Two of my favorite movie detectives are men who pass over a good woman for a woman who is…“complicated.”

. . . And in effect, they threw their lives away.


For the “We Love Detectives” blogathon, let me not make it a personal psychotherapy session with twisted detectives, and just go the traditional route: a detective who solves murders ~ ( and not becomes a crime to himself ) ~ with the help of his very capable assistant.

That detective is ELLERY QUEEN.

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Today is the seventh anniversary of my blog. Thank you! Thank you! Maven takes a bow!! And thank you for keeping me on your e-mail radar. Ive been on and off the couch sporadically, Im afraid. Life got in the way of, well…Life. I hope to get myself in gear for more writing this year. But you’re here, now. I still love and watch classic films. For my first real foray back on the couch, Im going to celebrate it by presenting other bloggers’ works.

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In the world of classic film blogathons, there are sooooo many themes and topics covered.


It’s pretty tough to come up with something unique that bloggers might WANT to join. They’re a pretty busy lot maintaining their own blogs. So I came up with this idea that I think would appeal to many. It did.

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One way to publicize your blog…one way to publicize others’ is by holding a blogathon. Here is a directory of many of the blogathons that took place this year.  Some perennial favorites return, and some new ones appear on the horizon. Click here to see how 2017 shaped up in the world of classic film blogging. If I’m missing any, please comment below with your link. I’ll gladly you include you. Hope 2017 was a good one for you. If not, you’ll have a fresh start this Monday. Thanks! ~ CineMaven

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I will trade Delon, Belmondo, Trintignant, Aumont, Jourdan, Montand, Chevalier, Boyer…and maybe even Jeanne Moreau for one night with JEAN GABIN. I’ve never heard of this film. And I came away from it saying “Viva La France!!” “Viva GABIN!!” You think I’m crazy? You haven’t seen this movie…

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The blog: MOON IN GEMINI  is holding its WORKPLACE IN FILM & TV Blogathon this weekend. I’ve clocked in to talk about this 1959 film which I enjoy very much. I admit it’s one of thOse “comfort food” movies because of my familiarity with the movie and familiarity of characters that are pretty much archetypes ( or prototypes…or stereotypes if you wanna be a big ol’ meanie about it! )

My guilty pleasure is THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.”


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Oy vey!!! He leaves the toilet seat up. She wears too much perfume. He never asks directions. She’s always late. You want his money. He wants your sister. Poison? Driven to suicide or just a bullet in the brain? Do you do it yourself? Or do you get someone to help you?  Trust is never as important as it is when murder is involved. You must kill her. You must kill him. And if you don’t do it yourself, you must trust your accomplice.  Is love a many~splendored thing?

Hell…what’s LOVE got to do with it.

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If you’re looking for some reading material, look no further. These bloggers, either alone or in a collaborative effort, have hosted blogathons throughout 2016. This is no mean feat putting these blogathons together, trust me I know. Lots of coordinating of time and e~mails with bloggers and co~hosts. Some listed below of are perennial favorites, while others are one time events you should jump on.

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