FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ posted September 5th, 2017


Gone To Earth (1950) is an excellent film made in England by Powell & Pressburger, which no doubt must be superior than the rehash that Selznick released in 1952 under the title Wild at Heart (1952).

The film has an eerie, out-of-this-world, magic quality & atmosphere that reminded me in a way of “Portrait of Jennie” (1948). In fact, the wondrous music by Brian Easdale was quite reminiscent of Dimitri Tiomkin’s. The restoration of the film in beautiful Technicolor makes one fully appreciate the beautiful filming locations. Filming the picture on location was a clever decision because if not, it wouldn’t have had the magical quality it has.

Jennifer Jones is utterly believable as the wild, kittenish, sexy, yet naive, superstitious, half-gypsy Hazel, who mesmerizes the male population with her allure. She’s a strange mixture of Emma Bovary, Pearl Chavez and Jennie Appleton all in one. Quite a contradictory, doomed character. Her sexual chemistry with David Farrar is something to behold; so intense, so desperate and wildddd! Wow! These two lovers ignite the screen and burn it. Farrar is indeed superb as the devil-may-care, tough and impudent Esquire who is swept away by Hazel.

On the other hand, Cyril Cusack is absolutely lovable as the pure, repressed and good-natured parson who falls -madly- in love with Hazel. The effect she has on both men is incredible and Jennifer achieves a bravura performance.

Definitely a movie I’ll revisit many times. It has become one of my favorite Jennifer Jones films.


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