Today is National Classic Movie Day. Hurrah! But honestly, I don’t need a particular day to celebrate classic films. I watch ‘em all the time. But this day is a swell chance to join other classic film fans in that age old question: “…write about the five classic movies you’d want to have with you if stranded on a deserted island. (Yes, you can assume you have electricity, a projector, big screen, and popcorn!)” though I prefer Raisinets.

Rick of Classic Film TV and Cafe is giving us this chance with his blogathon. Now, if I can’t while away my time with a tall dark and handsome hunk helping us get rescued, I might as well lay back and enjoy it…with movies. These five films should keep me going ‘till then. So, in no particular order:

VERTIGO ( 1958 ) ~ [ Alfred Hitchcock ]

5 MOVIES ( %22VERTIGO%22 )

This sick twisted romantic folly of obsession is my favorite film. Hitchcock constructed l’amour fou brilliantly. For it to be the same girl is genius. Kim Novak is utterly and achingly sublime…and poor James Stewart is a goner. Im drawn to her quiet sadness. Her vulnerability and mystery is quite seductive. This movie taps into my longing. The mini-travelogue around San Francisco will take my mind off this desert isle. And put it where it belongs.

* * * * * * * *

THE AWFUL TRUTH ( 1937 ) ~ [ Leo McCarey ]


I’ll need a lot of laughs on this deserted island and this film has ‘em. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne are glamorously charming together as they try their oneupmanship on each other to prevent their divorce from going through. There are all sorts of comic set-pieces in this film, i.e. Grant busting in on Dunne’s recital, sitting on motorcycle cops’ handlebars, Dunne’s “Gone With the Wind” dance, Grant and D’Arcy running through Dunne’s apartment and Dunne dancing with Ralph Bellamy. Ralph Bellamy’s a perfect foil and Cecil Cunningham has some good one-liners. This movie is a lot of fun. Yeh…put it on a loop. Woo! Woooh!

* * * * * * * *

OUT OF THE PAST ( 1947 ) ~ [ Jacques Tourneur ]


I wouldn’t pick an out and out horror movie ( “Psycho” ) to while away my time on this desert island. I’d be a scaredy cat in this setting. But, film noir is a genre I love so much. And this is the perfect puzzle to continue to decipher; keep my brain active. I love the darkness of the plot and the triangle. I love all three leads Mitchum, Greer, Douglas. I love that the femme fatale is so baaaad, that against their better judgment these men believe her and she still betrays them. Why that warms the cockles of my heart is something I can spend time figuring out while on this blasted island. Jane Greer as the Angel of Death. I want to see her be bad. So sue me.

* * * * * * * *

SEND ME NO FLOWERS ( 1964 ) ~ [ Norman Jewison ]


This is one of my favorite films. Just a sweet perfect comedy. For me it feels like the culmination of the trio of films Rock Hudson and Doris Day did together. In “Pillow Talk” and “Lover Come Back” Rock Hudson chases and wins Doris Day. Now with “Send Me No Flowers” we finally get these two married and living in suburbia. Hudson’s a hypochondriac and thinks he’s going to die. So he tries to find a second husband for Doris. The plot is perfectly constructed. I don’t mean that in a pre-fabbed, predictable, tv-sitcom way. I mean the pieces fit like a glove. The cast is perfect. Day’s and Hudson’s chemistry is undeniable. They look like they’re having fun and you have fun too.  You feel their camaraderie, you feel their love. I envy their “married” life on screen. And Tony Randall…an integral part of the triumvirate with his dead pan wise cracks is the perfect- every-man-comic-foil to the beautfiul couple. This film is such a perfect little package, it makes me yearn. [ I’ll write in more detail about Send Me No Flowers in my contribution for the Classic Movie Ice Cream Social Blogathon at the end of the week. ]

* * * * * * * *

MARKED WOMAN ( 1937 ) ~ [ Lloyd Bacon ]


Folks I was torn with choosing my fifth island pick.  I don’t know HOW long I’ll be stuck on this island and how long I’d be without my two divas of classic film. I’ll have to do without Stanwyck on this journey…so I hope the rescue soon. If I needed inspiration to help me claw my way out of this situation…I’d have to choose BETTE DAVIS. But WHICH way do I want her?

I could go with the weepy “Now, Voyager” or the rapier wit of “All About Eve” and her Queen Margo role. I could have a cathartic cry with “Dark Victory” sadly and bravely laying herself on her pillow for that final big sleep. Do I want to see her as the goody two shoes in The Great Lie? Or bad to the bone in In This Our Life ( Oooh, she was horrid! ) I’d better save “The Letter” for dry land.

I choose Marked Woman because it’s a good, fast-paced Warner Brothers crime drama ( my favorite kind ) with Bette Davis at her kinetic best. In “Marked Woman” she and her posse ( Mayo Methot, Lola Lane, Isabel Jewell and Rosalind Marquis ) are a-hem, “hostesses” in gangster Eduardo Ciannelli’s nightclub. When Bette’s kid sister (Jane Bryan) is killed at the club, she is pissed. Trust me…you don’t want to get Bette pissed. She turns on the whole rotten mob. Here, check out Davis’ moment:



Davis is a hep gal in this one, smoking cigarettes, wearing sparkly revealing clothes and making with the snappy patter. I love her energy and Bette Davis-ness in this film. The camaraderie among the women is good to see. They’ve all got a story of how life brought them to this point. And look for Bogie as the sympathetic attorney. An energizing and 5 MOVIES ( MARKED WOMAN ~ III )empowering movie to keep me company. I really especially love the women walking down the court house steps together at the end of the movie…and then, arm-in-arm into the foggy Warner Brothers’ night.

Do you have five favorite movies you’d like to take on a desert island with you? Let me know what they are. And check out the other entries in this blogathon. Luckily I dont need to be on a desert island to enjoy these gems.

[   H O M  E   ]


60 thoughts on “5 MOVIES ON AN ISLAND

  1. First, I really need to watch The Awful Truth again. It’s been awhile. Also, I need to rewatch Out of the Past. It was a little confusing the first time. I couldn’t keep all the girls straight. And I’m glad somebody else likes Send Me Know Flowers! That’s usually the one everyone says is inferior to the other two (I haven’t seen the middle one) but I found this movie hilarious!!

    I hope your “couch” lands on the beach with you 😉

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    • LOL! That’s funny what you say there, Phyl, about my couch. I used it as a flotation device to get to the island after Tallulah Bankhead kicked me off “her” life boat.

      You really do need to see “The Awful Truth” again if you want a good laugh. It’s a prerequisite for every classic film fan. And if you’d like to use my crib notes for “Out of the Past” you’re welcome to them. It’s not really a hard movie to follow. Hey, it’s not “The Big Sleep.” That movie loses me right after the credits, and then when Lauren Bacall comes on the scene, I don’t care about anything else.

      “SEND ME NO FLOWERS” is…just…ahhhhhh, wonderful. It totally has my heart. My order of liking the trilogy is “…Flowers” “Pillow Talk” “Lover Come Back.”


      • Luckily I just watched Lifeboat for the first time last month or I’d be scratching my head haha. Maybe you could pick up her typewriter floating by so you could write about those five movies from every angle possible 😉

        I had to watch Out of the Past in a couple sittings which didn’t help… Yeah, nothing else matters when Bacall walks in 🙂

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      • Her typewriter…I’d like to wrest John Hodiak from Tallu’s vice grip, but that ain’t gonna happen. Glad you picked up my “LIFEBOAT” reference. Bacall…Gaaaaah! L0L!


  2. All of the Doris and Rock movies are delightful, but Rock in “Send Me No Flowers” is a total hoot proving his comic actor skills.

    “Marked Woman” is a favourite of mine, but you mentioned “In This Our Life” which I haven’t seen in years. I recall my late dad talking back to Bette on the screen, “What are we up to tonight, Stanley?” Bette sure had a way of getting to people.

    You want to be Jane Greer/Cathy? Okay. You are. You won’t scare me. I’m not some sap of a guy.

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    • I agree with you Paddy, Rock is so good in “…Flowers.” He’s not too over-the-top, and Doris supports him wonderfully. Overall I think he’s an underrated actor. I was at the recent TCM Film Festival where I saw “All That Heaven Allows.” When he moved into the frame for his closeup…really, I gasped, his beauty was unbelievable.

      It was tough picking a Bette Davis film and it hurt my heart not to include Stanwyck. It’s cute how your Dad talked to Bette in “In This Our Life.” She didn’t listen to him either, did she. She was wild in that one. I bet it was a good exercise for her.

      Jane Greer/Kathie. Oh I don’t know. I think her power for survival might work on any unsuspecting lug, male or female; through no fault of their own…of course.


  3. Well, Theresa, you and those first three movies on your list could lure me to any island anytime. They are all masterpieces. I like Marked Woman, but for me it falls short of the perfection that sets the Big Three apart from the crowd. For Davis, I would choose The Letter; it’s just that good! Of course, you know me. I would pick anyone over Day, except Crawford. I would want Ernst, Frank, Max, and Pappy on my island, probably The Shop Around the Corner, A Farewell to Arms, Letter from an Unknown Woman, and How Green Was My Valley. Five is just not enough! And I’m not quite as old-fashioned as I thought; I want Radio Days, French Cancan, Margaret, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and my favorite adventure movie Master and Commander. Now, my mind is filled with dozens more that I would find it hard to live without. As appealing as that desert island has always been to me, I think I’m better off up here in the sticks, as long as there is no power failure!

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    • Anonymous, I don’t know who you are…so it’s a little tough for me to figure your tastes. We’ll be on different islands, and maybe you’ll let me swim over and get my Bette Davis Killin’ and Lyin’ thing on ( with”The Letter”). You’ve got a good list there, full of master directors. But I have a feeling if you take more than the requisite five, you might drown before you make it to the island.


  4. This is a good answer to a tough challenge, Theresa…I have no CLUE how to I’d pick only five, but I will say, I think sometimes a good but not necessarily great movie can be better than a masterpiece if you are in certain moods. Or situations, like being stuck on a desert island. Would you believe I have never seen MARKED WOMEN?

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    • Hi Paula ~ I’ll go along with good but not great, because movies emotionally satisfy my heart, not tickle my brain cells. “MARKED WOMAN” ( I would say ) is a must-see. Now I haven’t seen it in forever, but when I looked over Bette’s filmography, I gotta tell ya…you’re getting a lot of bang for your Bette with that one. Just want to be entertained. Who knows how long I’ll be on this gosh-forsaken island. Thank you for readin’ and writin’ Paula.


  5. I know who Anonymous is, just from the choices!

    My five would be

    Gone With the Wind (because it’s like bringing two movies in one, lol)

    Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (because I could drown in the saturated color and Ava singing Dorothy Parker’s How Am I to Know?)

    My Man Godfrey (because screwball)

    La Ronde (because it’s like bringing 5 stories in one)

    The Lady Eve (because Preston Sturges and if we got shipwrecked together, I could trade out my Stanwyck for one of your 5)


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    • Wendolyn I’ve got to go back and re-read those choices. Either I’m thick or you’re psychic. Thanks for listing your choices. Believe me I know it’s a tough call. Oooh “Pandora…” Girl, I already have one heartsick movie with “Vertigo.” I’d kill myself if I had two.

      Dang…I didn’t quite think of getting shipwrecked with someone on my own. Yeah, lets switch out some of these movies on each other’s lists. I don’t know if it’d be allowed but if it’s just the two of us, we can make up our own rules…huh? Thanks again for reading.


  6. You have quite an impressive list here Theresa. I love “Send Me No Flowers” too. It certainly would brighten up your time on the deserted island. As for “The Awful Truth”, I definitely need to see it again. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, but I certainly agree that it’s a great choice for island entertainment.

    I also invite you to read my entry for the blogathon. Here it is below.


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    • Hey Crystal…just read your list. You’re a brave one to include the George Brent film. I’d be too spooked to watch it. But you’ll have yourself a good laugh AND a good cry ( with Miss Lillian Gish. ) Thanks for reading.


  7. Oh man, I’m so sad I missed this blogathon! But I love your choices, especially Send Me No Flowers! You’re so right, it is perfectly constructed. Rock Hudson reminds me of Cary Grant; stupidly good looking and yet, not above looking stupid. I also love your synopsis of Marked Woman. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m adding it to my ever growing list..

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    • Cary & Rock…two leading men confident that looking silly wouldn’t lose them any points. Simoa, I would wholeheartedly recommend “Marked Woman.” Try to put it up there on the queue. Thanks for reading.


  8. Marked Woman is a very pleasant surprise. I have always like this film a lot. The Awful Truth, Out of the Past and Vertigo are gems that never get boring. Great list

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    • John…I’M even surprised I put “MARKED WOMAN” on the list… haven’t seen it in ages, but it’s indelibly “marked” ( Yuk! Yuk! ) somewhere in my brain cells. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m pretty pleased with my list, if I say so myself. 🙂


  9. Some terrific choices! VERTIGO is my favorite Hitchcock, but I opted for REAR WINDOW on my island and am now second-guessing it. OUT OF THE PAST is my favorite noir. I love the Rock-Doris comedies (though LOVER COME BACK is my fave). Hey, can I just visit your island sometime? And will be you selling some of those Raisinets?

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    • L0L! You should second-guess “Rear Window.” Youv’e got Kim Novak leading Jimmy Stewart around by the heart. And Ricky my boy…come on a my house island, to my house island, I’m gonna give you some Raisinets. Terrific idea for a blogathon celebrating National Classic Movie Day. I wonder what you’ll do NEXT year. Thanks for including me, my Couch and the Raisinets that’ve fallen in-between the cushions. 🙂


  10. Only five? Okay, I’ll see what I can do. These are not in order; 1)STALINGRAD-1993-German. There will be times when I’ll be down in the dumps, and will ‘oh woe is me,” My pity party will end when I watch this film and see that things can be a lot worse. I’ve read several books about the battle, and this film is spot on. There are some incredible action scenes here. The factory scene and tank battle to name two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVvoo1qFPDo

    2)REPO-MAN..I will have to have the DVD with the features. This is a great fun film, There is a feature showing the director, producer and some actors talking about the film, and their fun in discussing it is infectious. This would be as close to a comedy as I can come up for a top five. Love it when Harry Dean Stanton is threatening the Rodriguez Brothers with the bat, a scene, BTW, that almost got out of hand. http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-weirdest-things-you-never-knew-about-the-making-of-1673079559

    3)THE MUSIC MAN-Gotta have a musical. It’s bombastic, broad, over-the-top, give Robert Preston an Oscar, it’s got Opie, Buddy Hackett, the guy who played the Col. in Sgt. Bilko,.. It is a very enjoyable film. It’s got, Trouble in River City, Marion(Madam Librarian), 76 Trombones, Gary, Indiana, it’s such a joy to watch that it may be too much enjoyment for a night and would to stretch it out to three.

    4)GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS-Let me see….screenplay by David Mamet, stars Pacino, Spacey, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Pryce..and tell me this should not on everyone’s top 100. I am not one for foul language which makes this choice odd, but how does Mamet do it? I love this movie. The dialogue is great. The acting is great.

    5)Tough one..has to be a mystery.., plus I have to have a Kubrick film. I was going to pick THE KILLING, two birds with one stone and all that, but I’m going with THE ASPHALT JUNGLE. Both films are similar but I think TAJ is a better film, of course by the time I submit this I might change my mind. THE KILLING has Hayden, Tim Carey, Marie Windsor…I’ve changed my mind, I’m going with THE KILLING because TAZ’s ending is too sad. And since both films are, to me at least, almost interchangeable, I can watch one and mentally visualize the other. This was a very, very tough choice.

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    • WHEW! Robert…you’ve got some heavy hitting films on your list. Kubrick…on a desert island. Wow! Alec Baldwin giving those salesmen a beatdown ( “Always Be Closing!” ) is worth the price of admission. He was in their FACE wasn’t he. I’ve never seen “The Music Man.” Being on an island with it would give me plenty of time to check it out. Thanks for your list and your reasons. ( It was a tough assignment…wasn’t it? But I don’t know if I want Timothy Carey near me…even on film…on an island. That scene with him and James Edwards is a nail~biter. )

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  11. I recently rewatched Vertigo and was hypnotized by the colors. They are an important part of the storytelling, and I could see a lot of more subtle details in this second viewing. From your list I’ve got yet to see Marked Woman – I had never heard of it before!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂

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    • Hi there Le…I do hope you find and watch “Marked Woman.” You’ve got to see Bette all sparkly and sassy. I haven’t seen “Vertigo” in a little while. Time to dust off the old heartache. I’ll definitely check out your picks for this blogathon. Thanks for commenting.


    • Thanks so much Constance. I know my poor little “Send Me No Flowers” gets the short end of their trilogy stick, but I love it so. Glad you enjoyed my selections. Thanks for reading.


    • I was up to the task. Of course I needed a few drinks after hitting the SEND button, but wha’cha gonna do. Those two comedies…are sublime. I love ’em to death. Appreciate your reading me. Thanks.


  12. SHOCK AND AWE! You like VERTIGO?! Who knew? 😉 Seriously, you included two of my all-time favorites in THE AWFUL TRUTH and OUT OF THE PAST so I think your taste is impeccable. I also would have guessed THE LETTER, but love the explanation of your final Bette choice.


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    • Hey Aurora…I just threw in “Vertigo” to give my list some class.( L0L! ) Naaaah, I love the sick twisted~ness of the story, played to perfection by both leads. I really like the films I picked and hope that came across. And no one is more shocked than I that I didn’t pick “The Letter” but I think with “Marked Woman” you get Bette Davis interacting with more people: her girls…the gangsters…and the Law. Thanks for weighing in.


  13. Excellent choices Cinemaven! I’m often struck by our similar taste in classic film. Here are the five films I would take on that “deserted” island:

    1. Laura (my favorite film of all time in my favorite genre)
    2.All About Eve (because, well, it’s Bette’s finest – although “Marked Woman is a fav also – I love films about the “thea-tah”)
    3. Dark Passage (love the story, love San Francisco, love the apartment building, love Bogie & Bacall)
    4. 42nd Street – I’ll need a fun musical after all!
    5. DOA – I never tire of watching this.

    My first thought was that I’d take four of the best Universal horror films and “The Hound of the Baskervilles” but as you pointed out, you don’t want to be watching scary stuff if you’re all alone. Hunks are so necessary!

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    • Hi there Deb ~ If our cinematic tastes are similar then I must have good taste. I like your list too. Can’t go wrong with the jewel in Davis’ crown: “All About Eve” and my favorite Bogie & Bacall pairing IS “Dark Passage” ~ I wait to hear Agnes Moorhead say: “What makes you think you’re so smart.” She spits the words out like bullets. “Laura” is sooo good, isn’t it. And though I’m not such a big musicals person ( ‘cept for “Bye Bye Birdie” ) but you have included the granddaddy of ‘em all on your list. Thank you reading and making your own list here… ( “Watson! The needle!” )


  14. Oooh – Marked Woman! I didn’t see that one coming.And I love that you included Doris and Rock – they really do get better the more you see them, don’t they? Awesome choices!

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    • Hi Marsha…I love Doris and Rock, they’re my favorite screen couple. And I’m glad I’m throwing people for a loop with “Marked Woman.” I knocked myself out with that choice too. ( I’m co-hosting a blogathon about Films of 1932. Do you think you want to get Hot & Bothered with us? Check it out. ) Thanks for stopping.


  15. Hahaha! Reading the comments here is half the fun 🙂 Yeah–I have Stanwyck in my list of 5 (I focus my writing to Christmas entertainment so I have “Christmas in Connecticut” in there). You’re welcome so swim over to my island anytime 😀

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  16. Very excited to see Vertigo on here. I wanted to include it on mine, but, well, 5 choices is quite restrictive! I haven’t seen Marked Woman. One of my favorite parts of this blogathon is coming across Desert Island picks I haven’t seen. There aren’t many– but I’m certainly going to tackle the ones I do find.

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    • This is a way we learn about movies 007…to see what others like. 5 IS restrictive. I had to make killer choices…especially about leaving Stanwyck off my list. Oh the guilt. THE GUILT!!! ( Thanks for reading! )


  17. Great choices, it’s so hard to narrow down to five. Vertigo is a great film but not nearly my favorite Hitchcock, it would just barely make my top 10, but a brilliant film. I feel similarly about The Awful Truth, terrific film but not top of its genre for me.

    Out of the Past is one of my favorite noirs all the way down to its cold black heart. How Hollywood wasted Jane Greer! One of its strengths is that it was never planned as a special film and as sometimes happens all the elements fell into place and something timeless was created.

    Of the three Doris Day/Rock Hudson pairings Send Me No Flowers is such a close second to Pillow Talk for me. What tips PT into the top spot is the inclusion of Thelma Ritter who makes all things better. Flowers is goofy and pat but a real showcase for Rock’s comedic skill, it’s much more his film-and Tony Randall’s-that Doris’s.

    Love the inclusion of that tough little number Marked Woman! I know it was Bette’s first film back at the studio after her walk-out and lawsuit and I think the knowledge that the Warners knew she was serious about her career and handed her good material lent to her giving a little extra punch to her performance. Love all her fellow “hostesses” with Isabel Jewell-another misused performer-being a standout.

    As I said it’s near impossible to have a limit of five but at the moment mine would be:

    1. The Mating Season-Thelma Ritter truly does make everything better and this is my favorite of her films and her best showcase. Plus you get Miriam Hopkins at her dithery, snobbish best. The Solid Gold Cadillac would be my runner up but I watch this one more frequently.

    2. All the President’s Men-This one is of a more recent vintage than most of the others mentioned but it is 40 years old this year and it’s one of my top 5 favorites of all time. I simply can not pass it by whenever I stumble upon it and I watch it every few months when I feel the need for a fix if it hasn’t shown up somewhere. My runner up for this slot was Inherit the Wind, another I can’t pass up but I just love President’s Men so much.

    Woman’s World-My favorite of those big lush glossy 50’s soap operas. The entire cast is flawless but Lauren Bacall walks off with the picture. Unlike many of them the problems facing the couples in the film aren’t so heavy that it goes over the top, not that I mind that but for repeat viewings it can be exhausting.

    The Big Heat-Of the many, many noirs that I love this is the one I return to again and again. In a Lonely Place is great but so bleak and Ida Lupino absolutely brilliant in The Man I Love but she has to contend with the dull Bruce Bennett who is a drag on the film. Then there’s Out of the Past and Laura and This Gun for Hire and…….endless choices!!!!

    Show Boat (1951)-Ya gotta have music and this one has the combo of my favorite score and the most beautiful performance by Ava Gardner, William Warfield singing Ol’ Man River plus Agnes Moorehead and Joe E. Brown. But it killed me to leave off Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, White Christmas, Funny Girl and It Started with Eve.

    Argh! Such a tough question!!! Murder to have to exclude How the West Was Won, Auntie Mame, The Searchers, The President’s Lady, A Letter to Three Wives, Pocketful of Miracles, Lifeboat, Rear Window and SO many, many more.

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    • Enjoyed your commentary for your own list, Joel. Of your five “THE BIG HEAT” resonates the most with me. Ahhhh the glorious glolorious Gloria. Her Debbie gets you in the gut. She’s never really been loved. She takes matters into her own hands with Jeanette Nolan ( “We’re all sisters under the mink!” ) and with Lee Marvin ( Boy did he deserve it. ) Were you at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival? It’s opening night film was “All The President’s Men” and Carl Bernstein was there. You’re so right that Thelma Ritter makes everything better, but I think I’d pick either her performances in “All About Eve” or “Pick Up On South Street.” I love glossy 50’s soap operas. My favorite is “Written On the Wind.” I’m still getting Bacall, only subdued. You’re right about Bruce Bennett…but he’s heavens above Lee Bowman. ( I’m still trying to figure out how HE ever had a career. ) I’m not a big musicals kinda gal, but if it’s not Fred & Ginger…I’d go with “Bye Bye Birdie.” It’s been so interesting to me to read every one’s choices. Thanks for taking the time to list yours.


      • I love both All About Eve and Pickup on South Street but Thelma’s role in the first is so small even if she aces it and Pickup, which has the added inducement of one of my top five actors in Richard Widmark, is noir and if you can only have five I’m trying for variety. Mating Season puts Thelma front and center-she was nominated for supporting for it, probably in deference to Gene Tierney’s stature, but she’s the lead and I love that she gets that rarest of things for her, a love interest in the person of Larry Keating-a character actor I’m crazy about.

        Gloria Grahame is the main reason for my adoration of The Big Heat, she’s inimitable in it. A shame she received the Oscar the year before for her nothing role in The Bad and the Beautiful I’m sure it cost her any kind of award traction for this masterful performance.

        Did you know she wasn’t the first choice for the role? Harry Cohn wanted the rising Marilyn Monroe but Fox wanted too much money to loan her out. She would have made a fascinating Debbie but very different-she never possessed that hard edge that Gloria brought to it. What a different trajectory Marilyn’s career might have taken had she made this instead of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes especially coupled with Niagara, which she completed in the same year. I’m glad though it didn’t work out since it’s difficult to imagine anyone else matching her work in Blondes or Grahame’s here.

        By the way had you heard that there is a film version in the works of the biography of Gloria “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” about the last years of her life with Annette Bening playing her and Julie Walters and Jamie Bell in support?


      • Joel, I agree with all you say here re: Gloria and Marilyn. I have a friend that actually likens Glo-lo or wonders what Grahame would be like as a Hitchcock Blonde.

        I had no idea that a bio of Gloria was in the works. I usually hate bios…I’d rather see a documentary about the star rather than see Cate Blanchett play Kate Hepburn or ( horror of horrors! ) Lucille Ball. But I am an Annette Bening fan. I might give this one a whirl if it ever gets out the gate.


  18. Both Cary and Rock ended up on my island, too. Somehow just having them there makes the island seem homier! I remember a Flintstones episode where Wilma and Betty were drooling over Cary “Granite” and Rock Hudson. Great picks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remember ‘Ann-Margrock’ on “The Flintstones” too. L0L!

      Yes, one must make these island sojourns as comfortable as possible by picking the right leading men…I mean, movies. Thanks for writing Toto.


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