Paula Nance


PAULA NANCEPaula is excited to collaborate with Theresa, Lynn, and Cinemagic Productions on “MEG RAM- SEY.”  Paula has been working in theatre, film, and television in New York for almost fourteen years, including an improvised scene with George Clooney in Michael Clayton that got trimmed to near-nothing. Don’t blink! She especially enjoys working with the Origin Theatre Company, founder of the 1st Irish Theatre Festival in NYC. She performed the one-woman show, Reflections, directed by Jo Cattell, in 1st Irish 2011.

Originally from North Carolina, Paula acted in both Wake Forest University and Duke University theatre productions, as well as with the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival. When she lived in South Carolina, she was a member of Trustus Theatre Company. She has a Masters in Text and Performance Studies from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and King’s College, London, England. Paula is a proud member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA.