FERNANDO’s CORNER ~ posted August 26th, 2017

On New Year’s Eve ( 2015-2016 ) I saw for the first time “Break of Hearts” (1935) (RKO), which has -perhaps- one of the unlikeliest teamings of all time: Katharine Hepburn and Charles Boyer, but which works quite well from my point of view at least.

Directed by Phillip Moeller, the film is fair and its plot rather thin and episodic, but on the whole it succeeds thanks to the charisma of both stars at the peak of their allure. I know that Kate wasn’t the ideal beauty back in 1935, but looking at her with today’s eyes she’s stunning. Her face had such flawless bone structure. She had graceful movements and a slender figure and lots of class and innate elegance. Besides, she was a true original.

Boyer was the epitome of the Continental lover and one can understand why he fell so hard for such a unique creature (compared with all the other ladies in the cast). Both their performances (script limitations notwithstanding) are most sincere, and in their moments together they are believable.

A good star vehicle.



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