If you’re looking for me on Twitter, you’d see this. My handle there is @CineMava. What the heck is this Baby Boomer doing on Twitter? Trying to keep up with today’s Social Media.
( Now I just need Instagram and Tumblr under my belt to be almost totally savvy. Dare I explore SnapChat??? )

So while I was on Twitter, I saw that everyone was playing this movie challenge. This 30 Day Movie Challenge. More appropriately: #30DAYMOVIECHALLENGE if you’re on Twitter. Well I like a good challenge, so I took it. I didn’t participate daily. ( Who wants to hear from a Baby Boomer daily? ) So I figured I’d do it all in one fell swoop b’cuz that’s the kind o’ chestnut I am.

And here’s the swoop. I’m not sure WHY the 30 Day Movie Challenge was held in May, a month with 31 days. Guess the 31st day is a day of rest. Take the challenge my fellow classic film lovers. The month doesn’t matter.


[   H O M E   ]


16 thoughts on “30 DAY MOVIE CHALLENGE

    • Hey Jacque. How are you? ( Pssst! I’m doing FINE now! 😉 ) I thought this was a fun exercise. If you do decide to try it…lemme know. I’ll post your work here. Thanks for reading.


  1. This is an interesting challenge but I would never be able to blog about thirty movies in 30 days… I’d be lucky to blog about 30 movies in 3 months… Of course some of those categories I’ve already blogged about the movie that I’d put there, so it would save a little time. Been a long time since i visited your site. (I been busy…)


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