How would you like a little film noir in your adultery?  Yes…there will be SPOILERS:

NORA PRENTISS ( I )Nora Prentiss kneels before the ashes of her dreams of  home, hearth and a husband of her own

NORA PRENTISS is really a showcase for Ann Sheridan. Director Vincent Sherman gloriously holds the camera on her many times, to which I, as a Sheridan fan say “Yay!” She’s excellent. As Nora Prentiss, she hadnt sign up for this. Shes not a bad guy; no vixen or femme fatale or Vamp. She wants to be married, have kids, live out in the open. It gets increasingly dark for her too. She soon sees hes not any closer to divorce and this is not working out for her in an open way.

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They say there’s no frigate like a book. But what happens when you turn a frigate into a movie? Whatve you got then?

BLOGATHON ( BOOK-TO-COVER ) 4 : 8 - 10 : 2016

Now Voyaging and Speakeasy have partnered up again to host this weekend’s BOOK TO COVER: Books to Film Blogathon. It’s pretty self-explanatory: “This blogathon is your opportunity to focus on great cinema that started as words on a page.” In her blog, Christina Wehner asks an interesting question: “Should You Read The Book First Or Watch The Movie?” Luckily there’s no requirement in this blogathon to have read the book one’s movie choice is based on. (Besides, I need books with big print and lotsa pictures. That aint Ayn Rand.) Yes, my choice is a film from the book of controversial author whose name is a lightning rod of polarization: Ayn Rand.

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CAT PEOPLE ( 1942 & 1982 )

I went to NYC’s Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA ) to wait for the day’s movie, when I saw the giant poster of the subject of my blog today. I asked the kind Security Guard lady to do me a favor and take my picture. I’m being Lewton’d here with posters from Martin Scorsese’s collection. And all for a good cause: a blogathon.

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