Can a woman really “have it all”? This ‘EITHER / OR’ situation of choosing to EITHER stay home OR be in the work force ranges from the serious to the comedic in classic films. There are various reasons for which side of the fence women and men are on on this.

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Bette & Barbara. Myrna & Irene. Ginger & Norma. Doris & Ingrid. Lana…Rita…Ava. See, I don’t even have to give you their last names. You know immediately who I’m talking about. They are Stars. Their brilliance shine like beacons through the decades. And they garner new fans year after year. But there are The Others; those who are just as attractive, just as talented, but bridesmaids…just under the radar of fame’s klieg lights.

And such is the case with FRANCES GIFFORD.

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