Do you see this map? Everyone that we’ve ever known or will ever know lives somewhere here on this map. And some of those folks are classic film fans. I know we look through the lens of classic films as movies made in Hollywood during its “Golden Age.” Last year I did a blog post where I asked Classic Film fans from Texas to tell me about their journey and love for classic films. Being an American one might think classic film fans are only American. Au contraire mon frère. Au contraire. With the help of The Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival and my own movie~going experience at NYC’s popular retro movie houses back in the 70’s. I’ve learned that classic film fans come from all over the world.

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Heck yeah I’m jumping out before the rest of the gang. When you see the entries for my blogathon this upcoming Saturday, you won’t want to read what little ol’ me has to say about “THE SHANGHAI GESTURE.” But you’re here with me now. I’ve got you! And I have a lot to say. It’s von Sternberg…so sit back, relax and pay attention, kids! I’m going to take you on a wild ride. I promise NOT to give away plot spoilers. Read on MacDuff –

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In the world of classic film blogathons, there are sooooo many themes and topics covered.


It’s pretty tough to come up with something unique that bloggers might WANT to join. They’re a pretty busy lot maintaining their own blogs. So I came up with this idea that I think would appeal to many. It did.

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