They say there’s no frigate like a book. But what happens when you turn a frigate into a movie? Whatve you got then?

BLOGATHON ( BOOK-TO-COVER ) 4 : 8 - 10 : 2016

Now Voyaging and Speakeasy have partnered up again to host this weekend’s BOOK TO COVER: Books to Film Blogathon. It’s pretty self-explanatory: “This blogathon is your opportunity to focus on great cinema that started as words on a page.” In her blog, Christina Wehner asks an interesting question: “Should You Read The Book First Or Watch The Movie?” Luckily there’s no requirement in this blogathon to have read the book one’s movie choice is based on. (Besides, I need books with big print and lotsa pictures. That aint Ayn Rand.) Yes, my choice is a film from the book of controversial author whose name is a lightning rod of polarization: Ayn Rand.

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It’s 1949. ( What, already? ) And you’ve been reading my list for days and weeks. I hope not. Hopefully my capsule-sized reviews are a swift, easy and entertaining read. Perhaps our favorites differ wildly. That’s cool. Share your list with me. Here in 1949, Broderick Crawford wins an Oscar. Tracy & Hepburn add another comedy under their belt. Robert Ryan makes two good films ( “Caught” “The Set-Up”  ) that show off his diverse acting chops. The greatest dance team in movies ( Fred and Ginger, who else? ) make their last film together. 20th Century Fox tackles another social issue ( “Pinky” ) and a baby gorilla grows up to be mighty Mighty. I’ve seen thirty-two films to end this decade, and am really bowled over by these seven of ’em~

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