“I discovered what went with orchids was a game  of hide and seek with fate played in off-beat night-clubs, out of the way bars, remote restaurants.  A game I never had a chance of winning.


It’s 1947 and the movie is told in voice-overs and flashbacks. You know what THAT means: our hero’s fate is sealed. He is doomed. This time he’s not the bland and vanilla dad, smoking a pipe and wearing elbow-patched sweaters, dispensing fatherly advice In Father Knows Best. Nor is he the long arm of the law, underplaying his role in Crossfire so much that he almost disappears. Nope. Here, Robert Young is a suave ‘playa’ in THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME.

My review has the teensiest bit of spoilers, but really not enough to ruin the film for you. See the movie, watch how it all plays out. I’m here to help you.

I found him sexy here as the mendacious philanderer, Larry Ballantyne. And I’m as shocked as anyone to write – “sexy” and “Robert Young” – in the same sentence. I first got an inkling of my attraction to him in my tentative baby steps towards liking Laraine Day. ( She appears with Young in Those Endearing Young Charms and he really caught my eye ). But I get the full monty here. In this movie, he’d have been happy to stay married if his wife would just let him do what he wants to do. How unreasonable can a wife be? I couldn’t hate him though. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. ( Maybe movies give me permission to like scoundrels ). Young was like Peck’s Bad Boy, just wanting what he wants. I found him likable even though he treated women scandalously. See the movie and compare him, if you will, to our dear boy, George Sanders. If Sanders had played the part, the women would have been scorched forever, and Sanders is not a very likable cad. Robert Young doesn’t put that kind of a blow torch to these women’s hearts because he doesn’t burn hot like that. But they do get hurt all the same. I kind of chuckle when he describes the “jail sentence” his marriage is:

“I understand alright. It was a contract just as if it had been typed, signed and notarized. No more Sa-turday afternoons, no Wednesday nights. No tele-phone calls, no cocktails at back tables. I was private property, covered with signs marked ‘NO TRESPASSING.” I admit I felt like a heel for a couple of weeks. When I married Gretta I kidded myself I was in love with her. But, by this time, I knew it was the money.”

Oh brother. Poor poor Larry.

Just who are the three faces of Eve in his life that he tries to juggle?


      RITA JOHNSON (  as Gretta   )


“I must have lost my self-respect the day I married you. I can make all the moves but the one that has any meaning.  I can’t walk out, Larry. You’ll have to do the walking.” ~ Gretta

I liked and felt sorry for Gretta. Mostly I was happy that the movie didn’t portray her as a shrilly shrewish harridan as most movie wives are portrayed; come on…you know the type…those shrewish homemakers that movies give us permission to hate to make it easier for us to root for our hero to hook up with his ‘true love.’  ( Johnson kept making me think of Maureen O’Sullivan. Ha! They were both in “The Big Clock.” Don’t you just love movie trivia? ) The Wife is rather understanding…a perfect businessman’s wife who’s attractive, a perfect hostess and non~complaining. She catches him dead to rights several times throughout the proceedings. Her blasé nature about packing his bags for him to go off with another woman made me laugh out loud. Apparently he’s done this before. In fact, I think she outright used reverse psychology on him. MY version of the dialogue is this:

HE:    Hey, don’t put the blame on me if I want to leave you.
SHE: I don’t darling, it’s my own fault. By the way, I bought you a partnership in the family business. You want it?

Next thing you know he’s on a train out west with his wife, and his girlfriend’s been unceremoniously dumped.

Is The Wife passive? Hmmmm, I don’t think so. Enabling? More like it. Does she buy him? Yeah kind of. But he didn’t have to be bought. She does offer him his freedom, sans her money and position. He should have boldly written NO SALE” with his shaving cream a la Gloria Wandrous. But he doesn’t have the character to leave.

< ( Sigh! ) > A girl’s best friend is her palomino anyway. Gretta’s horse was more loyal to her than her husband ever was.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


       JANE GREER (  as Janice  )


I’m no ‘Saturday afternoon’ girl. I’m an ‘all-or-nothing’ girl. ~ Janice
(But is she going to drink that ice cream float?!)

I must’ve dropped a hint or two around the Internet movie groups that I’m a big Jane Greer fan. That’s my girl, folks. And here she is, 180-degrees different from her most famous role as Kathie Moffet. She’s still got those deadly killer eyes, but she’s uses them here for love, not profit. She’s ratcheted down her vamp quotient as Janice, with her upsweep hair-do and just a touch of Mary Beth Hughes-plumpness. She’s a woman in love. She’s a working girl, smart, independent, with a healthy enough self-esteem to walk away from a no-win situation with a married man. ( If only I had been that smart ). I loved that about her; she puts in for a job transfer…takes an extensive vacation tour to get away from what wasn’t going to be good for her. ( If only I had been that smart ). I love her because she was able to walk away even though she cared about him.

When he runs into her many months later, their exchange made me smile:

HE:     I’ve been meaning to look you up.
SHE:   What for?!

D’0hhhh!!! That’s tellin’ him Kathie, I mean Janice! He’s at a loss for words. When I discover he hadn’t taken her calls I thought to myself: Let me add CAD to his stellar character traits.  He’s such a coward. I could even forgive Janice still loving him. But he didn’t deserve her.

MOVIE TRIVIA ALERT: Almost twenty years later Jane Greer appears with Susan Hayward in that lovely soapy potboiler: Where Love Has Gone which you ought to see for some good campy fun. But alas, they’re only in one scene together. Hey, and speaking of Susan Hayward…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


       SUSAN HAYWARD (   as Verna   )

SUSAN HAYWARD ( Believe Me )

She looked like a very special kind of dynamite, neatly wrapped in nylon and silk.” ~ Larry

That she does! She’s a little spitfire. Fellas, I advise you, do NOT mess with SUSAN HAYWARD unless y’know what you’re doing…Or you like playing with fire. OR you are Dana Andrews! She plays the other Other Woman: Verna. She’s another working girl, an efficient, proactive secretary. ( She gets Larry out of a jam with his business partner ). She’s cold and calculating…thinks with her head and bank account.  She goes after what she wants ( …orchids” ) and puts a name on it: “golddigger. If he wants her, it’d have to be on her terms.

But she turns female, just like every other woman does. She switches up. The money doesn’t matter. She wants him… even without his financial meal ticket. She’s pretty much an old-fashioned girl. ( This is the 40’s…remember? ) They run into Janice  in a nightclub and I like how the two women size each other up. They get all the information they need about each other in under thirty nanoseconds. Verna’s on the level, she wants Larry.

He now wants to head for the hills as fast as his *P.F. Flyers can take him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ultimately, Robert Young’s Lawrence Ballantyne is a coward. A weak, lying coward who sold his heart and self-respect at every turn. I don’t think Jane Greer was the first and I don’t think Susan Hayward’d be the last. He makes me shake my head in disbelief at his actions. He’s such a weasel.

ROBERT YOUNG ( Believe Me )
Character actor Frank Ferguson questions Robert Young

Young’s character’d be content to string a girl along until she gets too demanding; he’d pull the old my-wife-won’t-give-me-a-divorce card and then VOILA! It’s off to greener, prettier and more available pastures. He’s a coward who runs away from facing the consequences of his actions. His actions put baaaad things in motion. I know you know movies. So do I. But I still heartily recommend this one if you haven’t seen it yet.

It will air on Noir Alley this Sunday ( October 8th ) on TCM, hosted by Eddie Muller. It’s not your ordinary run-of-the-mill love ’em and leave ’em drama. There’s enough bobbing & weaving to keep you interested. See what happens when a not-so-bad guy, lies and cheats and is dragged down by what he’s done. See what happens when a man tries to avoid his fate. Robert Young does a very good job as this type of man. And yes, I think he’s sexy.

Cine-Moral #630: When a man’s mistress finds outhis wife is richer than he is, all bets are off. Expect to be dumped.



I’ve been thinking about THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME off and on for a few days now, happy TCM is showing it. This was a good solid role for all four main cast members, and it made me curious about where these stars exactly were in their career at this point; the beginning…middle…the end?? I wanted to see what movie came just before and just after “…Believe Me. Success was ahead for some, obscurity for another and cinema immortality for yet another. Info directly quoted from IMDB:

IRVING PICHEL  ( 1891 – 1954 )


He not only directs, but he’s Dracula’s daughter’s personal assistant.

Pichel does a great job in weaving this tale. Using flashbacks and a voice-over of a man on trial for murder, I love all the twisty turns movie takes. He has Hitchcock’s tv producer Joan Harrison in his corner to produce a wonderful film, well-cast and well-told. Pichel is very capable.

Temptation” 1947
“They Won’t Believe Me” 1947
Something in the Wind 1947

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ROBERT YOUNG ( 1907 – 1998 )

ROBERT YOUNG ( Older ) ROBERT YOUNG ( Young ) ROBERT YOUNG ( Middle-Aged )

His movie career consisted of playing characters who were charming, good-looking–and bland. In fact, his screen image was such that he usually never got the girl. Louis B. Mayer would say: ‘He has no sex appeal,’ but he had a work ethic that prepared him for every role that he played. His patented shyness and painful insecurity turned his social drinking into a chronic alcohol problem during his MGM years that lasted nearly three decades. He recovered with the aid and encouragement of his wife Elizabeth and through spiritual metaphysics (Science of Mind), not to mention Alcoholics Anonymous. He often held AA meetings in his home. Young attempted suicide in 1991 as a result of a chemical imbalance and while battling Alzheimer’s disease and heart problems. ( You can read about the ‘dark side’ of Robert Young in this Movie Morlocks article by Jeff Stafford. )

“THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME” ( 40 y.o. )

…To my shock and surprise whIle I was watching some of Lew Ayres’ films on TCM? I saw Robert Young in “Rich Man, Poor Girl” ( 1938 ) where the actress who plays his sister….is Rita Johnson.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RITA JOHNSON  ( 1913-1965 )

RITA JOHNSON ( Glam-II )  Rita Johnson-1941-Hers Comes Mr Jordan

Unfortunately, her career came to an end in 1948 when a hair dryer fell on her head causing brain damage. Brain surgery was performed, but  her screen time was still very limited. ( See Frances Gifford ). The doctor noted that apart from her current injuries there were a number of old bruises on various parts of her body. Detectives investigating the injuries, however, reported nothing to indicate it was anything other than an accident. Rumors continued but were never confirmed that she was romantically involved with a gangster who had beaten her. Previous beatings, it was alleged, had caused the old bruises. She died in Los Angeles County General Hospital on Oct. 31, 1965. Miss Johnson was only 52 years old.

“THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME” ( 35 y.o. )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SUSAN HAYWARD  ( 1917 – 1975 )


In 1958 she gave the performance of her lifetime as real-life California killer Barbara Graham in I Want to Live! (1958), who was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in the gas chamber. Susan was absolutely riveting in her portrayal of the doomed woman. Many film buffs consider it to be one of the finest performances of all time, and this time she was not only nominated for Best Actress, but won. A two-pack a day smoker with a taste for drink, Susan was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 1972. On 14 March 1975, after a three year struggle against the disease, Susan died at her Hollywood home. Susan Hayward was laid to rest in a grave adjacent that of her husband Eaton Chalkley in the peace of Carrollton, Georgia where they had spent several happy years together in life. She was 57.

“THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME” ( 30 y.o. )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JANE GREER  ( 1924 – 2001 )


As a baby, she was winning beauty contests; as a teenager, with good looks and an attractive contralto voice, she was singing with big bands.She claimed that it was through facial exercises to overcome the paralysis that she learned the efficacy of facial expression in conveying human emotion, a skill she was renowned for using in her acting. Quickly married crooner Rudy Vallee after fleeing a possessed Howard Hughes, who discovered her on a WWII poster and kept her virtually a prisoner during her first few months. An enraged Hughes pressured her and ruined the marriage. She returned to Hughes and her contract. Achieved screen immortality with ‘Out of the Past‘.

Personal Quote:  I love making movies, but I was ready to rationalize being only a mother if my career never got back on track.

“THEY WON’T BELIEVE ME” ( 23 y.o. )

…And one little extra bonus for those fans of the obscure and lost women of Hollywood. Janet Shaw ( YAY!! ) is in this movie for one brief scene with Robert Young. ( You can read about some other Lost Women of Hollywood here. ) Wait…you don’t know her?

                     JANET SHAW ( Believe Me )

                                      Sure you do…see:

                             JANET SHAW ( Believe Me )

Cine-Moral #2: What Kind of Fool I Am“<—– Sammy Davis can tell you. What I would say is:

* Fool me once, shame on you.
* Fool me twice, shame on me.
* Fool me three times, everybody’s gettin’ a beatdown up in here!

Read an enjoyable write-up—> here <—from the blogosphere’s QUEEN of Film Noir, Karen of Shadows and Satin or at Arthur’s CinemaCafe.

Now…enjoy the movie.

( H O M E )



Cute song, right? But listen…lets get serious about kissing, shall we? See, you have never been kissed until you’ve been kissed by a Spiderwoman … a black widow … a lethal lady. Its intensity is like no other. 0r if Cary Grant took you in his arms, or Ricardo Cortez roughly shook you up, down to your toes as Steve Cochran would. A kiss could be sweetly elegant like Ronald Colman or hot and steamy like being kissed by Jean Peters. You would be like a moth to the flame, going willingly. Happily. Fatally.

BLOGATHON ( A KISS IS JUST A KISS ) 2 : 13 -14 : 2016I bring you Second Sight Cinema’s: “…A KISS IS JUST A KISS BLOGATHON” where we can “…reflect on a movie kiss that always sends you. Or that always cracks you up because it’s so lame. Or a particular actor who puts heart and soul into every kiss, or one whose kisses are weirdly lifeless in his otherwise romantic performances. Or a couple whose kisses heat up the room, or one whose peerless screen chemistry is weirdly absent in the kissing department.” So now that you know this blogathons premise, I bet you can think of some kisses that really send you. I know I have seen my share of movie kisses, and have some old and new favorites. One couple who comes to mind renders that glo-lorious, slo-motion greeting kiss: Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart in “Rear Window.”

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 6.49.04 PM

I like what my friend Ollie once wrote me about Grace Kelly in “Rear Window”:

“But Grace is Fully Human in this role.  Completely human.  Not bashful around her lover. Completely blasé when his pal shows up, too – she knows men talk, or at least wink or nudge. She knows the housekeeper notices. No need for pretenses.  None at all: ‘Now, tell me everything you know.’ ”

We have the confirmation and grateful kiss of Garbo to Robert Taylor in “Camille”…grateful and happy she’s found love. Who can forget the bushel full of small kisses between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in “Notorious” that Hitch broke up and slid past the censors. Are they not two of the most gorgeous people you’ve ever seen? Ever? Kissing Cary Grant. Mmmm, a tough job, right ladies…but somebody’s got to do it! 



There’s that wonderfully hopeful kiss at the end of “The Best Years Of Our Lives” between Teresa Wright and Dana Andrews that I simply adore and wait for ( the music swelling, their smiles and their kiss…especially including the fadeout. Oh, and her hat falling too. )  

Might I mention The King? Gable and Astor in Red Dust sends me. And our hostess goes into detail on this with her anatomy of a scorcher that our grandmothers swooned over:


And here’s my new favorite indoor / outdoor kiss from “The Quiet Man.” Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne heat things up while getting us all soaked to the skin.


See CHRISTY’S INKWELLS for the full Monty on this kiss

* * * * * * * * * *



It’s pretty hard to describe a kiss. You have to see it to feel it; hell, you have to feel it to feel it. For my entry in this blogathon, I want to reflect on two of my favorite films which are somewhat darker than your happily-ever-after romantic films. I will have to set things up a little for you. I’ll try and tell you about that kiss of the spiderwoman…at least as far as I can reckon sitting in front of my computer here, nowhere near any body’s lips.


These kisses happen when two different detectives cross paths with two of the most beautiful femmes fatales in movies. With one, she kills his heart, soul and psyche. With the other…she just kills him. It’s pretty much a toss-up which fate is a blessing. See, each of our detectives falls down on the job he is sent to do, which has dire consequences for everyone involved. Detective Scottie Ferguson ( played by James Stewart ) and Private Eye Jeff Bailey ( played by Robert Mitchum ) are assigned to report on, and bring back women to the men they belong.

It’s a breathtaking moment when we are first introduced to each woman. Kirk Douglas’ character explains in “Out of the Past”:

“Just bring her back. When you see her,  you’ll understand better.”

We see her. We understand. The build-up we’ve been given by the men who want them back does not disappoint.


Kim Novak plays Madeleine Elster in Vertigo.” She’s formal and elegant. Hitchcock gives her a great close-up. Madeleine enters Scottie’s view unaware she is watched. She walks right up to the camera, to Scottie…to us, and turns in profile. We, too, get to lingeringly gaze on her. She’s beautiful.


Equally iconic and just as arresting is Jane Greer’s entrance in Out of the Past.” She plays Kathie Moffett, introduced in jaw-dropping, summery silhouette in ( almost ) diaphanous white. Jeff’s voice-over says it all:

“And then I saw her coming out of the sun.  And I knew why Whit didn’t care about that forty grand.”

It’s interesting and clever how the film makes us complicit in all this watching. We see what the detectives see when they first see it. A voice-over takes US into his confidence.

Kathie’s entrance is stunning. She is beautiful, impassive and withholding. She drops enough bread-crumbs to get Jeff to chase her, and lets him catch her. Jeff steps right up to the plate with her, whereas Scottie lays back in the cut…following.

OOTP ( XXV-a )  OOTP ( I Sometimes Go There... )

OOTP ( Jeff & Kathie On Beach )With Jeff and Kathie, their cards are put on the table pretty quickly. They both know who each other are. Jeffs there to bring her back to the man she shot and stole from. Kathie’s tale of woe…tale of why, is explained on an empty moonlit beach, with just the two of them. There was abuse. She escaped. She never stole any money.

OOTP ( Baby I Don't Care )

 Kathie:    “Don’t you believe me?”
Jeff:   “Baby, I don’t care.”

“Baby, I don’t care.” When I saw this movie the first time, that line rattled me. Guess Im used to my movie detectives being down and dirty, but basically upright, stand-up, Dudley Doo-Rights. Saying he doesnt care throws caution to the wind. Woweee! Finally, a man that tells the truth. This most famous line in film noir is delivered perfectly, and does two things neatly and succinctly. IT offers Absolution:

  • It absolves a femme fatale of any real or perceived sins. ( Yay! )
  • It absolves the man from thinking things through.  ( Ooh, I dunno. )

Her beauty and desirability ensures his aid. His “baby, I don’t care” drips with lustful insouciance. Thats the ONLY way to say that line, dripping with it. There’s only 0NE thing HE cares about. (Who wouldnt you kill to hear someone forgive your sins like that?) They begin to kiss, waves crash behind them in the moon’s light. Right here…this is not about love.

When Jeff and Kathie meet again on the beach, they go to her bungalow to escape a sudden downpour. She puts on a record ( that plays the movie’s love theme. ) They playfully rough house drying each other’s hair. Jeff tosses a wet towel which knocks down the lamp. They’re in darkness again. Most of their meetings take place in the dark; they are cocooned by darkness ( as opposed to the open sunlight of Jeff with the girl he left behind…Ann. ) Perhaps Kathies strength and allure lies in darkness. She dims her flame’s light yet he keeps coming.

OOTP ( Jeff Kisses Ann )  OOTP ( NAPOLEAN )
Who wants sweet kisses in the daylight when you can have them dangerously by the moon

He wants her to run away with him. She turns off the record. A heavy blanket of silence wraps them as they speak; no music clouds things between them…and us. Theyre getting down to brass tacks here. Again, Mitchum’s back is to the camera so it’s all on Jane Greer. And boy, can she hold the scene with her voice and eyes. Her Kathie’s eyes are dark pools to drown in. She sits very close to him on the couch:

OOTP ( Desire in the Cabin )

Kathie:    “Jeff I’m glad you’re not afraid of him.”
Jeff:         “I’ve been afraid of half the things I ever did.”
Kathie:   “And this time?”
Jeff:         “I’m only afraid you might not go.”
Kathie:   “Don’t be. I’ll be there tomorrow. Love me?”
Jeff:        “Mmmm hmmm.”
Kathie:  “Poco?”
Jeff:        “What’s that?”
Kathie:  “Little.”
Jeff:        “Mucho.”

They don’t kiss, but she leans across his shoulder for support and love. It’s a quiet scene. Sensuous with these two, in the dark, in the quiet, in their love. Oh yeah, its about love now. It’s a pretty powerful moment in the film, this love scene. The tension is exciting. OOTP ( TAXES )When we get to the third set-piece of Jeff and Kathie together, theyre on the run now to escape Kirk Douglas, the third leg in this triangle. ( No, I just want her back. ) They meet up at a mountain cabin. He pulls into the driveway and his car’s headlights spots her walking up the path to the cabin with groceries in hand:

“It was meeting her some where like in the first times. There was still that something about her that got me. The kind of magic or whatever it was; when I held her and we would laugh.”

It’s a nice scene of boy with girl, the lovely lilting music of Miklós Rózsa underscores the scene as he puts down her groceries and sweetly kisses her. Again, Mitchum’s back to the camera so Greer has to sell it. She’s as pretty as the girl next door. She sells it. She sells niceness and longing. Death is right around the corner.

* * * * *



“Vertigo” has my other favorite kiss. Ex-detective Scottie Ferguson’s assign-ment is to follow his old college chum’s wife who wanders around San Francisco driving. Where does she go. What does she do. He follows her…she jumps into the bay…he saves her from drowning. Now that they’ve been properly introduced, he can help her in earnest; get to the root of her issues. They become close, wandering together along the Pacific coast. She confides in him, bears her fears to him. He’s fallen for her. She runs from him. He catches her and promises to protect her. The girl needs help. And he needs to help her. 

[ See Clip: ]KISSING ( VERTIGO - IV )

Madeleine: “Oh Scottie. I’m not mad. I’m not mad. I don’t
want to die. There’s something within me that
says I must die. Oh Scottie, don’t let me go.”

Scottie:        “I’m here. I’ve got you.”

Madeleine: “I’m so afraid. Don’t let me go. Stay with me.”

Scottie:       “All of the time.”

They’re on a windswept bluff. Waves crash against the cliff. Bernard Hermann’s lush romantic music swells. Scottie and Madeleine kiss. He’s captured the dream, his dreamgirl. He seals it with a kiss, a deep kiss from his heart…from his soul. He’s not settling ( I’m sorry Midge ) but finally in love. He will keep Madeleine safe.

Scottie’s stint in a mental facility is a brief respite. ( Madeleine has jumped from a church tower with Scottie chasing close behind her, but unable to save her due to his vertigo. ) He recreates a new girl he meets, Judy – who sort of looks like Madeleine – into Madeleine’s image. Isn’t that what we all do in love…recreate the image of loves first imprint on us? After unknowingly recreating the recreation, he has his Madeleine back. You know the scene I’m talking about. Some think it’s twisted, crazy…but I LOVE it. It’s wonderfully delirious. Deliriously romantic. Scottie had lost her, but he now has Madeleine back through his recreating her. When Judy makes that final transformation, she comes to him through the neon mist of time as Madeleine. ( WE practically scream: Its ALIVE!!! ) It’s an incredible scene in context to what comes before.  She walks into his arms, into his embrace. The longing and waiting is over. Scottie can be whole again. How lucky can a guy be, getting a second chance at love…of his own re-making.

See Madeleine come to life


They both have what they want. Scottie has Madeleine again through Judy and Judy has Scottie through Madeleine. Does all that take away from this kiss.  Not for me. This IS all too good to be true when Scottie loses her, again.


* * * * *


Both movies have kisses with a variety of purpose and reasons: lust, love, longing. When the damsels-in-distress reveal their true identity we have the kiss-off and it’s not pretty. First Kathie. Shes had to kill…again. 

Paradise lost… But Kathie wants to start all over again with Jeff.


“I never told you I was anything but what I am. You just wanted to imagine I was. That’s why I left you. Now we’re back to stay…we’re starting all over. I want to go back to Mexico. I want to walk out in the sun again and find you waiting. I want to sit in the same moonlight and tell you all the things I never told you. ‘Till you don’t hate me. Until sometime you love again. If you’re thinking of anyone else, don’t. Wouldn’t work. You’re no good for anyone but me. You’re no good…and neither am I.” 

She seals it with a kiss. A bitter pill for Jeff to swallow.

Judy/Madeleine is unwittingly unmasked but I see her more as a victim. And though not as cold and calculating as Kathie, Judy wants her second chance as well. She hadn’t meant to fall in love with Scottie. But he knows who she is now; he wants nothing to do with her. She pleads her case:


“Scottie, I was safe when you found me. There was nothing that you could prove. When I saw you again, I couldn’t run away. I loved you so. I walked into danger, let you change me because I loved you so.”

He struggles with this truth amidst one last confused kiss that’s a mishmash of emotions of him wanting her and wanting to kill her and wanting to believe her. Suddenly, a nun appears in the church tower with them, startling them both, causing Madeleine  to stumble.

“You dirty double-crossing rat.”
          “Why did you have to pick on me? Why me?!

What leads up to a kiss? What happens afterwards? Both ladies are somewhat damaged and need saving. At least, pretend to. The romantic in me believes Kathie and Madeleine/Judy loved these two men. Kiss these femmes fatales at your own risk. But when they build your gallows high, make sure you don’t have vertigo.

OOTP ( 95. )  JAMES STEWART ( %22VERTIGO%22-V )  OOTP ( 98. )
You can see more screen kisses in the Classic Movies – Pumpin’ Blood video created by Saraismyname by clicking on this banner:
 “Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer:
…And Im not the only one kissing and telling. If you click on the banner below, you can read some delectable entries in this blogathon. I want to thank Lesley of Second Sight Cinema for hosting this great idea. And thanks to you for reading my entry. Now……kiss me, you fool:
[   H O M E   ]


One of my favorite films of 1947 is “OUT OF THE PAST” which I write a little about it here if you scroll down. Mitchum takes his girlfriend for a ride and tells his tale in flashback. By the time he pulls up to his destination at Kirk Douglas’ Tahoe retreat, we (the audience) are caught up to speed and the rest of the story takes place in real noir time.

I cannot rationally explain why I love Jane Greer so much as The Femme Fatale. She’s beautiful. But then again, that’s pretty much a pre-requisite for any femme fatale. Maybe it’s her cold dead eyes. Maybe it’s the off-hand way she throws out the bait ( “I sometimes go there.” ) Maybe it’s the scene in the bungalow that rainy night when Mitchum’s fallen deep and she melts into his big burly chest. ( “Love me?” ) Or maybe it’s the way she throws every man under the bus. I say, her lies are merely… self-preservation. She must have “something” if a man knows she’s dangerous and STILL says: “Baby, I don’t care.” He puts the noose around his OWN neck. She’s my favorite lethal lady, in my favorite film noir.

I, like Ricky Nelson, went to a garden party…but I had a better time than he. I attended Twitter’s #TCMPARTY where the movie discussed, dissected and gushed over was the film noir classic: “OUT OF THE PAST.” ( In fact, this particular Twitter Party made it onto the “Now Voyaging” blog as the best TCMPARTY she “attended” last year:

( )

It’s better if you know the movie as you read this post, because the tweets fly fast and furiously at #TCMPARTY. You will see comments from everyone that participated that night. Some comments might be repeated or overlapped. It’s all good. Hey, maybe it’s like watching a Howard Hawks comedy. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hopefully my little transcript will give you the flavor of a TCM Twitter Party, and make you want to join. But if you do…don’t give away any spoilers and play nice with others.

“Out of the Past” stars Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas. I know this movie like the back of my hand. It’s Twitter I need to be catching up with. This is the Twittered goings-on for “OOTP.” Make time to read it before the SuperBowl starts.

( Beware, SPOILERS. See, I warned you: )


Fussy:  The credits for “OUT OF THE PAST” make me positively giddy.

MuseofIre:  It’s Mitchum time!

Bryan:  I had the under on Robert O. Saying “Nymphomaniac” tonight. Anybody else?

Tiffany:  He’s deaf but he ain’t dumb.

Aurora:   All hail Jacques Tourneur.

The Nitrate Diva:  Of “OUT OF THE PAST”‘s cast, Dickie Moore, Rhonda Fleming, and Kirk Douglas are all still with us.

Theresa:  There’s my favorite character actress playing the waitress:


Todd:   Cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca started his film career as producer J. Stuart Blackton’s chauffeur.

TCM Party:  Nicholas Musuraca, who provided this stunning b & w photography, also did “CAT PEOPLE” ’42 with “OOTP” director Jacques Tourneur.

The Nitrate Diva:  “I think of you as a blonde.” “For all the thinking you do about me I could be bald-headed.” Even minor lines in this are great.

Theresa:  This should be shown at TCMFF.

Aurora:  The first time I saw “Out Of The Past” my jaw dropped. Photography like I’d never seen!

Theresa:  And the music here while they’re in the sun.

Fussy:  Ever been to a place “one too many” ?

The Nitrate Diva – Aw, man. Mitchum’s hair is doing that disheveled, droopy thing. Sigh.

OOTP ( Jeff Kisses Ann )        OOTP ( jeff in the Sun )

Liz:  I’ve always had a soft spot for Robert Mitchum…I think it started with “HEAVEN KNOWS, MR ALLISON.”

Jeff:  This is my first time seeing “Out Of The Past”. . . . be gentle with me.

TCM Party:  “You’d be amazed the way people talk about you” Mmmm-hmmm.

Theresa:  “Don’t like to make any mistakes do you Joe?” “They don’t let me have many.”


Kerry:  I saw this at a film festival 20 years ago introduced by Mitchum and Roger Ebert. It blew me away.

Todd:  You saw it introduced by Mitchum and Ebert. I’m jealous. 

Kerry:  It was wonderful. I met Ebert too. He sat directly behind me.

Aurora: This is the movie I recommend to anyone not familiar with FilmNoir.

Tiffany: Noir trench coat alert.

Dr. Horror Geek: The first time I saw “Out Of The Past” was on a flight to Vegas. Made for an awesome flight.

Kim:  Lots of first timers tonight for “Out Of The Past.” Excellent! Can’t wait to hear what y’all think. 

Fussy:  All of us veterans really need to watch out for releasing spoilers! 

TCM Party:  Tough to think of Bogart, John Garfield or Dick Powell as Jeff Bailey, but per IMDB, they were all offered the role  &  passed.  Warner Brothers also passed on the script, hence it was produced by RKO.

The Nitrate Diva:   Remembering his work in noir, Mitchum said, “The big stars like Cary Grant got all the lights. Ours they lit with cigarettes.”

Kelly:  A dame with a rod …

Deborah:  “A dame with a ‘rod’ is like a guy with a knitting needle.” Hmmmmm…

The Nitrate Diva:  “Ya know, a dame with a rod is like a guy with a knitting needle.”

OOTP ( XI-a )  OOTP ( XII-a )

Theresa:   I LOVE when Kirk points and says “What’s he doin’ here?!” Love it!

TCM Party:   That’s Issur Danielovitch Demsky and he’s going to be 98 in a week.


Tiffany:   Kirk and Robert: Battle of the Butt Chins!

Joel Williams:  It’s a ‘dimple-off’ between Mitch and Kirk!

The Nitrate Diva:  “I can let it all go.” But can you *really*, Jeff?

TCM Party:   WOW. Did Mitchum talk about how much he smoked? he had a cigarette already when Douglas was to offer him one?

Alan:   I read Rhonda Fleming’s bio on @IMDb and it’s fascinating. She’s 93 – how about guest spot at TCMFF.

Kim:  The lighting and texture is such a treat. I find myself getting lost in the surroundings, the small details.

MuseofIre:  “$5000 now and $5000 when you bring her back.” “That should have been the first thing out of your mouth.”

TCM Party:  Well out of the light of the countryside now…into the dark underworld of night life & shady scams.

Kim:  It really sucks that there are no dance halls like this anymore.

OOTP ( XX-a )  OOTP ( XXI-a )  OOTP ( XXIII-a )


The Nitrate Diva:   The girl in the jazz club is the amazing Theresa Harris of “BABY FACE” and “FLAME OF NEW ORLEANS.”

OOTP ( Theresa Smiles )

 “Exactly, on account of that’s how much I weigh, myself.”


Todd:   Theresa Harris and Barbara Stanwyck in “Baby Face.”

The Nitrate Diva:   Theresa Harris should’ve been a major movie star of the 30s and 40s, but Hollywood didn’t let women of color be stars yet, sadly.

Aurora:  Just told @CineMava Kirk’s natural intensity vs Bob’s coolness works wonders in “Out Of The Past.”

Theresa:  YES Aurora…the cool and the heat of both actors is a great combination. Here she comes…danger.

Aurora:   One of moviedom’s great entrances! Jane Greer with Bob voiceover.


Dr. Horror Geek:   Internal dialogue & then a beautiful woman walks in. Ahhhh… Film noir gold.


“When you see her, you’ll understand better.”

Patrick:  I’d be hanging out at Cine Pico, but that’s just me.

OOTP ( XXV-a ) OOTP ( XXIV-a )

Kelly:   Me too.

OOTP ( I Sometimes Go There... )

Theresa:  Patrick, you and every other guy would be there waiting, watching…wanting. “I sometimes go there.” My god…what bait.


TCM Party:   I believe a lot of Kathie’s power comes from her stillness. Jane Greer is at times even more still than Mitchum. Tough to do.

Kerry:   Imagine being that cool around Mitchum.

TCM Party:   Can’t. But yeah.

Theresa:   Note later in the movie, in her rainsoaked cabin, she has those very earrings she refuses now. Ahhhhhh.

Barry:   “Nothing in life is any good unless you can share it.”

Bryan:   Absolutely!

Sue:   Jane Greer was so beautiful and sultry. She had a great voice, too.

Kerry:   Mitchum was funny. When asked what he thought about film fans he said we were freaks. 

The Nitrate Diva:  “Is there a way to win?” “There’s a way to lose more slowly.”

Rose Red:   “I haven’t been lonely,” she says. Cool.

Fussy:   Did we just enter into Rick’s Cafe Americano? 

OOTP ( Tell Me... )

KATHIE:  “Tell me why you’re so hard to please.”  

JEFF:        “Take me where I can tell you.”

Kelly:   What a kiss!

OOTP ( Baby I Don't Care )

Theresa:  Are you guys listening to this soundtrack. It’s sublime. “BABY I DON”T CARE.” To say that…to know you are walking into danger…

The Nitrate Diva:   The musical love theme you hear over and over in this is “The First Time I Saw You“, a 1930s tune, I believe.

Todd:  Composer Roy Webb also did Cat People, “I Walked with a Zombie“, “The Leopard Man“, and “The Curse of the Cat People.”

Aurora:   Lighting!! Jaysus.

ExpatriateSoutherner:  @Kelly: Anything with Mitchum and Douglas and Fleming and Greer all in one movie…wow! Gotta be good!

Theresa:   Well if Mitchum don’t care, I don’t care either.

TCM Party:   Greatest line in the world… pretty much sums up the plight of every sap in a film noir: “Baby I don’t care.”

The Nitrate Diva:  Only a handful of movies can make me feel like I’m falling in love along with the characters. And this is one of them.


Kerry:  ”Taller than Napoleon.” Teehee.

Theresa:  The kiss in the cabin. The close-up. The rain. The wind. I’m in love. Right now…in this scene…I’m in love. See the earrings?

OOTP ( Desire in the Cabin )

Kerry:   “Love me?” “Uh huh.” “Poco?” “Mucho.”

Fussy:   Can you imagine asking Robert Mitchum if he loved you a little (poco) and he said MUCHO? *Die*

TCM Party:   Perfect chiaroscuro…dark – light – dark- light.

Fussy:  “Baby, I don’t care.” I’m going to say that tomorrow to every question asked of me. Things #RobertMitchum says #OutOfThePast

Aurora:   Tweet amongst yourselves. I’m mesmerized. I’ve only seen this 20 times! 

LondonLee:  Watching “Out Of The Past” on @tcm and my son asked where Godzilla was.

rpupkin:  I still don’t know the difference between chump and sap.

Theresa:   RPupkin,  I think a chump gets used and a sap allows himself to get used. Either way, it’s okay if Greer’s doing the using.

Joel:   Just home…what’d I miss?! 

Aurora:   Chumps and Saps.

Alan:   Quite a lot of varying artistic styles in Italian and German posters.

OOTP ( III )     OOTP ( IV )

MuseofIre:   Somebody pointed out to me that in the first half, Kathy only wears white; in the second half, only black.

The Nitrate Diva:   Director Jacques Tourneur told Jane Greer to underplay as much as possible: “No big eyes.”

Theresa:  Yes Nitrate: “Em-pass-seeve.” Her eyes are mesmerizing.

Liz:   Robert Mitchum is to cool as Cary Grant is to charm.

OOTP ( Whit Shows Up in Mexico )

The Nitrate Diva: “Let’s go down to the bar and we can try to impress each ot- her.”

Kerry:  “Think of a number, Joe.”

Fussy:  “Something tall and cool” Can I have Jeff, please!

TCM Party:   Despite begin based on “B material,” “OOTP” had an “A” budget due to Tourneur’s success on Val Lewton films like “CAT PEOPLE.”

Aurora:   Danger lurks & builds beautifully. Then back again.

Sue:   “It was the bottom of the barrel and I scraped it, and I didn’t care.”

Theresa:  Their kiss in the road is sweet. I think the core of the movie that makes this THE FILM NOIR is him saying: “He had followed her.” 

OOTP ( He followed her )   OOTP ( HE Follows )

Aurora:   “I had her”…and Nicholas Musuraca!

Joel:  VO by Robert Mitchum = #Winning

The Nitrate Diva:   “He’d sell us both for $1.95.” Swell friends you’ve got, Jeff.

Gayer Than Thou:   I say things like “I really hadn’t ought,” and people look at me like I’m a pretentious asshole.

Jeff:   I’m convinced the only difference between Mitch and me is he had better lighting. . . Or not.

Theresa:   She’s got a gun?

OOTP ( Kathie Kills Man )

OOTP ( His partner's shot )

Joel:  She brought a gun to a fist-fight…well done.

Kerry:   Mitchum’s face.

The Nitrate Diva:  “He isn’t going to tell Whit anything.” This is where we learn that the toughest person in the room is wearing heels and a skirt.

Gayer Than Thou:  “Sure I shot him. And I’m not sorry about it. But I didn’t take his money.”

Aurora:   A Mitchum punch has gotta hurt!

Fussy:   If he punches you, you stay punched!

Aurora:   Awfully cold around the heart!!

Gayer Than Thou:   I love noir because noir dames take action. They have their own motives, and those motives matter to the action of the plot.


Kelly:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – Well said! Dames in action and central to the plot.

Gayer Than Thou:   @Kelly – And though they may want a man, they also want money, power, revenge.

TCM Party:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – I think this is why film noir is popular w/ women, even tho they are usually evil. Actual agency in life.

Gayer Than Thou:   @TCM_Party – And, I would say, with gay men: noir dames evince the possibility of a kind of non-macho agency. #yesitspretentious

TCM Party:  @Gayer_Than_Thou – That sounds plausible. But watch it with the insight…I have a reputation to keep up.

Dr. Horror Geek:  I wonder how my students would react if I started lecturing in “film noir dialogue” style.

Ghost Mullet:   I think one actor who has a bit of the laid back Mitchum coolness is Clive Owen.


Kerry:   “Cigarette?” “Smoking.”

TCM Party:   When “OOTP” was remade in the ’80s as “AGAINST ALL ODDS“, Jane Greer played her original character’s mother. I guess I should watch “AGAINST ALL ODDS” cos Jeff Bridges played the Mitchum role & I just can’t picture it.


Theresa:   Loved  “Against All Odds.” Different but fine in its own right. Hey…there’s Kathie. Walking in for breakfast. AWKWARD!  

Dennice:  I forgot about “Against All Odds”! Didn’t realize it was a remake of “Out Of The Past.” It’s been SO long since I saw it. I’d like to see it again because… Jeff Bridges.  

The Nitrate Diva:  For an actor who can sure bring the gravitas, Kirk does smarmy so well.



Gayer Than Thou:   I do find it a little bit jarring when noir films have rural settings, or outdoor locations ( especially daytime scenes ).

Todd:  You really hadn’t ought say things like that.

Liz:  “It’s a nice view…am I here to admire it?”

Sue:  “My feelings? About 10 years ago, I hid them and haven’t been able to find them. Where’d they go?”  “My pocketbook.”

The Nitrate Diva:  Wow, this is a lot of dimple for one screen.  

Fussy:   Butt chins eclipsing the screen.

Aurora:   About to call the cable company…my screen is full of dimples!!

Fussy:   @CitizenScreen OMG, we are so on the same page, sistah!

TCM Party:  Roger Ebert wrote that cigarettes were the weapons in “OOTP”, the true hostility btw Whit & Jeff was when they smoked.

The Nitrate Diva:  This was Kirk’s 2nd film. He debuted in another noir, “THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS.”


Outfield Angel:  Kirk Douglas played a slimeball quite well.

Gayer Than Thou:  I wouldn’t have liked Kirk Douglas in smarmy villain roles all the time, and he can be a whale of a ham, but he’s great in this.

Joel:   Jane Greer…I need a moment…


Whit: “Kathie’s back in the fold.”

Dennice:  Simma down.

Gayer Than Thou:  “@joel:  #imonlyhuman

Kim:   This is back when people had lovely penmanship. Because they taught it in school. *sigh*

OOTP ( KIRK - Letter )                               This is a sample of movie penmanship – from “A Letter to Three Wives.”

David:   @kim – cursive is dead. I know. I buried it.

Theresa:   David, I had the best penmanship of all the girls in the entire third grade class. Comes in handy for ransom notes.

Kerry:  “You’re like a leaf the wind blows from one gutter to another.”


Sue:  “You’re like a leaf aren’t you? The wind just blows you from gutter to gutter.” Ow, that’s gotta hurt.

Theresa:   “Just get out Kathie. I have to sleep in this room.”

OOTP ( I have to sleep here ) OOTP ( Get Out )

Kim:  That is a smack with words if I ever heard it.

Aurora:  “Feel sorry for you????” COLD!!!

Patrick:  Jeff’s about as convincing as someone not in love as Rick is in “Casablanca.”

Fussy:   Jeff seems pretty incredulous regarding Kathie’s “praying.”


Aurora:   RHONDA!!!


Gayer Than Thou:   @CitizenScreen: #shecangetit

Kim:   Help me, Rhonda. #TCMparty #forgiveme.

TCM Party:   Meta is a double to Kathie…she sends him back into the labyrinth but good.

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.19.38 PM

 Meta Carson: “You may have whiskey if you like.”

The Nitrate Diva:   This movie’s so dark we get a second femme fatale, like an orchestra has a second violin!

Dennice:   Rhonda is SO good at being bad.

Theresa:   You may have whiskey if you like.”

Fussy:   Mitchum rocks that trenchcoat! Only Bogie has ever done trenchcoat as well/better.

Jackie:   Mitchum rocks everything *sigh*.


Kerry:   “Drop the Junior League patter.” Fabulous dialogue.


“You always go around leaving your fingerprints in a girl’s shoulder? Not that I mind particularly. You’ve got nice strong hands.”

Aurora:   “It could be that I’m the patsy and you’re on the spot.”

Todd:   This is the kind of film that would have a character named “Eels.”

OOTP ( LXVIII )   IMG_4643

And that’s my very own vodka martini, folks; three olives, very dirty…like some-thing out of a Hitchcock movie, huh? 

Kim:  “Keep the martinis dry, I’ll be back.

David:  One thing I love about b&w, and noir in particular, is that the light doesn’t neces-sarily come from actual lamps….I’m now amusing myself looking at all the imaginary light sources.

Theresa:   I love Stefanos talking to Kathie about how he killed Eels. He’s really shaken up. Good moment for him.

OOTP ( Killed EELS )

Kerry:   “You killed him?”  “Certainly.”


Kerry:  “Awfully cold around the heart.”

Jackie:   Ahhh a little Mitchum is better than none at all. #BetterLateThanPregnant.

Patrick:   I’d never noticed how good the soundtrack is in “Out Of The Past.”

Jackie:   Geez I can’t even remember the plot to this one.

MuseofIre:   It’s noir, baby. Plot is optional.

Joel:   Who has time for plot when there’s Greer, Fleming and 2 dimples!

Fussy:  I know, it is so good you almost don’t notice it.

Theresa:   Oh there’s plot there allright. Loads of it. Whoa! Here comes some plot twist now. Look out!

Ghost Mullet:   Never a good sign when the door bumps something while opening it.

Gayer Than Thou:   Is she wearing Mildred Pierce’s hand-me-down mink?

Colleen:  Veda didn’t approve…

Jackie:   “I got stopped by a gabby cop.”

OOTP ( Gabby Cop )

Todd:   “I lost her.” / “She’s worth losing.” 

Aurora:   “She’s worth losing.” DAMN!

The Nitrate Diva:   Kathie’s internal monologue: ‘I’ve had a hard day of sending guys to their deaths. I need a drink!’

Aurora:  Greer looks gorgeous here. The colder, the more beautiful. ( I sort of want that coat. )

Theresa:  “I don’t want to die.” “Neither do I baby, but if I have to I’m going to die last.” Jaysus – words from the Gods!


Dennice:   Jane’s beautiful doe eyes rate right up there with Judy’s, imo.

Aurora:   She’s used to playing men like fiddles. #FantasticFemme.

TCM Party:   “I swear I couldn’t help it.”


 KATHIE: “I don’t want to die.”
JEFF:         “Neither do I baby, but if I have to, I’m going to die last.” 

( Dang, Jeff didn’t even get THAT right, either!! ) 

Patrick:   He knows she’s trouble yet he still lets her ruin him ( and again and again ). This is noir.

Kelly:  “I always say everybody’s right.”

The Nitrate Diva: “I always say everybody’s right.” Even the bit part actors got great dialogue!

Theresa: “I always say ‘everybody’s right.'” I wait for that guy. Mitchum takes a good slap from the guy who fought Heflin in “…Martha Ivers.”

Fussy:   “I wouldn’t kill a guy for a martini.”


Kim:   I’d give anything for a rumpled trench coat.

Jackie:  If Mitchum could be in it, that’d be better.

Kim:  No question.

OOTP ( LXXIV )     OOTP ( Kathie's Caught ) OOTP ( LXXV )

( ASIDE: For those out there who thinks Robert Mitchum can’t act, just check out this moment. He’s brought in with the briefcase he stole and there he finds Kathie, with all the berrry baaad guys. His recognition is slight…subtle, but there. An inflection here, a small gesture there. He’s a quiet actor. I’m pretty sure he already knew he could no longer trust her, but I think seeing her with those den of thieves confirmed it. But he’s still one step ahead of all of ’em. )

Aurora:  You get to slap Mitchum ONCE!! After that, Harry Powell surfaces.


Dr. Horror Geek:  “You talk big mister” “Uh… yeah – I’m Robert-freakin-Mitchum!”

Dennice:   Jeff would have to be…high, or something, to fall for her lies this time.

Aurora:  THIS LIGHTING!! My goodness!!

KIm:  All these lies go really well with milk and cookies.

The Nitrate Diva:  The way her eyelashes catch the light here is worth a sonnet.

Theresa:  @NitrateDiva – Your line here is worth a sonnet.

Kerry:   His eyelashes are making me weak.

Kerry:   My 17 yo saw my eyelash line and said, “Mom, get yourself together.”

Theresa:  I believe her. She’s in dim light…with the eyes…”we can make them do anything.” You don’t believe her? “I never stopped loving u.”

TCM Party:   Beautiful beautiful backlighting and lies, lies, lies. Lol

Aurora:   “FOOLPROOF AND BEAUTIFUL” describes Kathie and this movie!

Gayer Than Thou:   I mean, look at this lighting in the two-shot!

WonderWomAnn:  There’s something about Robert Mitchum that is just so intriguing.

Gayer Than Thou:   I’m coveting some of these minks. Won’t we make quite the pair?

Theresa:   I think all of us here know that film noir means never having to say ‘I’m sorry.’

Kim: @Gayer_Than_Thou match made in cinema heaven.

Ebenezer:   Mitchum sure did show up on time and remember his lines well.

The Nitrate Diva:   I suspect that Robert Mitchum could strangle a man with smoke rings. alone.


Kerry:  “Will you bust this for me, Jackson?” I’m saying this tomorrow.

TCM Party:   Discussion question: Did Kirk Douglas do his best work in noir? “…MARTHA IVERS”, “ACE IN THE HOLE…”

Aurora:   Hmmm…methinks I may agree with that!

Kerry:   Noir and “Lonely Are the Brave.”

OOTP ( KIRK - Ivers ) OOTP ( KIRK - Ace ) OOTP ( KIRK-Glory )

OOTP ( KIRK - Lonely )

OOTP ( KIRK - 3 Wives )  OOTP ( KIRK - B & B )  ( TOP 40's ) 1948 - I WALK ALONE

Kim:   I prefer Douglas in B&W anything, in color he was over the top Kerry – Oh and “Paths of Glory.”

Theresa:   Yes, Nitrate. He DID do his best work in Noir ( “I Walk Alone” too. ) But he was good in “A Letter to Three Wives.”

TCM Party:  As soon as I sent that though, I thought of “PATHS OF GLORY”… you know what, I gotta throw in THE BAD AND THE  BEAUTIFUL…maybe not his best, but a fave

Dennice:  Kathie is a master at thinking one thing while her expression says something else. #FemmeFataleRules.

Gayer Than Thou: Actual good girl and her folksy parents seem atypical noir elements.

Diane:  #FilmNoir #PrettyDames messing with #BadBoys #WhatCouldGoWrong #OutOfThePast

Bryan:  I really like Kirk in this type of role. SO good! And so early in his career. I like Kirk playing a bit crooked. “Out Of The Past.”

Theresa:   Ann doesn’t want the Vanilla sheriff after tasting the darkness of Mitchum. Plus the sheriff needs a trenchcoat.


The Nitrate Diva:  Jeez, the good, normal people in film noir are dull. They deserve each other.

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.42.26 PM

Liz:  I think Jeff is done being tricked.


Theresa:  Dickie catches a marlin.  

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.51.35 PM Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.49.57 PM

Patrick:  When the going gets tough, the tough go fishin’.

Tiffany:  See? Deaf, but ain’t dumb! 

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 1.51.44 PM OOTP ( LXXXV )

Kerry: Man, that’s a great death!

Liz:  Fishing saves the day!  


Tom:  Death by fishing rod.

David:  That deaf dumb and blind boy sure plays a mean fly cast. 

Jeff:  That’s one way to, um, lure a man to his death. . . . Oh, God, I’m so sorry. That was horrible.

Dr. Horror Geek:  Enjoying my first time tweeting with #TCMParty. 

Theresa:  “I’m not framing any woman.” Ooh, that slap! Kirk lands a good one on Jane. You could feel that slap across time.


Joel:   That was a nice slap.

Aurora:  Now THAT’S A SLAP!! He meant that with every fiber of his Douglasness! 


The Nitrate Diva:  I don’t see how any many could sleep in the same house of a woman who shot him four times in the belly.

Theresa:   I think men are funny that way Diva.

Jeff:  Mitchum has just gone into Full Badass Mode.

Jackie:   He has another mode? 

TCM Party:   2 yrs after OUT OF THE PAST, Mitchum & Greer appeared in another noir “THE BIG STEAL.” It’s good but it wasn’t quite the same.

Dennice:  Jane Greer also starred with Mr. Wonderful, aka Dick Powell, in “STATION WEST.” I love that film!

Kerry:  Man I love this film. 

David:  Second viewing and I still lost track of when the plot stopped being a flashback.. and where is that ferkakta light in the woods??


Gayer Than Thou:   All these shadows in the woods!

Aurora:   Yeah. I mean if a dame’s gonna stab ya go for a Jane Greer! 

Alan:   “She can’t be all bad. No one is.” #hooboy #OutOfThePast

David:   WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THESE DAMN LIGHTS!? – thanks… had to get that out of my system..

TCM Party:  Virginia Huston (Ann Miller) retired in 1952 after making 12 films. 


Charles:  She was in “Flamingo Road” and “Sudden Fear.”  

Kerry:   “She can’t be all bad. No one is” “She comes the closest.” 

Theresa:  Roller skates don’t trump a good Mitchum roll in the hay. 

The Nitrate Diva:   “I was going to kill you.” “Who isn’t?” I’d forgotten about that line. So bitterly clever. 

Kevin:  This police officer character is the only flaw in the writing of this flick. His character honestly makes no sense.

Kim:   I know Jeff’s no good, but that Jim is a real creep. That Ann’s just a hard luck woman! 

Aurora:   She’s one cold dame!!! 

Jackie:  She looks like a nun. 

Theresa:  NOW we see the real Kathie. Kirk’s dead, Mitchum carries her bag. She was ALWAYS running the show. Kathieeeeeeee!

Diane:   #FilmNoir #PrettyDames always have their own agenda and they know another bus/ oops man will come along.


Tom:  Can’t make deals with a dead man, Jeff.


 ( They look like they’re at an altar… )

Aurora:   “Build my gallows high, baby. Yeah! Original title of the movie.


Theresa:  Is it my imagination, but does Kathy’s head dress look like a nun’s habit? Is she like Scarlett O’Hara? Thinking she’ll win Jeff back?

The Nitrate Diva:   “You’re no good for anyone but me. You’re no good and neither am I.”   
Kim:  At least she’s a well dressed sociopath.

Theresa:  That last kiss was the kiss of death. Well…we all gotta go. 

Patrick:   Moral of the story: when you’re hanging out in Acapulco with Jane Greer on an expense account, you stay there.  

Kim:  “You’re no good for anyone but me.” Whoa. They just don’t make ’em good like this anymore. 

Gayer Than Thou:  Did I miss the part where Jane Greer joined a convent?  

Ross:  Out Of The Past 1 of my absolute favorite films though I had to see it many  times before I could follow the plot. 

Jackie:  “You were a very clumsy flirt. I liked that.”  


“I never told you I was anything but what I am. You just wanted to imagine that. That’s why I left you.”

Fussy:  Hubby just said “is that Joan of Dark?” Film noir NUN! 

Theresa:  “I remember you were a clumsy flirt. I like that.” TCM Guys, are you learning and paying attention to all our tricks?


Kim:  Someday I’m gonna have a drink, break the glass in the fire and say “we deserve each other.” Just ’cause.

The Nitrate Diva:   I like her nunnish traveling costume. It says, “I own YOU now. I don’t have to try to impress you anymore.”

Ross:  Well to be honest I still can’t totally follow the plot.  

Aurora:  Damn Jeff! Imagine how many more raincoats you coulda worn!

OOTP ( 97. )    “No good, dirty, double-crossing rat!!!” 

Kerry:   It’s nunnish and masculine. She’s taking over.

OOTP ( 95. )  OOTP ( LLIII )

OOTP ( 98. )

TCM Party:   This kid is the only completely pure person in the film, he’s the only one that always tells the truth.  


OOTP ( LLIV ) BEL GEDDES in %22Vertigo%22 ( I )

Theresa:  Ann walks away like Barbara Bel Geddes  “VERTIGO.” Walking towards a new but bittersweet life with closure. Dickie’s ending the movie…brilliant. 

BEL GEDDES in %22Vertigo%22  OOTP ( LLVIII )

Kim:  Ok Sheriff man, I’m yours.  

The Nitrate Diva:   This ending just kills me. Dickie waving goodbye to Jeff… 

OOTP ( 99. )

Fussy:  One of the saddest happiest endings ever in film. *tear* #OutOfThePast  

OOTP ( 101. )

Tiffany:  Aah SO GOOD.

Jeff:  Great film. Loved it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing it again.

Joel:  Thanks for the pick & for hosting, @TCM_Party Paula! 

TCM Party:   Thanks for stopping by the #TCMParty, everyone! Hope you enjoyed one of the best film noirs ever made ^PG 

Aurora:  Terrific film! So much to enjoy in each viewing!  Pleasure to watch with you. Thanks for hosting.



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