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This is the TENTH year of TCM’s Classic Film Festival and the TWENTY-FIFTH anniversary of the Turner Classic Movies channel. The confluence of these two milestone events was not to be missed this past April. But Dang!! The festival is all over but the memories.

I had a blast reconnecting, discovering and meeting new people and films. Be sure to go here to check out the guest posts of friends who write about their memories of TCMFF’19.

I hope your perusal of my blog post was interesting, entertaining, fun and hopefully, maybe spur you on to join TCMFF2020 in April 2020.

Standing in the middle of N Orange Drive with the Roosevelt Hotel behind me ~ and a car coming towards me

The TCMPARTY Twitter group get our picture taken ~ hashtag, y’all

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Sam Mahin and Me ~ We’re still standing so we must be doing something wrong

Me with Chris Sturhann at the closing night party. His white tux is snazzy and his “Blog of the Darned” is a fun read. Click on his photo to read Chris’ account of TCMFF’19

The one…the only…the tallest Noirista at the TCMFF, Mr. Alan K. Rode ~ that’s pronounced Ro-dee. Click on our picture to read alllll about him

My pins buttons and TCM passes. I’ve attended 9 festivals though I could only
find 7 of my passes

What was nice and neat when I started out, was a disaster when it all ended

I’m leaving my home away from home and a fantastic trip to return to reality

There’s no place like home


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