FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ Posted November 11th, 2016


The Criterion release of IN WHICH WE SERVE an absolutely amazing film, is stunning. The image is sharp and clear beyond belief and the movie is a masterpiece.


in-which-we-serve-noel-coward in-which-we-serve-john-mills in-which-we-serve-bernard-miles


Noël Coward is absolutely great as the ship’s Captain and demonstrates the hard work he put into this role. The ultimate bon vivant and sophisticate played a Navy officer during WWII with complete credibility and honesty. Celia Johnson gives another superb, sensitive and honest performance as his wife. John Mills is superb as a sailor; Kay Walsh as his wife; Joyce Carey shows her range playing completely different character than the one she played in “Brief EncounterBernard Miles underplays his emotions sensitively in one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the film. Richard Attenborough makes an unforgettable debut in a breakthrough role as frightened sailor who abandons his position.

in-which-we-serve-kay-walsh in-which-we-serve-celia-johnson


The film is so realistic and devoid of any and all artificiality that it is seems we are beholding real life goings on in those years. The direction, the special effects, the cinematography, everything is first rate. David Lean was already my favorite British director (along with Powell & Pressburger, slightly underneath) and this film confirms his huge, immense talent and that everything that he did in the 1940s was so superior than everything that came later on with the huge super-productions and Hollywood. The 40’s was Lean’s most fruitful decade. The supplements included on the Blu-Ray disc are very worthwhile as well.


One of the best War films and dramas I have ever seen. Timeless stuff to me.


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