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WINGS IN THE DARK” (1935)  (Paramount) (Dir: James Flood)

Yet another film I was lead to believe by some reviews, including Leonard Maltin’s, that this was going to be just another average Paramount film of the thirties. Like many others I have seen before, it’s not AT ALL average, but quite the contrary.


I was truly pleasantly surprised by the sensitivity and honesty in both Cary Grant’s and Myrna Loy’s performances and by their huge chemistry, in this their first pairing early in Grant’s career. (Loy was already a seasoned pro, and this is the first of their three pairings including “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” and “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”). She truly conveys all the feelings of a woman completely smitten by a man, way before he even notices her. Both actors play pilots: she’s Sheila Mason and earns a living performing flying stunts arranged by her manager (Roscoe Karns). Cary Grant is Ken Norton, a serious pilot who’s trying to develop new instruments. His intent is to improve flying conditions by testing new methods of flying and new technology, as well as establishing new records in flying. Flying is as much his passion as Sheila’s, so aviation is the bond that unites this couple. They do not have to explain to each other what they feel about it.


Sadly, an accident leaves Ken blind and all his dreams are shattered, but with the help and support of Sheila and his partner Mac (Hobart Cavanaugh), there is hope for him and his future.

The film is very well acted with many touching moments, instilled with honest, domestic and humane situations, skillfully acted by the great cast, which also includes Dean Jagger, Russell Hopton and a wonderful German Shepherd.


The flying stunts and sequences are very well~crafted and there’s a lot of suspense and excitement as well. The ending, though, seems a bit hurried to me, but this is a very good film that deserves to be better known, because it perfectly blends drama, honest romance and action.

Very good!


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