A Whirlwind Trip…For A Movie

On TCM’s commercial of events for February, they showed a snippet of the Ingrid Bergman’s documentary. I checked out scheduling. D’0hhh! The film played here right under my very nose at a NY screening, but it was playing during the New York Film Festival and tickets are impossible to get for that. I scoured the schedule for its next viewing in a nearby area, and I could only come up with Cambridge, Massachusetts. I decided to go.

This is the schedule that got my butt in gear

I invited my two friends ( Lita from the Bronx and Eve who lives in Massachusetts ) and they were able to go. I was on my way. I had a harrowing time getting to Penn Station. There was enough of a train delay when the train in front of mine was delayed, blocking my train from getting down the tracks. No no no! Even thinking about it as I write this gives me heart palpitations. It truly was a race against time and every moment, every train station counted against me. I, who am rarely late…was going to be late!


I sent crazed texts for my friend to go…to wait…to go, to wait for me. I got to Penn Station and ran down the stairs to the track. I called my friend, asked her if she was on the train. She was not. ( Oh no, she was still waiting for me upstairs as per one of my text messages. ) I frantically urged her to get on the train. GET ON THE TRAIN!! The conductor was about to close the door and my friend showed up. The next train would have made us miss a lot of the movie. 

My friend was cool as a cucumber…while I was a hot mess.

It took me well into Connecticut be-         Boston subway map. They go by colors not
fore I could relax and smile for this           numbers and letters like we do in our transit
shot on Amtrak                                        system

ME ON The Red Line ME, EVE & LITA On the Red Line
    What a spacious subway car           Me, Eve and Lita on the Red Line to Cambridge

When we got to Boston, my other friend was waiting for us. I haven’t seen her in two years, and even with her face hidden behind her camera as she tried to take a picture of us… I recognized her. Two years, and we’re still connected as though it was yesterday.  Off we went to take the Red Line subway into Cambridge. We got out at the M.I.T. stop. Yep, THAT M.I.T., the brain trust of technology ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ) We found the theatre but it wasn’t opened yet. So we got something to eat.

White wine, Sprite and Earl Grey tea            Chili, burger & fries and New England Clam 


INGRID BERGMAN MOVIE TICKETWe ate at a restaurant called the Friendly Toast. A nice place with decor like the 50’s. Felt like home. We had drinks and eats. We went back to the theatre and purchased our tickets and sat back to enjoy the movie.

What can I say…I’m a fangirl. I sat there misty-eyed, watching the events of Bergman’s life play out. Much I knew, but much I learned. Even more I admired. She was going to live her life no matter what. I think that took courage, to be a woman with a child, also having a child out-of-wedlock. Losing your popularity, coming back after seven years with a hit film. ( Ha! Hollywood…everyone loves a winner, right? )

Yes this is one woman’s story but how many countless women in their non-Hollywood life still pressed on in unconventional ways. Its just that Ingrid was a star. We sat there until the last credits rolled, not bolting out of our seats. I was taking it all in…letting Bergman sink in, as I’m sure my friends were. We asked another movie patron to take our picture and we were off to eat again and drink ( in earnest ) again at the bar in South Station; toasting to creating a nice memory. Our train is leaving at 6:45pm so now it’s time to say goodbye. ( Waaaah! Eve!! )


Lita and I head back to New York on a four hour trip through the night. The three of us had a grand time together doing this trip on the spur of the moment. It was an adventure. It was for Ingrid. And it serve as a reminder to take a break from doing your daily routine.



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