“THE GIANT CLAW” ( 1957 ) ~ Mara Corday, Jeff Morrow, Morris Ankrum. Directed by Fred F. Sears.



“It’s extra-terrestrial. Comes from outer space. From some god-forsaken, anti-matter galaxy, millions and millions of light years from the Earth.”

Or it could be the silliest looking monster in the history of motion pictures. Hey, Robert Osborne said so.

No matter. I love this film and go with it all the way. Its the third Mara Corday sci-fi feature in my sci-fi contribution…“The Giant Claw.” All you need to know is: 

  • The beast is a bird as big as a battle ship.
  • Mara Corday plays a Mathematician and Systems Analyst and she’s a pretty sexy Mathematician and Systems Analyst.
  • In Spanish the bird is called ‘La Cacañya.’  Well…they got the ca-ca part right. 

Jeff Morrow is a jet pilot who’s encountered the Giant Claw.

Should I even bother telling you the plot? Naaaah. You must see this to believe it.  And listen, I am NOT putting this movie down. I like the film. Whether you do or not depends on your tolerance level and that’s a personal decision. I have to think that all involved thought they were either making a good movie or needed the money to pay for bills. I liked the banter between Mara and co-star Jeff Morrow. She can handle the lines with a nice touch. She handles the quips, scientific jargon and Jeff Morrow nicely. Yep, Jeff Morrow does duty this time as the male lead.

I love how they blur the turkey I mean the Claw to show its speed. And what easy pickings it is for the Claw that when people parachute out of burning airplanes, he scoops ’em up right out of the sky. Like shootin humans in a barrel.

Here are some gems of dialogue that Paddy Chayefsky only WISHES he could have written:

  • “Charlies gone. Chute and all.”
  • “It doesnt make sense. It’s just a bird. A bird!”
  • “Only not electronic spitballs…atomic spitballs!”

Dont worry. In case you were wondering, this monstrous bird is vanquished at the end, and alls right in the world, though some people in Hollywood probably never worked again after this.

* *

I love 50s sci-fi films. All manner of she-creature or queen of outer space or brides seeking revenge, whether they crawl or walk among us. Scorpions, tarantulas, eyes, hands, mantises, cyclops, crabsflying dinosaurs or six-tentacled octopi whether they are
BLOGATHON ( BLOG OF THE DARNED )from beneath the sea or fathoms and fathoms deep. They are all my very favorites. These things can attack D.C. or a small hick town in Nevada or grow to colossal size or shrink down to an atom. And I’m not sexist. He can be a she and she can be a wasp woman, a snake woman, a leech woman, 50 feet tall, mutant teenagers or not of this earth. I find them all entertaining. I suggest you get a load of Mara Corday by seeing my three choices…and continue to read more entries for the “Blogathon From Another World” blogathon by clicking this banner. Hold on, wait a second…is that an ANT over your shoulder? LOOK!!!

THERESA & TWIZZLERSAt this rate I’ll never get a date with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. But maybe I can share my Twizzlers with him.

[   H O M E   ]




  1. That was awesome. I love the schlock almost as much as the good stuff. I have to say, I hate emoticons and the term LOL, but I really did laugh out loud several times. One was when you said, “… funny it leaves no shadow on the desert floor” and I’m thinking:

    Funny, its feet seem to not even touch the desert floor.

    By the way, don’t count Neil DeGrasse Tyson out just yet. I have a feeling he’s a big old fanboy. He was at Comic-Con about five years ago, and totally geeked out of the starship, Enterprise. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t a schlock fan too. Great piece. Thanks for jumping in.

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    • Thanks Chris. And Congratulations!!! It was a pleasure to participate in your first blogathon. And I loved the topic too…sci-fi and your blogathon title. Now I must get down to the business of reading everyone’s entry. You’ve given me hope re: Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Fanboy, ey??? Well then, first I must go to the spa and then get my hair done. Of course a mani-pedi. Then…


  2. There were a lot of actresses in the B movies of the 1950s — Mara Corday, Adele Mara, Mala Powers, etc.– who bewildered me with their ubiquity. No wonder my generation grew up confused and mistrustful…. we were just trying to keep them straight!

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  3. I am glad you turned me on to your web site. I enjoy reading it. I am refining The Purple Heart. I have some questions.

    -Is there a word limit?

    -Do I submit it directly to the site, or will people be directed to my site.

    -There is a sci-fi blogathon on your site, are you taking submissions?

    I don’t know the protocol about web sites, but I love films and would like to add my two cents.

    Thanks for any information.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bob ~ First, second and third of all THANK YOU for checking out my blog. Look, I’m no academician or brainiac. I’m just a girl who LOVES classic films. This ain’t Film Comment. So now that you know where I’m at in the scheme of the world…

      ( 1. ) I can’t wait for your submission of “The Purple Heart” for our ORDER IN THE COURT Blogathon. ( 🙂 )

      ( 2. ) No there is no word limit. I mean we’re not looking for the Encyclopedia Britannica ( THAT doesn’t age me none… ) but your post can be as long as it needs be for you to say what you need to say.

      ( 3. ) The Sci-Fi blogathon that you probably saw was Blog of the Darned’s “BLOGATHON FROM ANOTHER WORLD.” He was hosting it and that blogathon ended over the weekend. ( There’s a bunch of great submissions over there if you have time to check ’em out. )

      ( 4. ) Your two cents would be welcomed, I’m sure. When you’re ready to submit your post for “The Purple Heart” I would put you in my Guest Essays section which you can look for on my blog. You can send your completed post to my e-mail at It’d be great if you can get me your completed essay by May 10th. But if you have your own blog that you want it to be sitting on, that’s fine. I will send folks the link to your blog and your post during our blogathon (6 / 10 – 13).

      Hopefully this answers your questions. Thanks again Bob for checking out my ‘Couch.


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