I lead with Andrea here because she passed away just about two months before attending this 10th TCM Classic Film Festival. It was devastating news. It hit all who knew her in our classic film community very hard. I wanted to bring her to the festival in some way, so I had buttons made to pass around to a coupla folks. Andrea was a lot of fun, and paired with her husband and ‘partner~in~crime’ Rich…just double trouble of fun to be around. Click on her photo to read her comments on TCMFF’18. Funny how our community works. For many of us we see each other only once a year, yet when we come together for this event, it’s as though no time has passed. ‘Til we meet again.


Kellee, Aurora and me ~ My Roomies

THERESA: with an “Hand without an “H


Karen Burroughs Hannsberry and Lori A. Bell are flanked by their daughters at the 10th TCM Classic Film Festival. You can read Lori’s memories of the festival here and also check out Karen’s blog Shadows and Satin where her adventures at the TCMFF appear in installments ( 1,   2,   3,   4   ).

We stopped an entire tour bus to say Hi to Karen and her daughter


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