by  MARVIN KUJAWSKI ~ Posted May 24th, 2017

I met my friend Marvin many years ago at his job at the Fountain Pen Hospital where a giant photo of Dietrich holding a fancy Mont Blanc brought us together musing over classic films. After much begging, pleading, teeth~gnashing, bribing…Marvin, on his own volition, wrote up this post on his five favorite movie stars. So here it is. It’s a job well~done. Enjoy!

…And thank you Marvin.

* * * * *

Where do I begin?


6’3”. As handsome as they come and then some. Confident, heroic but vulnerable because he cares. His nuance is both subtle and palpable. I love what he does with his hands, his eyes and his body; small and significant movements that communicate much. He is equally at home with comedy as with drama and action although his athleticism is limited and rather stiff. That captivating, charming smile, the twinkle in his eye and a voice like none other, velvety smooth and penetrating. You cannot help but listen and hear every word and he as well hears and listens to every word; the mark of a great actor he remains my favorite.

Sargent York”, “Ball Of Fire”, “High Noon”, “The Westerner”, “Pride Of The Yankeesand so many more.

* * * * *


Beautiful, sultry and seductive with incredible screen presence and intensity (“Murder My Sweet”). She steals every scene (…and the movie) that she’s in regardless of who’s on screen with her. Just watch and listen to her in the one scene with Bogart in “Dead End.” Priceless! When she’s absorbed in her own thoughts you can see and feel her thinking and you’re totally absorbed and involved with her as in “Born To Kill.” Her voice, absorbing and permeating draws me into the movie with her and when she smiles, I melt. She can play it all; wife, mother, girl friend, companion and femme fatale. She can even sing, badly bearing her soul and breaking your heart as she does in “Key Largo.” In my book she’s the best!

* * * * *


Swashbuckler and action actor supreme, he’s exciting and powerful and also excels in light comedy. Exceptionally charming and dashing and absolutely beautiful, no other actor looked better in costume. All his movements are natural and he possesses unsurpassed poise on film. He is both super hero and human in every role; unbeatable yet vulnerable, and believable at the same time. His laugh and smile are infectious and he steals your heart away. I write of him here as if he were still alive and in a sense he is still with us. In one word, he is and remains magnificent.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood”, “Captain Blood”, “Footsteps In The Dark”, “Silver River”, “Gentleman Jim”, “They Died With Their Boots On

* * * * *


She enjoyed a long career being a major star and actress in both silent and talking films. Exceptionally versatile excelling in comedy both light and musical, and in drama as well. Remarkably beautiful and sexy (those eyes and that smile) she won and continues to win the hearts and minds of generations of movie goers. She played powerful women who were determined, possessing great resolve and humanity. One of the greats!

Mildred Pierce”, “Possessed”, “Strange Cargo”, “Johnny Guitar”, “Grand Hotel”, “The Women”, “Sudden Fear

* * * * *


The actor’s actor. He couldn’t sing or dance but he could be lighthearted and funny, tough as nails and powerfully intense and always human as seen in both “Crossfire” and “On Dangerous Ground.” He was a man’s man with a gentle hand and heart as well. He was a college Boxing champion. Just watch him mix it up in “The Set-Up.” He was long and lean and filled the screen at 6’4” with a presence as powerful as any as seen in “The Tall Men”, “The Racket”, “Men In War” and “Hour Of The Gun.” He was not concerned with being the star, and preferred roles and films that held meaning and sent a powerful and worthwhile message. I never fail to appreciate and enjoy his performances time and time again.

[   H O M E   ]



  1. Fantastic job, Marvin! I’m inspired. Theresa, please continue to share these wonderful “snapshots” of our countries’ amazing movie icons. People need to get to know them and get back to watching REAL cinema. In these hard times, it would do the Soul good. Continue producing good work, T! 😉

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  2. Hello, Marvin. I’m Paddy. I almost didn’t read your article because I was hypnotized by the portrait of Gary Cooper. Luckily, I snapped out of it. My, you have a way with words, and a way of getting to the heart and soul of these creative greats. We are so fortunate to be able to share and appreciate their fine work. Perhaps we can look forward to more guest pieces?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderfully done Marvin. Please write more often! My favorite Gary Cooper role was one that was actually very brief, but effective. It was as the young, doomed flying Ace in the silent WWI epic “Wings“. Those shockingly beautiful eyes of his stand out so much that you swear you’re watching in color and can see how blue they are.

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