FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ posted January 29th, 2018


I have been watching Cary Grant’s least known and seen films, when I came upon this amiable comedy…“LADIES SHOULD LISTEN” directed by Frank Tuttle.

The print is not as good as that of “Enter Madame!” (1935), but it is perhaps more entertaining, because Cary’s performance is more natural. His antics as a ladies’ man are quite enjoyable.

Cary arrives in Paris from Chile, having been involved in business concerning an option in Chilean Nitrate. Grant, Nydia Westman, Edward Everett Horton, Frances Drake et al are improbable Parisians. Cary is practically out of money since all his assets have been invested in this option. E.E. Horton is his friend and he usually played the same character in all these comedies. Frances Drake, a truly lovely and beautiful actress with huge eyes as expressive as Luise Rainer’s, plays a telephone operator in love with Cary Grant’s character and she’s very good. Nydia Westman, as a rather silly heiress who’s set on having Cary, has some of the funniest moments. She is kind of reminiscent of Una Merkel.

Rosita Moreno who made many films for Paramount in Hollywood and Joinville, especially those filmed for Spanish-speaking countries, plays an alluring siren who is plotting to frame Cary’s character with her no-good husband (played by Rafael Storm). Silent star Charles Ray has a small role as a porter in love with Drake’s character. George Barbier is Westman’s dad and Ann Sheridan has a small role as a telephone operator.

All in all quite enjoyable and charming.


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