I had just come back home from a motorcycle ride. I checked my Social Media and saw this text from a friend.
My heart quickened and sunk… my eyes welled up…my throat tightened and swallowed hot tears.
Mere longevity doesn’t give you respect. It’s what she did with it. She lived a life of quiet dignity…raised two children. She was a successful working actress. Her peers awarded her with their highest honors. I feel she always held her destiny in her own hands.
She was a star when my father was a boy and he’s 92 now. She had strength onscreen without being a volcano. She was a real beauty without packaging it in a sweater, sarong or peek-a-boo bangs. She played many different types with human believability.
Although a thing is inevitable, it doesn’t make it hurt any less. My heart hurts.
Olivia de Havilland — watching you in movies has been a very gracious thing indeed.
Olivia documentary:

[  H O M E  ]


If you’re looking for me on Twitter, you’d see this. My handle there is @CineMava. What the heck is this Baby Boomer doing on Twitter? Trying to keep up with today’s Social Media.
( Now I just need Instagram and Tumblr under my belt to be almost totally savvy. Dare I explore SnapChat??? )

So while I was on Twitter, I saw that everyone was playing this movie challenge. This 30 Day Movie Challenge. More appropriately: #30DAYMOVIECHALLENGE if you’re on Twitter. Well I like a good challenge, so I took it. I didn’t participate daily. ( Who wants to hear from a Baby Boomer daily? ) So I figured I’d do it all in one fell swoop b’cuz that’s the kind o’ chestnut I am.

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Day 1 – HOT AND BOTHERED: The Films of 1932


Once upon a screen...

WE’RE HERE to bring you the rich, the notorious and the dregs of society.  We offer you high brows and low lives.  We illustrate the worst of the human condition and the high enjoyment of sin.  We bring you attitudes and words that define the pre-code era and Images and characters that ushered in filmdom’s golden age.  We have it all in debauched glory offered by bloggers far and wide for your entertainment.  Prepare to be HOT & BOTHERED.

HOT and BOTHERED Marlene

The HOT & BOTHERED: The Films of 1932 Blogathon is as fun an event as I’ve ever hosted made extra special by the fact that my co-host is the passionate, Theresa Brown of CineMaven’s Essays From the Couch.  Always ready for a classic film discussion, Theresa brings unbridled energy to classic movies at every turn.  Sadly, as is all too often the case of late, I’m really just along for the ride.  The gorgeous…

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I don’t know how crazy I am. Guess you’ll be the judge of that.

When I walk around in my travels, I tend to notice things that remind me of classic films. My first immediate Rorschach reaction is a classic film. Here are a couple of examples of that association. Do they make you think of any particular movie? If you’re curious as to what I thought just click on any of the photos. And tell me if YOU see anything in your travels that remind you of classic films. I’d like to know.

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Last week, was a week that will live in villany! Speakeasy, Shadows & Satin and Silver Screenings hosted THE GREAT VILLAIN BLOGATHON for 2015. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ve checked out the entries. I, for one, am printing many of them up so I can have them in a handy dandy binder ready for a nice leisurely read.

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I’m about to head to California to go to the 2015 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival. I am


packed and rarin’ to go. Yeah…I’m travelin’ light. Just the bare necessities. Oh and the junk food. This is a four day marathon of watching movies.  There will be little sleep, lots of drinking, very little real food, but no matter. That’s how I live anyway.

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