CONDEMNED ( 1929 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ posted August 21st, 2017


(United Artists) (Dir: Wesley Ruggles)

This film is an interesting early talkie. First of all, I can’t believe that Leonard Maltin (or one of his ghost writers) wrote in his TV Guide that this film was a “stiff” early talkie. Did they see the picture? Please!! It is one of the least stiff early talkies I have ever seen. In fact it is not stiff at all. Good camera movements, outdoor scenes, good pacing, etc.

Ronald Colman and Ann Harding make a very fine couple and have lots of chemistry going on. It is a real pity that they did not do more pictures together. They could have been an ideal screen couple. Colman plays a convict who’s been sent to Devil’s Island for theft. There he becomes the “houseboy” of the Prison Warden’s wife (Harding), eventually falling in love. Dudley Digges plays the colorful warden and Louis Wolheim a fellow convict.

Amusing photoplay with much action. Recommended. It should be restored and put on DVD.


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