Overt, covert, explicit or implied, lesbian and gay characters have weaved their presence throughout motion picture history in one way or another.

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We’re getting to the middle of the 30’s now. Hollywood knows what it’s doing. And I’m liking it.

( And maybe I’m getting a little more comfortable with the era having about  twenty-two films under my belt ). A lot of hits came out this year. We’ve got Nick & Nora again in “After the Thin Man” and Flynn doing his thing in “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” You’ve got opulence a la M-G-M with their “The Great Ziegfeld” and special effects extraordinare with “San Francisco.” And if you want to go as low as you can go…the cautious tale of Reefer Madness” was on the plate for 1936 audiences. ( Best to watch this WHILE smoking a reefer, but you didn’t hear that from me, okay? ) One of these films makes my favorite film of 1936. Which one do YOU think it’ll be? No no, not that one…the other one.


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