Strangers May Kiss ( 1931 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER: Posted April 19th, 2015


I revisited Norma Shearer’s Strangers May Kiss (1931) promoted in my country as “Kisses Passing By”, for me, one of Norma’s most daring and better Pre-Codes, in which she rejects marriage and conventionality, due to a couple of huge disappointments she suffers in her life.


This is the film in which she says: “I’m in an orgy wallowing and I love it!” She throws herself into the wild life and becomes a notorious, promiscuous woman. Norma has never been more enticing, sexier, appealing and attractive. Robert Montgomery is good as her friend and eternal suitor and Neil Hamilton is fine as her love interest. Irene Rich and Marjorie Rambeau are excellent as Norma’s aunt and her boss/pal, respectively. Recommended and lots of fun.


( H O M E )

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