TOUCHDOWN! ( 1931 )


FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ Posted September 1st, 2016


I have seen Touchdown! (1931), yet another early Paramount talkie which this time deals with College’s Football Teams. It is surprisingly good and has one of Dick Arlen’s finest performances. He plays an ambitious guy who after being an “All American” football player at a Midwestern team, decides to become a Coach and succeed, no matter what price is to be paid.

TOUCHDOWN ( II )He plays a rather full-of-himself, not-so-nice character and he’s good. This film is pretty much his, unlike “The Secret Call” which is more Peggy Shannon’s. Here, she plays the daughter of a wealthy businessman ( George Barbier ) who arranges to have Arlen hired by L&M. She’s great in this film as well and looks as if she could be Nancy Carroll’s sister; there is a huge resemblance between the two.

Jack Oakie is perfect as Arlen’s pal and Regis Toomey is also very good as Arlen’s and Oakie much more sensible friend and team-mate. Charles Starrett plays Shannon’s brother and Jim Thorpe and other famous players of the day have cameos in the movie. Highly, highly amusing film by director Norman Z. McLeod.




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