Beauty and the Boss ( 1932 )

FERNANDO’s CORNER: Posted on May 3rd, 2015

B & B ( III )

I have just watched a fast-moving, delightful and saucy Pre Code starring Warren William: “Beauty and the Boss” ( 1932 ) about a Banker who’s the ultimate ladies’ man and who’s fed up with beautiful secretaries. From now on he only wants efficiency, no more fooling around at the office. So, he hires a poor & hungry, mousy girl, who happens to be efficie-ncy itself, superbly played by Marian Marsh, who’s marvelous as the plain girl who be-comes a swan. She delivers dialogue like a machine gun and she’s disarmingly charming and deft at comedy. She is indeed the biggest surprise in this wonderful and short movie (66 minutes).

B & B ( VI )

B & B ( II )

Also in the cast, David Manners ( he hasn’t much to do here ), Charles Butterworth (very funny as usual) and Frederick Kerr ( actor John Kerr‘s grandfather ) and Lillian Bond, Mary Doran, Yola D’Avril, are among the assorted beauties. A must-must see for any Pre-Code fan…..and the chasing scene be-tween Marsh and William is fantastic.


Here is a preview clip:


( H O M E )



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