MY ‘NICK’ and ‘NORA’

Folks, I want to introduce you to Andrea and Richard Rosen who I met at the TCMFF a few, scant years ago. They are a delight, have great camaraderie and friendship for each other ( even though they are married ) and if I may be sooooo bold…I call them MY own Nick and Nora Charles. I’ve asked, and they were kind enough to offer me their thoughts of TCMFF’18. I’ve even kept them up hours into the night with talk of movies. Yeah…guilty as charged. Take it away Nick and Nora…er–Andrea and Richard:

It’s August which means the frenzy is about to begin – when will the TCMFF dates be announced? What will be the theme? Might Angela Lansbury return? This is now the reality for my Husband Richard & me…but I wouldn’t have it any other way, this stuff is thrilling!

Thinking of our last TCMFF this past April 2018, I was just daydreaming about our favorite experiences, every day of the festival is like waking up on Christmas morning!

For me, I love sharing a film I’m obsessed about w/Husband Richard because I love his reactions as a 1st time viewer – this year that film was “LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN” (‘45). Frankly I was a little jealous because Richard got to see it for the first time on the big screen. Exiting the theatre he was still enthralled, his reactions ranged from: “The colors were so vibrant!” “She’s crazy!” “Did the brother have to die?” “Is it a Noir?”

Our together discovery is definitely the pre-codes. TCMFF ’18 gave us “FINISHING SCHOOL” (’34), where footsteps filling up w/snow denoted the passage of time and overnight untoward behavior. That film was delicious!

The fun never ended, we met Cicely Tyson – we attended an intro of Nancy Olson’s for “SUNSET BOULEVARD” (‘50)…she is one Dame I could listen to all day & night. If you ever get to hear Nancy Olson speak, do not miss that chance (oh, I hope she’ll be back in ’19…yep, getting excited already). And of course, my favorite is Eddie Muller – only Eddie could get us into a theatre at 9am but that’s the power of “The Czar of Noir.”

So those are just a few of my musings…Richard, what do you think?

Me? I try to be a person of few words, but not about this. Everything Nora (you dubbed her that, Theresa; Nick here) wrote is spot on. We are pre-Code crazy. Give us the celluloid. And I am silenced by the guest stars (Andrea met them, I smiled and bowed my head in honor of being in the same room, much less a foot away).

But the best thing for me is the friends who we have made, some of whom we have come to call family, and the conversations (with cocktails, of course) we have had – sometimes until 3 in the morning (and you know that, Ms. Brown) – about movies / themes / directors / actors / leitmotifs I never knew I could discuss with anyone outside of film class or PBS documentaries or mi’lady Andrea. And then, of course, there’s at the pool with Alicia, breakfast with Dave, drinks with Eddie and everywhere with Ben. We are lucky. TCMFF creates the best party.

Mic dropped.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Andrea and Richard ( BROOKLYN  in the House )


Rest In Peace, Dear Lady.


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10 thoughts on “MY ‘NICK’ and ‘NORA’

  1. Sounds like Andrea and I would have totally been friends as well, Theresa. Thank you for sharing this with me. Big loss.


  2. So sorry to read of Andrea’s passing.
    I’ve been searching for her since we met at Howard University in 1977. I took too long to find her.😢


    • Hi there Christy ~

      Andrea was a real joy to meet at our home away from home (the TCMFF). So fun-loving and witty. I’m still trying to meet up with Rich. Hope we can do that before the weather changes. Fighting Winter AND COVID. Aaaaaargh!


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