalty to Frankie…and the “hooks” Dink had into him: forgery. Corey plays Dave wonderfully. We see a beaten man, heavy with the weight of guilt and resentment. It is weighing him down. Frankie says,

“You’re two years older than me and I’ve been in jail. You look ten years older than me!!”

When the inevitable happens, ( and you’re a movie buff…so you know what will happen), it springs Frankie into action. It takes him OUTSIDE his Self to think about someone else. And goes to action he does. I think this is a testimony to how Wendell Corey plays Dave. ( Kent Smith would’ve played him differently and we might’ve cheered for his demise…but that’s for another thread ). 


I really like “I Walk Alone.” Kirk Douglas is the son of a bitch you love to hate. Burt Lancaster is the hero you want to root for. And Lizabeth Scott ~ the girl you want to love. When the movie finished it felt like a satisfying meal. The film feels to me like the quintessential nineteen forties movie in style and dress and dialogue. It has all the archetypical characters you could want to have; all the characters that were perhaps already old hat by the late forties: The Big Lug, The Girl, The Smooth Operator, The Strong Arm, The Snot-Nosed Up & Comer, The Bored Socialite, The Erudite Servant/Restauranteur. Is this movie officially a film noir…I’ll leave that to wiser movie buffs to define.



I think audiences knew they had a tiger by its tail with this intense young actor. Kirk Douglas would prove his star power time after time in film after film. Click on the blogathon’s banner to read accounts of others’ favorite Kirk Douglas films. Not many people live to be one hundred years old. Douglas is one of them. He’s tough and tenacious. I think he will give Father Time a real run for his money. Kirk Douglas is someone still with us, that is a connection to the golden age of Hollywood we love.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You know, after I got my autographed book by Kirk Douglas, I couldn’t wait to go up to my parents house and show them the book. My father is more the movie buff. Maybe this was his reaction when I brought home from school, an ashtray I made of clay in the fourth grade…but I cant quite remember my father ever smiling so broadly and with awe before.

“Whaaaaaaat?!! You met Spartacus???”




Can a woman really “have it all”? This ‘EITHER / OR’ situation of choosing to EITHER stay home OR be in the work force ranges from the serious to the comedic in classic films. There are various reasons for which side of the fence women an men are on on this. Movies show there is always a conflict for the woman in these situations. This is every woman’s own personal decision…but maybe Hollywood has influenced us just a little bit on either our choice or, how we view others’ choice. I offer you a couple of examples of what happens when a woman tries to have it all…and please chime in with examples of your own.


MILDRED PIERCEMildred Pierce has no choice but to hold down a job and the home front when she divorces her husband. She parlays her job as waitress into a franchise of restaurants. She’s also got a new man in her life. Seems like she’s managing this balancing act. There’s just one fly in the ol’ baking batter: Veda.  (  No pie for Veda.  )


RED SHOESWhile Gene Kelly gleefully pro- claims “GOTTA DANCE!!!” clicks his heels and shines his pearly whites without a care in the world, Moira Shearer’s character in THE RED SHOES ‘gotta dance’ dreams must mean life or death. She’s being pulled in two directions: she wants to be a prima ballerina, and she’s being pushed by impresario played by Anton Wolbrook. But she’s also fallen in love with a young musician (Marius Goring). She’s dancing on the head of a pin.

(  If that life-long dream is too tight for you, I can show you something in a size 7.  )


THRILL OF IT ALLIn THE THRILL OF IT ALL wife and mother Doris Day falls into a job as a tv spokesperson and it wreaks all sorts of mad-cap havoc and mayhem in her house. Her doctor husband, James Garner, is not pleased about her doing these commer-cials. But her heart is at home anyway…not on set.                        ( What are you kicking about Doris? What’s his                                                                 is yours and what’s yours is yours… )


LETTER TO THREE WIVES ( II )  LETTER TO THREE WIVES              It’s so nice to have a man around the house…hey, where’d he go?

In A LETTER TO THREE WIVES Kirk Douglas is a teacher and wife Ann Sothern works in radio. Who wouldn’t want a two-income family? With his teachers’ hours he can be there when the kids get home from school and help out around the house. Of course radio’s hours are a little longer, and she’s on call a little more than he, to keep the sponsors happy. She might not be available all the time, but she is contributing financially to the suburban life- style and exclusive country club they’ve become accustomed to. It’s all good …except its created a vacuum that the 0ther WomanAddie Ross – is willing to fill. Is it Ann’s fault she works for a living?


ARNELO AFFAIR  ARNELO AFFAIR ( II ) And after the dishes are done and the floor is vacuumed, THEN whaddya do?

THE ARNELO AFFAIR – Yes George Murphy is self-absorbed with his job as lawyer and has little time for wife Frances Gifford. And no doubt, John Hodiak is clearly more exciting than  George Murphy. But don’t you think if Gifford had gone back to work as an Interior Decorator, instead of being a stay-at-home mom, she would have been busy designing homes and not have so much idle time on her hands to be lonely for Murphy and fall for the charms of smooth and charming Hodiak? How many times can a gal go to lunch with Eve Arden.—> ( See the movie and read this nice blog post by Citizen Screen about Arden in Mildred Pierce ). ( And another P.S. Gifford and Hodiak worked together a few years before in Marriage Is A Private Affair.” )

I guess I’ll give Katharine Hepburn the last word on this subject. She is to have said:

“I think that the reason people have an affection for me now is that I have lived a life a lot of women think would have been a nice life to have lived. Dignified but free. They think I’ve done what I wanted to do. They don’t bother to think that they might have five kids and I don’t. But I have brains enough to know you can’t have it all. You just can’t.”


This article sums up my exploration of women having to choose between working in the home or having a career outside the home in “Woman of the Year” “His Girl Friday” and “Weekend Marriage.”

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One of my favorite films of 1947 is “OUT OF THE PAST” which I write a little about it here if you scroll down. Mitchum takes his girlfriend for a ride and tells his tale in flashback. By the time he pulls up to his destination at Kirk Douglas’ Tahoe retreat, we (the audience) are caught up to speed and the rest of the story takes place in real noir time.

I cannot rationally explain why I love Jane Greer so much as The Femme Fatale. She’s beautiful. But then again, that’s pretty much a pre-requisite for any femme fatale. Maybe it’s her cold dead eyes. Maybe it’s the off-hand way she throws out the bait ( “I sometimes go there.” ) Maybe it’s the scene in the bungalow that rainy night when Mitchum’s fallen deep and she melts into his big burly chest. ( “Love me?” ) Or maybe it’s the way she throws every man under the bus. I say, her lies are merely… self-preservation. She must have “something” if a man knows she’s dangerous and STILL says: “Baby, I don’t care.” He puts the noose around his OWN neck. She’s my favorite lethal lady, in my favorite film noir.

I, like Ricky Nelson, went to a garden party…but I had a better time than he. I attended Twitter’s #TCMPARTY where the movie discussed, dissected and gushed over was the film noir classic: “OUT OF THE PAST.” ( In fact, this particular Twitter Party made it onto the “Now Voyaging” blog as the best TCMPARTY she “attended” last year:

(http://nowvoyaging.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/countdown-to-the-new-year-tcm-party/ )

It’s better if you know the movie as you read this post, because the tweets fly fast and furiously at #TCMPARTY. You will see comments from everyone that participated that night. Some comments might be repeated or overlapped. It’s all good. Hey, maybe it’s like watching a Howard Hawks comedy. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hopefully my little transcript will give you the flavor of a TCM Twitter Party, and make you want to join. But if you do…don’t give away any spoilers and play nice with others.

“Out of the Past” stars Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas. I know this movie like the back of my hand. It’s Twitter I need to be catching up with. This is the Twittered goings-on for “OOTP.” Make time to read it before the SuperBowl starts.

( Beware, SPOILERS. See, I warned you: )


Fussy:  The credits for “OUT OF THE PAST” make me positively giddy.

MuseofIre:  It’s Mitchum time!

Bryan:  I had the under on Robert O. Saying “Nymphomaniac” tonight. Anybody else?

Tiffany:  He’s deaf but he ain’t dumb.

Aurora:   All hail Jacques Tourneur.

The Nitrate Diva:  Of “OUT OF THE PAST”‘s cast, Dickie Moore, Rhonda Fleming, and Kirk Douglas are all still with us.

Theresa:  There’s my favorite character actress playing the waitress:


Todd:   Cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca started his film career as producer J. Stuart Blackton’s chauffeur.

TCM Party:  Nicholas Musuraca, who provided this stunning b & w photography, also did “CAT PEOPLE” ’42 with “OOTP” director Jacques Tourneur.

The Nitrate Diva:  “I think of you as a blonde.” “For all the thinking you do about me I could be bald-headed.” Even minor lines in this are great.

Theresa:  This should be shown at TCMFF.

Aurora:  The first time I saw “Out Of The Past” my jaw dropped. Photography like I’d never seen!

Theresa:  And the music here while they’re in the sun.

Fussy:  Ever been to a place “one too many” ?

The Nitrate Diva – Aw, man. Mitchum’s hair is doing that disheveled, droopy thing. Sigh.

OOTP ( Jeff Kisses Ann )        OOTP ( jeff in the Sun )

Liz:  I’ve always had a soft spot for Robert Mitchum…I think it started with “HEAVEN KNOWS, MR ALLISON.”

Jeff:  This is my first time seeing “Out Of The Past”. . . . be gentle with me.

TCM Party:  “You’d be amazed the way people talk about you” Mmmm-hmmm.

Theresa:  “Don’t like to make any mistakes do you Joe?” “They don’t let me have many.”


Kerry:  I saw this at a film festival 20 years ago introduced by Mitchum and Roger Ebert. It blew me away.

Todd:  You saw it introduced by Mitchum and Ebert. I’m jealous. 

Kerry:  It was wonderful. I met Ebert too. He sat directly behind me.

Aurora: This is the movie I recommend to anyone not familiar with FilmNoir.

Tiffany: Noir trench coat alert.

Dr. Horror Geek: The first time I saw “Out Of The Past” was on a flight to Vegas. Made for an awesome flight.

Kim:  Lots of first timers tonight for “Out Of The Past.” Excellent! Can’t wait to hear what y’all think. 

Fussy:  All of us veterans really need to watch out for releasing spoilers! 

TCM Party:  Tough to think of Bogart, John Garfield or Dick Powell as Jeff Bailey, but per IMDB, they were all offered the role  &  passed.  Warner Brothers also passed on the script, hence it was produced by RKO.

The Nitrate Diva:   Remembering his work in noir, Mitchum said, “The big stars like Cary Grant got all the lights. Ours they lit with cigarettes.”

Kelly:  A dame with a rod …

Deborah:  “A dame with a ‘rod’ is like a guy with a knitting needle.” Hmmmmm…

The Nitrate Diva:  “Ya know, a dame with a rod is like a guy with a knitting needle.”

OOTP ( XI-a )  OOTP ( XII-a )

Theresa:   I LOVE when Kirk points and says “What’s he doin’ here?!” Love it!

TCM Party:   That’s Issur Danielovitch Demsky and he’s going to be 98 in a week.


Tiffany:   Kirk and Robert: Battle of the Butt Chins!

Joel Williams:  It’s a ‘dimple-off’ between Mitch and Kirk!

The Nitrate Diva:  “I can let it all go.” But can you *really*, Jeff?

TCM Party:   WOW. Did Mitchum talk about how much he smoked? he had a cigarette already when Douglas was to offer him one?

Alan:   I read Rhonda Fleming’s bio on @IMDb and it’s fascinating. She’s 93 – how about guest spot at TCMFF.

Kim:  The lighting and texture is such a treat. I find myself getting lost in the surroundings, the small details.

MuseofIre:  “$5000 now and $5000 when you bring her back.” “That should have been the first thing out of your mouth.”

TCM Party:  Well out of the light of the countryside now…into the dark underworld of night life & shady scams.

Kim:  It really sucks that there are no dance halls like this anymore.

OOTP ( XX-a )  OOTP ( XXI-a )  OOTP ( XXIII-a )


The Nitrate Diva:   The girl in the jazz club is the amazing Theresa Harris of “BABY FACE” and “FLAME OF NEW ORLEANS.”

OOTP ( Theresa Smiles )

 “Exactly, on account of that’s how much I weigh, myself.”


Todd:   Theresa Harris and Barbara Stanwyck in “Baby Face.”

The Nitrate Diva:   Theresa Harris should’ve been a major movie star of the 30s and 40s, but Hollywood didn’t let women of color be stars yet, sadly.

Aurora:  Just told @CineMava Kirk’s natural intensity vs Bob’s coolness works wonders in “Out Of The Past.”

Theresa:  YES Aurora…the cool and the heat of both actors is a great combination. Here she comes…danger.

Aurora:   One of moviedom’s great entrances! Jane Greer with Bob voiceover.


Dr. Horror Geek:   Internal dialogue & then a beautiful woman walks in. Ahhhh… Film noir gold.


“When you see her, you’ll understand better.”

Patrick:  I’d be hanging out at Cine Pico, but that’s just me.

OOTP ( XXV-a ) OOTP ( XXIV-a )

Kelly:   Me too.

OOTP ( I Sometimes Go There... )

Theresa:  Patrick, you and every other guy would be there waiting, watching…wanting. “I sometimes go there.” My god…what bait.


TCM Party:   I believe a lot of Kathie’s power comes from her stillness. Jane Greer is at times even more still than Mitchum. Tough to do.

Kerry:   Imagine being that cool around Mitchum.

TCM Party:   Can’t. But yeah.

Theresa:   Note later in the movie, in her rainsoaked cabin, she has those very earrings she refuses now. Ahhhhhh.

Barry:   “Nothing in life is any good unless you can share it.”

Bryan:   Absolutely!

Sue:   Jane Greer was so beautiful and sultry. She had a great voice, too.

Kerry:   Mitchum was funny. When asked what he thought about film fans he said we were freaks. 

The Nitrate Diva:  “Is there a way to win?” “There’s a way to lose more slowly.”

Rose Red:   “I haven’t been lonely,” she says. Cool.

Fussy:   Did we just enter into Rick’s Cafe Americano? 

OOTP ( Tell Me... )

KATHIE:  “Tell me why you’re so hard to please.”  

JEFF:        “Take me where I can tell you.”

Kelly:   What a kiss!

OOTP ( Baby I Don't Care )

Theresa:  Are you guys listening to this soundtrack. It’s sublime. “BABY I DON”T CARE.” To say that…to know you are walking into danger…

The Nitrate Diva:   The musical love theme you hear over and over in this is “The First Time I Saw You“, a 1930s tune, I believe.

Todd:  Composer Roy Webb also did Cat People, “I Walked with a Zombie“, “The Leopard Man“, and “The Curse of the Cat People.”

Aurora:   Lighting!! Jaysus.

ExpatriateSoutherner:  @Kelly: Anything with Mitchum and Douglas and Fleming and Greer all in one movie…wow! Gotta be good!

Theresa:   Well if Mitchum don’t care, I don’t care either.

TCM Party:   Greatest line in the world… pretty much sums up the plight of every sap in a film noir: “Baby I don’t care.”

The Nitrate Diva:  Only a handful of movies can make me feel like I’m falling in love along with the characters. And this is one of them.


Kerry:  ”Taller than Napoleon.” Teehee.

Theresa:  The kiss in the cabin. The close-up. The rain. The wind. I’m in love. Right now…in this scene…I’m in love. See the earrings?

OOTP ( Desire in the Cabin )

Kerry:   “Love me?” “Uh huh.” “Poco?” “Mucho.”

Fussy:   Can you imagine asking Robert Mitchum if he loved you a little (poco) and he said MUCHO? *Die*

TCM Party:   Perfect chiaroscuro…dark – light – dark- light.

Fussy:  “Baby, I don’t care.” I’m going to say that tomorrow to every question asked of me. Things #RobertMitchum says #OutOfThePast

Aurora:   Tweet amongst yourselves. I’m mesmerized. I’ve only seen this 20 times! 

LondonLee:  Watching “Out Of The Past” on @tcm and my son asked where Godzilla was.

rpupkin:  I still don’t know the difference between chump and sap.

Theresa:   RPupkin,  I think a chump gets used and a sap allows himself to get used. Either way, it’s okay if Greer’s doing the using.

Joel:   Just home…what’d I miss?! 

Aurora:   Chumps and Saps.

Alan:   Quite a lot of varying artistic styles in Italian and German posters.

OOTP ( III )     OOTP ( IV )

MuseofIre:   Somebody pointed out to me that in the first half, Kathy only wears white; in the second half, only black.

The Nitrate Diva:   Director Jacques Tourneur told Jane Greer to underplay as much as possible: “No big eyes.”

Theresa:  Yes Nitrate: “Em-pass-seeve.” Her eyes are mesmerizing.

Liz:   Robert Mitchum is to cool as Cary Grant is to charm.

OOTP ( Whit Shows Up in Mexico )

The Nitrate Diva: “Let’s go down to the bar and we can try to impress each ot- her.”

Kerry:  “Think of a number, Joe.”

Fussy:  “Something tall and cool” Can I have Jeff, please!

TCM Party:   Despite begin based on “B material,” “OOTP” had an “A” budget due to Tourneur’s success on Val Lewton films like “CAT PEOPLE.”

Aurora:   Danger lurks & builds beautifully. Then back again.

Sue:   “It was the bottom of the barrel and I scraped it, and I didn’t care.”

Theresa:  Their kiss in the road is sweet. I think the core of the movie that makes this THE FILM NOIR is him saying: “He had followed her.” 

OOTP ( He followed her )   OOTP ( HE Follows )

Aurora:   “I had her”…and Nicholas Musuraca!

Joel:  VO by Robert Mitchum = #Winning

The Nitrate Diva:   “He’d sell us both for $1.95.” Swell friends you’ve got, Jeff.

Gayer Than Thou:   I say things like “I really hadn’t ought,” and people look at me like I’m a pretentious asshole.

Jeff:   I’m convinced the only difference between Mitch and me is he had better lighting. . . Or not.

Theresa:   She’s got a gun?

OOTP ( Kathie Kills Man )

OOTP ( His partner's shot )

Joel:  She brought a gun to a fist-fight…well done.

Kerry:   Mitchum’s face.

The Nitrate Diva:  “He isn’t going to tell Whit anything.” This is where we learn that the toughest person in the room is wearing heels and a skirt.

Gayer Than Thou:  “Sure I shot him. And I’m not sorry about it. But I didn’t take his money.”

Aurora:   A Mitchum punch has gotta hurt!

Fussy:   If he punches you, you stay punched!

Aurora:   Awfully cold around the heart!!

Gayer Than Thou:   I love noir because noir dames take action. They have their own motives, and those motives matter to the action of the plot.


Kelly:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – Well said! Dames in action and central to the plot.

Gayer Than Thou:   @Kelly – And though they may want a man, they also want money, power, revenge.

TCM Party:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – I think this is why film noir is popular w/ women, even tho they are usually evil. Actual agency in life.

Gayer Than Thou:   @TCM_Party – And, I would say, with gay men: noir dames evince the possibility of a kind of non-macho agency. #yesitspretentious

TCM Party:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – That sounds plausible. But watch it with the insight…I have a reputation to keep up.

Dr. Horror Geek:  I wonder how my students would react if I started lecturing in “film noir dialogue” style.

Ghost Mullet:   I think one actor who has a bit of the laid back Mitchum coolness is Clive Owen.


Kerry:   “Cigarette?” “Smoking.”

TCM Party:   When “OOTP” was remade in the ’80s as “AGAINST ALL ODDS“, Jane Greer played her original character’s mother. I guess I should watch “AGAINST ALL ODDS” cos Jeff Bridges played the Mitchum role & I just can’t picture it.


Theresa:   Loved  “Against All Odds.” Different but fine in its own right. Hey…there’s Kathie. Walking in for breakfast. AWKWARD!  

Dennice:  I forgot about “Against All Odds”! Didn’t realize it was a remake of “Out Of The Past.” It’s been SO long since I saw it. I’d like to see it again because… Jeff Bridges.  

The Nitrate Diva:  For an actor who can sure bring the gravitas, Kirk does smarmy so well.



Gayer Than Thou:   I do find it a little bit jarring when noir films have rural settings, or outdoor locations ( especially daytime scenes ).

Todd:  You really hadn’t ought say things like that.

Liz:  “It’s a nice view…am I here to admire it?”

Sue:  “My feelings? About 10 years ago, I hid them and haven’t been able to find them. Where’d they go?”  “My pocketbook.”

The Nitrate Diva:  Wow, this is a lot of dimple for one screen.  

Fussy:   Butt chins eclipsing the screen.

Aurora:   About to call the cable company…my screen is full of dimples!!

Fussy:   @CitizenScreen OMG, we are so on the same page, sistah!

TCM Party:  Roger Ebert wrote that cigarettes were the weapons in “OOTP”, the true hostility btw Whit & Jeff was when they smoked.

The Nitrate Diva:  This was Kirk’s 2nd film. He debuted in another noir, “THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS.”


Outfield Angel:  Kirk Douglas played a slimeball quite well.

Gayer Than Thou:  I wouldn’t have liked Kirk Douglas in smarmy villain roles all the time, and he can be a whale of a ham, but he’s great in this.

Joel:   Jane Greer…I need a moment…


Whit: “Kathie’s back in the fold.”

Dennice:  Simma down.

Gayer Than Thou:  “@joel:  #imonlyhuman

Kim:   This is back when people had lovely penmanship. Because they taught it in school. *sigh*

OOTP ( KIRK - Letter )                               This is a sample of movie penmanship – from “A Letter to Three Wives.”

David:   @kim – cursive is dead. I know. I buried it.

Theresa:   David, I had the best penmanship of all the girls in the entire third grade class. Comes in handy for ransom notes.

Kerry:  “You’re like a leaf the wind blows from one gutter to another.”


Sue:  “You’re like a leaf aren’t you? The wind just blows you from gutter to gutter.” Ow, that’s gotta hurt.

Theresa:   “Just get out Kathie. I have to sleep in this room.”

OOTP ( I have to sleep here ) OOTP ( Get Out )

Kim:  That is a smack with words if I ever heard it.

Aurora:  “Feel sorry for you????” COLD!!!

Patrick:  Jeff’s about as convincing as someone not in love as Rick is in “Casablanca.”

Fussy:   Jeff seems pretty incredulous regarding Kathie’s “praying.”


Aurora:   RHONDA!!!


Gayer Than Thou:   @CitizenScreen: #shecangetit

Kim:   Help me, Rhonda. #TCMparty #forgiveme.

TCM Party:   Meta is a double to Kathie…she sends him back into the labyrinth but good.

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.19.38 PM

 Meta Carson: “You may have whiskey if you like.”

The Nitrate Diva:   This movie’s so dark we get a second femme fatale, like an orchestra has a second violin!

Dennice:   Rhonda is SO good at being bad.

Theresa:   You may have whiskey if you like.”

Fussy:   Mitchum rocks that trenchcoat! Only Bogie has ever done trenchcoat as well/better.

Jackie:   Mitchum rocks everything *sigh*.


Kerry:   “Drop the Junior League patter.” Fabulous dialogue.


“You always go around leaving your fingerprints in a girl’s shoulder? Not that I mind particularly. You’ve got nice strong hands.”

Aurora:   “It could be that I’m the patsy and you’re on the spot.”

Todd:   This is the kind of film that would have a character named “Eels.”

OOTP ( LXVIII )   IMG_4643

And that’s my very own vodka martini, folks; three olives, very dirty…like some-thing out of a Hitchcock movie, huh? 

Kim:  “Keep the martinis dry, I’ll be back.

David:  One thing I love about b&w, and noir in particular, is that the light doesn’t neces-sarily come from actual lamps….I’m now amusing myself looking at all the imaginary light sources.

Theresa:   I love Stefanos talking to Kathie about how he killed Eels. He’s really shaken up. Good moment for him.

OOTP ( Killed EELS )

Kerry:   “You killed him?”  “Certainly.”


Kerry:  “Awfully cold around the heart.”

Jackie:   Ahhh a little Mitchum is better than none at all. #BetterLateThanPregnant.

Patrick:   I’d never noticed how good the soundtrack is in “Out Of The Past.”

Jackie:   Geez I can’t even remember the plot to this one.

MuseofIre:   It’s noir, baby. Plot is optional.

Joel:   Who has time for plot when there’s Greer, Fleming and 2 dimples!

Fussy:  I know, it is so good you almost don’t notice it.

Theresa:   Oh there’s plot there allright. Loads of it. Whoa! Here comes some plot twist now. Look out!

Ghost Mullet:   Never a good sign when the door bumps something while opening it.

Gayer Than Thou:   Is she wearing Mildred Pierce’s hand-me-down mink?

Colleen:  Veda didn’t approve…

Jackie:   “I got stopped by a gabby cop.”

OOTP ( Gabby Cop )

Todd:   “I lost her.” / “She’s worth losing.” 

Aurora:   “She’s worth losing.” DAMN!

The Nitrate Diva:   Kathie’s internal monologue: ‘I’ve had a hard day of sending guys to their deaths. I need a drink!’

Aurora:  Greer looks gorgeous here. The colder, the more beautiful. ( I sort of want that coat. )

Theresa:  “I don’t want to die.” “Neither do I baby, but if I have to I’m going to die last.” Jaysus – words from the Gods!


Dennice:   Jane’s beautiful doe eyes rate right up there with Judy’s, imo.

Aurora:   She’s used to playing men like fiddles. #FantasticFemme.

TCM Party:   “I swear I couldn’t help it.”


 KATHIE: “I don’t want to die.”
JEFF:         “Neither do I baby, but if I have to, I’m going to die last.” 

( Dang, Jeff didn’t even get THAT right, either!! ) 

Patrick:   He knows she’s trouble yet he still lets her ruin him ( and again and again ). This is noir.

Kelly:  “I always say everybody’s right.”

The Nitrate Diva: “I always say everybody’s right.” Even the bit part actors got great dialogue!

Theresa: “I always say ‘everybody’s right.'” I wait for that guy. Mitchum takes a good slap from the guy who fought Heflin in “…Martha Ivers.”

Fussy:   “I wouldn’t kill a guy for a martini.”


Kim:   I’d give anything for a rumpled trench coat.

Jackie:  If Mitchum could be in it, that’d be better.

Kim:  No question.

OOTP ( LXXIV )     OOTP ( Kathie's Caught ) OOTP ( LXXV )

( ASIDE: For those out there who thinks Robert Mitchum can’t act, just check out this moment. He’s brought in with the briefcase he stole and there he finds Kathie, with all the berrry baaad guys. His recognition is slight…subtle, but there. An inflection here, a small gesture there. He’s a quiet actor. I’m pretty sure he already knew he could no longer trust her, but I think seeing her with those den of thieves confirmed it. But he’s still one step ahead of all of ’em. )

Aurora:  You get to slap Mitchum ONCE!! After that, Harry Powell surfaces.


Dr. Horror Geek:  “You talk big mister” “Uh… yeah – I’m Robert-freakin-Mitchum!”

Dennice:   Jeff would have to be…high, or something, to fall for her lies this time.

Aurora:  THIS LIGHTING!! My goodness!!

KIm:  All these lies go really well with milk and cookies.

The Nitrate Diva:  The way her eyelashes catch the light here is worth a sonnet.

Theresa:  @NitrateDiva – Your line here is worth a sonnet.

Kerry:   His eyelashes are making me weak.

Kerry:   My 17 yo saw my eyelash line and said, “Mom, get yourself together.”

Theresa:  I believe her. She’s in dim light…with the eyes…”we can make them do anything.” You don’t believe her? “I never stopped loving u.”

TCM Party:   Beautiful beautiful backlighting and lies, lies, lies. Lol

Aurora:   “FOOLPROOF AND BEAUTIFUL” describes Kathie and this movie!

Gayer Than Thou:   I mean, look at this lighting in the two-shot!

WonderWomAnn:  There’s something about Robert Mitchum that is just so intriguing.

Gayer Than Thou:   I’m coveting some of these minks. Won’t we make quite the pair?

Theresa:   I think all of us here know that film noir means never having to say ‘I’m sorry.’

Kim: @Gayer_Than_Thou match made in cinema heaven.

Ebenezer:   Mitchum sure did show up on time and remember his lines well.

The Nitrate Diva:   I suspect that Robert Mitchum could strangle a man with smoke rings. alone.


Kerry:  “Will you bust this for me, Jackson?” I’m saying this tomorrow.

TCM Party:   Discussion question: Did Kirk Douglas do his best work in noir? “…MARTHA IVERS”, “ACE IN THE HOLE…”

Aurora:   Hmmm…methinks I may agree with that!

Kerry:   Noir and “Lonely Are the Brave.”

OOTP ( KIRK - Ivers ) OOTP ( KIRK - Ace ) OOTP ( KIRK-Glory )

OOTP ( KIRK - Lonely )

OOTP ( KIRK - 3 Wives )  OOTP ( KIRK - B & B )  ( TOP 40's ) 1948 - I WALK ALONE

Kim:   I prefer Douglas in B&W anything, in color he was over the top Kerry – Oh and “Paths of Glory.”

Theresa:   Yes, Nitrate. He DID do his best work in Noir ( “I Walk Alone” too. ) But he was good in “A Letter to Three Wives.”

TCM Party:  As soon as I sent that though, I thought of “PATHS OF GLORY”… you know what, I gotta throw in THE BAD AND THE  BEAUTIFUL…maybe not his best, but a fave

Dennice:  Kathie is a master at thinking one thing while her expression says something else. #FemmeFataleRules.

Gayer Than Thou: Actual good girl and her folksy parents seem atypical noir elements.

Diane:  #FilmNoir #PrettyDames messing with #BadBoys #WhatCouldGoWrong #OutOfThePast

Bryan:  I really like Kirk in this type of role. SO good! And so early in his career. I like Kirk playing a bit crooked. “Out Of The Past.”

Theresa:   Ann doesn’t want the Vanilla sheriff after tasting the darkness of Mitchum. Plus the sheriff needs a trenchcoat.


The Nitrate Diva:  Jeez, the good, normal people in film noir are dull. They deserve each other.

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.42.26 PM

Liz:  I think Jeff is done being tricked.


Theresa:  Dickie catches a marlin.  

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.51.35 PM Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.49.57 PM

Patrick:  When the going gets tough, the tough go fishin’.

Tiffany:  See? Deaf, but ain’t dumb! 

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.51.44 PM OOTP ( LXXXV )

Kerry: Man, that’s a great death!

Liz:  Fishing saves the day!  


Tom:  Death by fishing rod.

David:  That deaf dumb and blind boy sure plays a mean fly cast. 

Jeff:  That’s one way to, um, lure a man to his death. . . . Oh, God, I’m so sorry. That was horrible.

Dr. Horror Geek:  Enjoying my first time tweeting with #TCMParty. 

Theresa:  “I’m not framing any woman.” Ooh, that slap! Kirk lands a good one on Jane. You could feel that slap across time.


Joel:   That was a nice slap.

Aurora:  Now THAT’S A SLAP!! He meant that with every fiber of his Douglasness! 


The Nitrate Diva:  I don’t see how any many could sleep in the same house of a woman who shot him four times in the belly.

Theresa:   I think men are funny that way Diva.

Jeff:  Mitchum has just gone into Full Badass Mode.

Jackie:   He has another mode? 

TCM Party:   2 yrs after OUT OF THE PAST, Mitchum & Greer appeared in another noir “THE BIG STEAL.” It’s good but it wasn’t quite the same.

Dennice:  Jane Greer also starred with Mr. Wonderful, aka Dick Powell, in “STATION WEST.” I love that film!

Kerry:  Man I love this film. 

David:  Second viewing and I still lost track of when the plot stopped being a flashback.. and where is that ferkakta light in the woods??


Gayer Than Thou:   All these shadows in the woods!

Aurora:   Yeah. I mean if a dame’s gonna stab ya go for a Jane Greer! 

Alan:   “She can’t be all bad. No one is.” #hooboy #OutOfThePast

David:   WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THESE DAMN LIGHTS!? – thanks… had to get that out of my system..

TCM Party:  Virginia Huston (Ann Miller) retired in 1952 after making 12 films. 


Charles:  She was in “Flamingo Road” and “Sudden Fear.”  

Kerry:   “She can’t be all bad. No one is” “She comes the closest.” 

Theresa:  Roller skates don’t trump a good Mitchum roll in the hay. 

The Nitrate Diva:   “I was going to kill you.” “Who isn’t?” I’d forgotten about that line. So bitterly clever. 

Kevin:  This police officer character is the only flaw in the writing of this flick. His character honestly makes no sense.

Kim:   I know Jeff’s no good, but that Jim is a real creep. That Ann’s just a hard luck woman! 

Aurora:   She’s one cold dame!!! 

Jackie:  She looks like a nun. 

Theresa:  NOW we see the real Kathie. Kirk’s dead, Mitchum carries her bag. She was ALWAYS running the show. Kathieeeeeeee!

Diane:   #FilmNoir #PrettyDames always have their own agenda and they know another bus/ oops man will come along.


Tom:  Can’t make deals with a dead man, Jeff.


 ( They look like they’re at an altar… )

Aurora:   “Build my gallows high, baby. Yeah! Original title of the movie.


Theresa:  Is it my imagination, but does Kathy’s head dress look like a nun’s habit? Is she like Scarlett O’Hara? Thinking she’ll win Jeff back?

The Nitrate Diva:   “You’re no good for anyone but me. You’re no good and neither am I.”   
Kim:  At least she’s a well dressed sociopath.

Theresa:  That last kiss was the kiss of death. Well…we all gotta go. 

Patrick:   Moral of the story: when you’re hanging out in Acapulco with Jane Greer on an expense account, you stay there.  

Kim:  “You’re no good for anyone but me.” Whoa. They just don’t make ’em good like this anymore. 

Gayer Than Thou:  Did I miss the part where Jane Greer joined a convent?  

Ross:  Out Of The Past 1 of my absolute favorite films though I had to see it many  times before I could follow the plot. 

Jackie:  “You were a very clumsy flirt. I liked that.”  


“I never told you I was anything but what I am. You just wanted to imagine that. That’s why I left you.”

Fussy:  Hubby just said “is that Joan of Dark?” Film noir NUN! 

Theresa:  “I remember you were a clumsy flirt. I like that.” TCM Guys, are you learning and paying attention to all our tricks?


Kim:  Someday I’m gonna have a drink, break the glass in the fire and say “we deserve each other.” Just ’cause.

The Nitrate Diva:   I like her nunnish traveling costume. It says, “I own YOU now. I don’t have to try to impress you anymore.”

Ross:  Well to be honest I still can’t totally follow the plot.  

Aurora:  Damn Jeff! Imagine how many more raincoats you coulda worn!

OOTP ( 97. )    “No good, dirty, double-crossing rat!!!” 

Kerry:   It’s nunnish and masculine. She’s taking over.

OOTP ( 95. )  OOTP ( LLIII )

OOTP ( 98. )

TCM Party:   This kid is the only completely pure person in the film, he’s the only one that always tells the truth.  


OOTP ( LLIV ) BEL GEDDES in %22Vertigo%22 ( I )

Theresa:  Ann walks away like Barbara Bel Geddes  “VERTIGO.” Walking towards a new but bittersweet life with closure. Dickie’s ending the movie…brilliant. 

BEL GEDDES in %22Vertigo%22  OOTP ( LLVIII )

Kim:  Ok Sheriff man, I’m yours.  

The Nitrate Diva:   This ending just kills me. Dickie waving goodbye to Jeff… 

OOTP ( 99. )

Fussy:  One of the saddest happiest endings ever in film. *tear* #OutOfThePast  

OOTP ( 101. )

Tiffany:  Aah SO GOOD.

Jeff:  Great film. Loved it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing it again.

Joel:  Thanks for the pick & for hosting, @TCM_Party Paula! 

TCM Party:   Thanks for stopping by the #TCMParty, everyone! Hope you enjoyed one of the best film noirs ever made ^PG 

Aurora:  Terrific film! So much to enjoy in each viewing!  Pleasure to watch with you. Thanks for hosting.



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