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The REEL INFATUATION Blogathon hosted by Front & Frock and Silver Screenings is right up my alley.

BLOGATHON ( REEL INFATUATION - 6 : 13 ~ 17 : 2016 )

Can you be in love with someone you’ve never met? Sure you can. It happens all the time. I bought Tiger Beat magazine in the 60’s, mooning over the Tys, the Tabs and the Troys. Then David Cassidy came along ( “I Woke Up In Love This Morning I Think I Love You ~ which I sang a duet with, with Citizen Screen at Miceli’s at the end of the TCMFF’16 film festival ) in the 70’s…and there were folks in between. My heart and soul belong to movies though; classic movies. There is Gable & Flynn, Power & Peck. But really now…girls don’t have crushes and infatuations on men like that. Lust is the more appropriate carnal response for men like them, doncha think?

My reel crushes are boys-next-door. You know the type: soft, kind, picnic-nice, full of jokes, good cheer, winning smile, boyish charm and friendship. Guess I was always attracted to the collegiate-type no matter the decade. My tip-top favorites are boys like this, past and present:

David Manners                       Jeffrey Lynn                               Richard Carlson
The Mummy”                    “Four Daughters”                         “Hold That Ghost

Paul Rudd                           Ryan Reynolds                         Timothy Bottoms
The 40-Year Old                 “Just Friends”                         “The Paper Chase
Virgin” “Clueless”                 “The Proposal”                    “The Last Picture Show

KYLE JOHNSON ( REEL INFATUATION ) Kyle Johnson “The Learning Tree
( be still my 17-year old heart. )

But my reel infatuation is on Singleton.


I know. HOW could I jump the gender fence like this. Reading the fine print very carefully for this blogathon, one’s crush should be on a character in the movies, so I just had to jump over. What’s not to love ( if you’re a fan ) about Jennifer Jones as SINGLETON in Love Letters ( 1945 ).


Singleton has lost her memory. And she’s been in prison for murder; a murder she doesn’t remember even committing. I feel protective of her as does everyone around her in this movie. This includes her best friend Dilly ( the beautiful Ann Richards ) and the romantic and broken Allen ( Joseph Cotten ) who, unbeknownst to Singleton, is already in love with her thanks to the love letters he’s written for her wastrel, now murdered husband.

The draw for me is her guilelessness. She’s direct and forthright without hidden agenda…or malice. She’s winning and adorable. Her memory loss has given her a clean slate and she sees life simply. She’s charmingly truthful. 


SINGLETON: “Well you see, I’ve thought of you so much.”

ALLEN:           “Think you should admit that?

SINGLETON: “Why not? I wanted to tell you that I thought of you. And you were glad to hear it. Don’t look startled, you were glad. So why shouldn’t I tell you.”

Her vulnerability is a magnet. Her truthfulness catches one off-guard. At her trial, she plainly says she can’t remember the events of the night that brought her to court. She says she does not WANT to remember. She’s sexy in a wholesome way:


“That’s the difference between us. You’re unhappy ‘cause that can never happen again.  And I’m happy because it happened once.”

There’s an unstoppable-force meets an immovable-object quality to what both Allen and Singleton want. They want two opposite things; one wants to remember, the other wants her to forget. When a painful memory creeps up on her and freaks her out, how can you help not feel bad for her. She’s lost. And breaks my heart. I feel sorry for them both. I want her to be well. But what if her being well meant losing her.


This is silly. This is crazy. This is futile. This is insane. It’s so hard to discuss a crush in a rational public way other than to say goo-gah gobbledy goo. I risk sounding like a blithering idiot. ( LOL! I know…too late. ) I can only hope to be understood. And if I’m not…does it really matter? 


Alright, if you’re so self-possessed, go on, tell me. Go to the comments section below and tell me what character YOU have a crush on in the movies. Or, if you see HOW hard a job it is to talk rationally about a screen rush, you can just check out the other entries in this blogathon. My fellow bloggers will be much more eloquent than I in writing about who their reel infatuations are. Won’t you please click on the banner below to read about their cinematic heart throbs? The five-day recaps are just a click away:


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37 thoughts on “REEL INFATUATION

  1. Awesome post!!

    You’re right about Jennifer Jones in this exquisite film. She has a simple & direct approach to life, as you said, but she’s not stupid. I think this would be a pretty tricky thing to pull off as an actor, yet Jones is completely believable.

    As for wanting to protect her, it’s so true! You don’t want any harm to come to her, so as a viewer I was torn – I sort of wanted her to remember but then I didn’t.

    Thanks for “jumping the gender fence” and joining us in the blogathon! 🙂

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    • Hi there Ruth ~

      Thanks for your kind comments about my choice. Do our hearts REALLY have a choice on who we crush on? I found Jennifer Jones absolutely engaging in this film. I like her better in “Love Letters” than I do in “Portrait of Jenny” and I like “Portrait of Jenny.” Awww helllll…I just like Jennifer Jones. Look forward to reading your other entrants in this great idea for a blogathon. Thanks again for stopping by.

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  2. Tiger Beat?! Omgoodness. I haven’t thought of that in 45 years. I had the David Cassidy poster on my wall. Thanks for the memories🎤 Jacque C

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  4. I’m glad you decided to jump the gender fence for this blogathon. I’d never heard of Singleton or Love Letters, but your passion shines through in your eloquent writing.You may be smitten but you don’t come across as “goo-gah gobbledy goo!”

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    • Hello Paul. Thank you so much reading and commenting. I’d like to recommend you seek out “Love Letters” if you have the inclination. It’s a wonderful film. ( Whew! I’m glad I decided to tamp down on my ‘goo-gah gobbledy goo’ impulse. It’s hard for me to do with Jennifer Jones. 😀 ) Thanks again.


  5. YES! I know exactly how you feel about Singleton, which is probably how Allen felt about her as well. She’s just so adorable and sweet and fun and and and… If the movie’s ending had turned out any other way, I would’ve been furious. Great choice for the blogathon!

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    • AHHHH Michaela…a kindred spirit. I’m so happy you like her as much as I do. She breaks my heart. Look at her in the scene where her letters burn up in the fire…her sidelong glance to the burning letters. Thanks for making me feel like not so much of a dork over Singleton. 🙂 ( HERE are some more folks crushin’ on characters. )


  6. I love all Keaton characters, but I think the one I love best is the pampered, helpless rich boy, Alfred, in Battling Butler. Keaton was always wonderful with women, and the scene where Alfred and the Mountain Girl have a romantic dinner is just adorable — as is the next scene, where he politely sees her home and then finds himsself compoletely lost, so she has to see HIM home. He is unfailingly gentlemanly and polite throughout. And at this stage he was just so beautiful that you just can’t take your eyes off him.

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    • I don’t know Keaton’s work well ( read: at all ) but the scene you’ve described is lovely. I may just have to give him a chance. Don’t get mad if I steal him from you. 🙂


      • Really! He’s simply wonderful. You’ll fall in love. I recommend Steamboat Bill Jr. to start but everyone has their favorites!
        I was very, very lucky to be able to see The General in a large, packed theater with a live audience, and it was such a memorable experience — that’s the way these films were meant to be seen. And Keaton was so brilliant at managing the audience that he knew just how long a laugh would last and have the next gag ready!

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      • Keaton. The folks that I know who like Silent films are really big big Keaton fans. You girls are trying to pull me away from Paul Rudd and David Manners.


  7. Thanks for joining our Blogathon. I really like Jennifer Jones, and this character is an excellent crush choice for all of the reasons you listed!

    Everyone knows my crush choice. He’s on the banner you used.

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  8. I haven’t seen Love Letters yet, but I will definitely check it out. I thought JJ was mesmerizing in Portrait of Jennie. The two I have in mind are Gail Russell as Penny Worth in Angel and the Badman (I’d become a Quaker farmer in an instant) and Adrienne Ames as Princess Lescaboura in You’re Telling Me. She plays a kind-hearted Princess who helps to restore WC Field’s character with his family and the townspeople. There’s a touching scene with Fields and Ames on a train. Both actresses were incredibly beautiful and died way too young.

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    • I hope you do catch “Love Letters.” Mesmerizing is the right word for Jennifer Jones. But you’ve mentioned Gail Russell. BINGO! You’d be a Quaker for her? Yeah…I can almost see you milking cows and carrying pails of milk for her, and I don’t even know you. But that’s the power of Gail Russell. I love her in, “The Uninvited“, “Seven Men From Now“, “The Night Have 1000 Eyes” “Moonrise” even “The Tattered Dress.” Her eyes. Adrienne Ames I’m not familiar with. But I’ve seen photos of her and she certainly is attractive. I’ll have to read up on her.

      Thank you for your comments, Mike.


      • Ames stars with David Manners (your guy!) in The Death Kiss. Bela Lugosi is also in it. Ames doesn’t do much other than act concerned and look glamorous, but it’s a pretty good mystery movie within a movie. It’s in the public domain so it’s easy to find. Would love to see Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Hard to find and they took it off of YouTube. EGR and Virginia Bruce are two of my other favorites. You have a great blog. I catch you over on the FB Film Noir page sometimes.

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      • Hi Mike…I’m all over the place trying to get my blog’s name out there. Just waxing on about classic films in a positive way. I’ll be on the look out for Adrienne Ames. Thanks!


      • Gail Russell was also known as the Hedy Lamarr of Santa Monica. Gail Russell had the saddest eyes in Hollywood so tragic was her life dying at the age of 36 from alcohol abuse.

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      • The Hedy Lamarr of Santa Monica? Wow…I’d never heard that one. I could see it. Dark hair, those blue eyes. She was beautiful, and sad…I don’t think she really wanted the limelight of a Hollywood career. Sad.


      • Before I leave Gail Russell she had the most stage so in order to calm her nerves she would alcohol in her dressing room to help her get through the day. Her marriage to Guy Madison was also doomed to failure because of the alcoholism. By the time she filmed tfe movie The Tattered Dress in 1957 her beauty has started fade but her performance was sterling.


      • I love the tawdry “Tattered Dress.” Yes…by then, we could see the affects alcohol had on her but, as you say, her performance…

        Poor Gail. Thanks again, Marc.


  9. Watched Love Letters a couple months ago and loved it. I’m a tad more crushing on Joseph Cotten in this film, but can understand why you want to protect Singleton, as did I when I viewed the film. So glad it had a happy ending! My crush for the blogathon, now that I’m ahem, middle aged, and firmly so, is Randolph Scott at his middle-aged best, in The Tall T. 🙂

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    • I don’t think I could have stood it ( “Love Letters” ) if it didn’t have a happy ending. I enjoyed “The Tall T” and will get over there to read about you crushing on Randy. Folks…you can check out her crush here.

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  10. I love the boy-next-door type as well. And I believe a crush on women is a sign of admiration. I haven’t seen Love Letter yet, but Jennifer is a very good actress – and her character seens lovely.
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂

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