My sister and I faithfully watched the Oscars together since the 60’s. The first time I experienced the Academy snubbing a performer I thought should have won an Oscar was, Jack Nicholson losing for “Five Easy Pieces” back in 1971 and we screamed and jumped up and down and fussed in front of the tv for the injustice of it all. (His Oscar win for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was much better. But “As Good As It Gets” ???? ( C’mon, Academy! Youre killin me! ) Continue reading


A blogger can’t live by her blog alone. That’s just like talking to yourself. ( Not that there’s anything wrong with that ). There is a community of bloggers out there sharing their love of classic films. I’ve been at this six months now with my own blog – ( thank you for checking me out if you have ) – and I’ve come to recognize names and logoes and ‘handles.’ I’ve seen many blogathons these past six months. Some, I’ve been lucky enough to have my writing included. Some, I’ve just watched the passing parade march by as I concentrated on what the heck I was doing over here on the Couch. It looks like a lot of work to host a blogathon: getting the word out, sorting through posts coming in fast and furiously, while leading busy lives. Whew! Below is what I’ve seen in my first six months ( 2015 ). Maybe I can get a jump on next year! You can click on any banner and see the roster of writing out there.

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