Silver Cord ( 1933 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ Posted May 8th, 2016


I revisited with my wife “The Silver Cord” ( 1933 ) titled in Spain “Dos Amores” ( “Two Loves” ), the film adaptation of Sidney Howard’s stage play about really sick and vicious motherly love as portrayed by Laura Hope Crews ( Mrs. Phelps ), in an excellent performance.

The film shows its theatrical roots, but nevertheless is totally engrossing, with great performances by the three women involved in it: the aforementioned Crews, Irene Dunne, who plays the very modern and independent ( for 1933 ) Christina a scientist, and lovely Frances Dee as Hester. Joel McCrea and Eric Linden play Mama’s boys. Brilliant dialogue and manipulation galore and very “Pre-Codish” IMO.


I was able to watch this film for the first time some years ago, thanks to the kindness of my pal Moira. When I knew that it had been released in Spain on DVD I bought it immediately in order to watch it with my wife – who’s not very fluent in English – and she liked it. She was impressed by Crews’ monstrous and devouring expressions of motherly love.


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