FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ posted January 29th, 2018

Thanks to a friend who posted a copy of “Miss Bluebeard” (1925) (Paramount) online, an enjoyable comedy with Bebe Daniels as an alluring French actress (aptly named Colette) I had a good time watching it.


This bedroom farce has many amusing moments in which slapstick and romantic comedy blend well. Bebe is most attractive as this performer who, by mistake finds herself married to famous English composer Larry Charters (Robert Frazer). Kenneth McKenna plays Charters’ friend Bob, who causes all the trouble. Raymond Griffith (playing Bertie, yet another of Charters’ friends) is responsible for some of the funniest moments; the only thing this guy wants to do is sleep, but he cannot do it 😉

Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels married from 1930 ’til her death in 1971


A most pleasant elegant Paramount film that I am almost certain was filmed at Paramount’s NY Astoria Studios.


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