Behold My Wife ( 1935 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER: Posted on March 8th, 2015



Watched one of the most offbeat, politically incorrect films I have seen lately: Mitchell Leisen’s Behold My Wife ( 1935 ) ( Paramount ). The scion of a prominent NYC family (Gene Raymond) is on the verge of marrying a poor stenographer ( Ann Sheridan ). His sister ( a haughty Juliette Compton ) makes her believe he has left her and she commits suicide. When he knows this he leaves his family enraged and goes on a drinking binge all over the country, ending in an Indian Reservation where he meets Apache Sylvia Sidney (Ms. Sidney was exotic, but is hardly believable as a Native American – she could be believable as Indo-European or even an Oriental Girl, well…) and his revenge starts….



Perhaps far-fetched, but I found it highly enjoyable and the film has many great scenes and some of them very dramatic indeed. Dean Jagger plays another native American. H.B. Warner & Laura Hope Crews are Raymond’s parents and Monroe Owsley plays a cad, as usual. Very interesting and Sidney looks truly fetching throughout. Sheridan makes the most of her small role. Raymond is fine and his character comes off completely cruel when he plots his revenge. Juliette Compton is also good as an adulterous wife.

You can check the entire film out here:



( H O M E )


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