Six months ago TCM had a milestone with their TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the TCM Classic Film Festival.

It’s such a great event for seeing classic films as they were intended…on the big screen and, in some cases, in theatres they might have originally been shown in. I’ve been attending the TCMFF since 2011 ~ Click this photo to read about my experience ~ and I’ve made a slew of friends as a result.

I’ve asked a couple of them to tell me about their experiences at TCMFF’19. I basically asked what their three favorite films of the festival and what’s one memory that stood out for them. They were gracious enough to share their memories with me. I, in turn, very much welcome you to check out their stories. Click on these photos. I found them a fun read and I’m hoping you will too.

Six months ago TCM had its milestone film festival event. And six months from TODAY, many of us will do it again. < GET READY > California, here I come… I hope you’ll enjoy all our stories of classic film happiness and friendships. The Turner Classic Movie Classic Film Festival is truly the place to be if you like old movies and the camaraderie of friends.


RUTH MUNDSACK                                                    SAM MAHIN

JIM and IRMA FAHY                                        JEFF LUNDENBERGER

MICHELE PRICE                                     EILEEN KUHLMANN MILLER

         PATRICIA and BOB VODICK                                      LORI A. BELL

                                   ANA EIRE                                           


[   H  O  M  E   ]

6 thoughts on “TCM’s 2019 CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL

  1. Fab read, Theresa. Sounds like you all had the best time! Great photos too. I love it when you do posts like these, because it helps me feel like I have been there too and gotten a sense of what these festivals are all about. It was nice to read about your friends experiences too.


    • Hi there Maddy ~ Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I wish you could one day experience this for yourself. I’d love to meet’cha and you’d love experiencing the energy like-minded people have. Thanks again for stopping by here. 🙂


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