Today, January 18th, marks my blogs first birthday and Cary Grants 112th birthday and my own  ____ th birthday.  ( A-hem! ) Theres a slew of other CAPRICORNS born today too. I say were ALL keeping rather good company this day.


This weekend I am hosting my first-ever blogathon: “CLASSIC SYMBIOTIC COLLABORATIONS: The Star – Director Blogathon.” I cant wait to receive and present the bloggers and their posts here at CineMavens Essays from the Couch. Click on the silhouette above of one of the most famous collaborations, Hitchcock and Cary Grant to see the roster.

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LORETTA.I am new to LORETTA YOUNG. Well, not exactly. More accurately, I’ve had my eyes wide shut to her through most of my early classic film journey. ( I know, I know… ‘there are none so blind as those who cannot see.’ ) A young friend of mine ( KM-P ) from a land far far away, asked me if I had seen Loretta’s precode films. Uhhhmmm, not really. Late 30’s yeah, but not early. She suggested I start with her pre-code work. I since have. Holy cow, who knew!!!

Another friend texted me about an early film of Loretta’s she had taken out of the library and I was able to chime in as though I knew this fact all along. Well now I know. And now I wholeheartedly join a slew of bloggers to celebrate the career of fellow Capricorn, Loretta Young. 

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The racial and sexual politics of America would never have allowed my selection to be made in 1947 Hollywood without beating us over the head with A Lesson or A Message. And even with the lessons some thing would STILL be lost in translation. Let me take you into my thoughts on director Henri-Georges Clouzot’s QUAI DES ORFÈVRES.”

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DODSWORTH ( 1936 )

I know “Dodsworth.” You know “Dodsworth.” I know you know “Dodsworth.” You know I know “Dodsworth” and I know you know I know “Dodsworth.” So let me quit beating around the bush and tell you briefly my thoughts on “Dodsworth.”

What an excellent motion picture.

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REVANCHE ( 2008 )

In early July I jumped on the Criterion Collection’s DVD sale at Barnes & Noble, and picked up an Austrian film called REVANCHE ( 2008 ). You can find it on Amazon. Directed by Götz Spielmann  in a very slow and deliberate way, the film features a European cast including: Johannes Krisch, Irina Potapenko, Andreas Lust, Ursula Strauss and Hannes Thanheiser. How am I going to tell you about this? I really don’t want to reveal any spoilers because I want the movie to unfold for you as it gloriously did for me.

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