My Reputation ( 1946 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER: Posted April 24th, 2015


A friend of mine, Scott, has said that My Reputation (1946) is his favorite Barbara Stanwyck – George Brent flick, so I was piqued instantly to see it and I was pleasantly surprised, because in it Barbara Stanwyck plays a different character. She was versatile and had a wide range, but I think that I had never seen her play a rather frail woman, dominated by her mother and restricted by her Class’s prejudices. She fears what people might say; she lives by the book; she has always done what has been expected of her.


She becomes a widow with two teenaged kids ( played by Scotty Beckett and Bobby Cooper ) and she is at a loss…Lucile Watson is very good as her domineering mother; Esther Dale is equally good as her no-nonsense, understanding maid; Eve Arden is excellent as her only real friend.

MY REPUTATION ( I )George Brent is very fine as the man who enters her life. Ms. Stanwyck illuminates the screen with her talent and charm. There are few actresses who can compare to her. A most satisfying drama. I have to say though that my favorite Brent-Stanwyck pairing continues to be The Purchase Price (1932) followed by Baby Face (1933), which I love because of other reasons than their pairing; the same of which applies to the recently seen So Big! (1932). Now I have only left to see The Gay Sisters (1942), which has never really interested me beforehand; we’ll see…

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